Kuwait Knowledge Economy Forum (KKEF)**

Kuwait Knowledge Economy Forum (KKEF)**

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The biennial Kuwait Knowledge Economy Forum (KKEF), formerly the National Conference on Knowledge Economy, is organized by the Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF) foundation in co-operation with the Kuwaiti Supreme Council for Planning and Development (SCPD). SCPD has initiated the conference series as part of their National Project for Knowledge Economy (NPKE).

Conference History:

3rd Kuwait Knowledge Economy Forum 2020 (KKEF), 3 – 5 March 2020, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Conference Theme (Mar 3-4): Building Human Capital Towards Knowledge Economy: Labor markets and the 21st century economies
(in conjunction with the 1st Human Capital Forum; Knowledge Partners: The World Bank Group, New Kuwait (was: Kuwait Vision 2035), United Nations Development Programme)

    Conference Sessions:
    Investing in the learning; Health and economic growth; The future of jobs and labour markets; Building knowledge markets ecosystem and road mapping; The new competitiveness in the global economy 4.0; Build Road Initiative and promoting of knowledge economy ecosystems (panel)

    Post-conference Workshops (Mar 4-5):
    Leadership in the digital Economy; The Role of Patent in enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs; Future of Jobs and independent Works: Flying start; The she economy: Challenges, opportunities and risks; The living in wireless and its effect on entrepreneurs; Scaling up ecommerce in SMEs; Big Data for cybersecurity; Leadership and new governance (CANCELLED); New techniques in an industry 4.0 for small and medium enterprise (CANCELLED)

2nd National Conference on Knowledge Economy, 7 – 8 February 2018, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Sub-title: Knowledge Economy Forum (KEF) Conference
Conference Theme: Knowledge Governments: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
(in conjunction with the Knowledge Transfer and Small and Medium Enterprises Expo (KT & SMEs Expo), Feb 6-8, Mishref)

    Conference Sessions:
    Future governments roles in the 21st century; Digital revolution and governments’ vision; Internet of Things applications within the public sector; Big data: the key to economic growth; Areas for 3D printing in government services; Providing public services through social media tools; Impact growth digital learning on shaping talent’s future value

    Conference Workshops:
    3D printing in businesses; Social media in the public sector: professional applications; Building innovation ecosystem through knowledge management; Internet of Things: principles and applications; Big data and productivity growth; Leadership and knowledge management

(POSTPONED) Knowledge Transfer and Small and Medium Enterprises Expo (KT & SMEs Expo), 20-22 February 2017, Mishref, Kuwait
Slogan: Knowledge Transfer Across SMEs – The SMEs businesses in the 21st Century: More knowledge, innovation and creativity

1st National Conference on Knowledge Economy (NCKE), 1 – 2 February 2016, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Conference Theme: Contemporary Roles of Governments in the Knowledge Economy Era – Knowledge Networked Government
(Strategic Partners: The World Bank Group, Arab Planning Institute, United Nations Development Programme)

    Conference Sessions:
    Government’s roles in underpinning and promotion of the knowledge economy evironment; Driving towards effective development plan based on knowledge economy: prerequisites and mechanisms; Knowledge economy methodology and the education environment; Understanding the private sector role in promoting a knowledge industry; Turning oil companies into a competitive knowledge based oil industry; The role of innovation ecosystem in driving knowledge activities

    Conference Workshops:
    (1) Knowledge management methodology toward achieving: cost saving, improving productivity and enhancing profitability; (2) Approach to building and implementing knowledge management systems in the commercial entities

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