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Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF)*

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The Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF) or Kuwait Knowledge Economy Forum (KKEF), formerly the National Conference on Knowledge Economy, is organized by the Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF) foundation in co-operation with the Kuwaiti Supreme Council for Planning and Development (SCPD). SCPD has initiated the conference series as part of their National Project for Knowledge Economy (NPKE).

Conference History:

4th Knowledge Economy Forum, November 29-30, 2023, Virtual venue

Conference Theme: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Knowledge Markets And The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Impact Of The Growth Of Knowledge Markets On National Economies
    Global Knowledge Index
    The Role Of The Knowledge Economy In Promoting Sustainable Development Or Digital Economies

    Dialogue Sessions:
    International Experiences In The Transition To The Knowledge Economy
    Enabling The Economic System To Transform Into A Knowledge-Based Economy
    Emerging Technologies And The Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Knowledge Economy Index For Public Institutions (Report Launch)

3rd Knowledge Economy Forum, 5-6 March 2023, Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Knowledge Markets

    Leadership In Digital Economy
    Moving From Education To Learning

    Conference Sessions:
    The Impact Of Building Knowledge Markets In Sustaining The Economies Of The Region
    The Future Of Job Opportunities And Skills Within Knowledge Markets
    Requirements Of Education And Scientific Research In The Knowledge Economy
    Legislative Environment For Knowledge Markets

3rd Kuwait Knowledge Economy Forum 2020 (KKEF), 3–5 March 2020, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Conference Theme (Mar 3-4): Building Human Capital Towards Knowledge Economy: Labor markets and the 21st century economies
(in conjunction with the 1st Human Capital Forum; Knowledge Partners: The World Bank Group, New Kuwait (was: Kuwait Vision 2035), United Nations Development Programme)

    Conference Sessions:
    Investing in the learning; Health and economic growth; The future of jobs and labour markets; Building knowledge markets ecosystem and road mapping; The new competitiveness in the global economy 4.0; Build Road Initiative and promoting of knowledge economy ecosystems (panel)

    Post-conference Workshops (Mar 4-5):
    Leadership in the digital Economy; The Role of Patent in enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs; Future of Jobs and independent Works: Flying start; The she economy: Challenges, opportunities and risks; The living in wireless and its effect on entrepreneurs; Scaling up ecommerce in SMEs; Big Data for cybersecurity; Leadership and new governance (CANCELLED); New techniques in an industry 4.0 for small and medium enterprise (CANCELLED)

2nd National Conference on Knowledge Economy, 7–8 February 2018, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Sub-title: Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF) Conference
Conference Theme: Knowledge Governments: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
(in conjunction with the Knowledge Transfer and Small and Medium Enterprises Expo (KT & SMEs Expo), Feb 6-8, Mishref)

    Conference Sessions:
    Future governments roles in the 21st century; Digital revolution and governments’ vision; Internet of Things applications within the public sector; Big data: the key to economic growth; Areas for 3D printing in government services; Providing public services through social media tools; Impact growth digital learning on shaping talent’s future value

    Conference Workshops:
    3D printing in businesses; Social media in the public sector: professional applications; Building innovation ecosystem through knowledge management; Internet of Things: principles and applications; Big data and productivity growth; Leadership and knowledge management

(POSTPONED) Knowledge Transfer and Small and Medium Enterprises Expo (KT & SMEs Expo), 20-22 February 2017, Mishref, Kuwait
Slogan: Knowledge Transfer Across SMEs – The SMEs businesses in the 21st Century: More knowledge, innovation and creativity

1st National Conference on Knowledge Economy (NCKE), 1-2 February 2016, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Conference Theme: Contemporary Roles of Governments in the Knowledge Economy Era – Knowledge Networked Government
(Strategic Partners: The World Bank Group, Arab Planning Institute, United Nations Development Programme)

    Conference Sessions:
    Government’s roles in underpinning and promotion of the knowledge economy evironment; Driving towards effective development plan based on knowledge economy: prerequisites and mechanisms; Knowledge economy methodology and the education environment; Understanding the private sector role in promoting a knowledge industry; Turning oil companies into a competitive knowledge based oil industry; The role of innovation ecosystem in driving knowledge activities

    Conference Workshops:
    (1) Knowledge management methodology toward achieving: cost saving, improving productivity and enhancing profitability; (2) Approach to building and implementing knowledge management systems in the commercial entities

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