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Midwest Knowledge Management (KM) Symposium*

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The Midwest Knowledge Management (KM) Symposium is a knowledge-sharing event organized by the Midwest KM Community for Knowledge Management professionals located in the Midwestern United States. From 2009-2011 the symposium was organized together with the KM Chicago community, since 2017 together with the SIKM Leaders community. In 2023 Pioneer Knowledge Services (PKS)

SIKM Leaders Community

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The SIKM Leaders Community, originally named the Systems Integration Knowledge Management Leaders Community, is a community of Knowledge Management leaders from firms around the world. It was created in 2005 by Stan Garfield for Systems Integration and Consulting firms, but soon expanded to include all Knowledge Management leaders. The goal is to share experiences and

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Well known Stan Garfield, Community Evangelist at Deloitte Global Knowledge Services and leader of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community (SIKM Leaders), is providing his homepage on Google Sites – a vast variety of resources on knowledge management. Of special interest for knowledge management education and training opportunities are the list

KM Chicago*

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The USA-based KM Chicago, formerly the Chicago Chapter of the Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro), 1) has built connections between knowledge managers and the communities in which they practice. It has presented timely Knowledge Management issues, trends and systems. Interactive, open discussion of value and trends was encouraged. Anyone involved with knowledge application or with