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The Society for Organizational Learning Netherlands Foundation (SoL Netherlands or SoL-Neth; Dutch: Stichting Organisatie Leren Nederland), formerly the a Learning Center of the European Network for Organisational Learning Development (ENFOLD) and the Netherlands Foundation for Organisational Learning (NFOL), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

SoL Academy

Workshops & Seminars

  • In-depth online workshops in 2024
      Oct 2024: The team learning top 5 (De teamleren top 5)
      Aug 2024: Learning Leadership (Lerend Leiderschap)
      Jun 2024: Twelve interventions of systems thinking (Twaalf interventies van systeemdenken)
      Apr 2024: Learning by facilitating (Leren door te faciliteren)
      Feb 2024: Learning on the Job (Leren on the Job)
  • 5 Fables as a metaphor of 5 Learning Principles Senge (5 fables sessins & practical day; since 2022 annually)
  • Learning Leadership (three-month training for middle management)**
  • Learning from Nature workshop** (1 day)
  • Leadership@Work program/Leadership “For the Change” workshop** (1 day)

In Company programs

  • Personal Mastery
  • Team Learning
  • Learnathon – Creating a learning culture together


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

  • The Magic of a Learning Culture MOOC
    • The magic of a Learning Culture: Sharing knowledge, skills and experience session
      – Apr 2023, Feb 2022

Working Conferences

Day of the Learning Organization / Dag van de Lerende Organisatie (Working Conference)

  • Day of the Learning Organization, 8 April 2024, Online
    Theme: Who do we choose to be?
    (Co-organizer: TBD)

      Introduction to the theme ‘Leadership when you don’t know it’
      Introduction by Margaret Wheatley

      Discussion in breakouts about the insights
      Plenary discussion about the insights

  • Day of the Learning Organization, 4 April 2023, The Hague, The Netherlands
    Theme: Towards a Learning Organization with Personal Mastery
    (Co-organizer: Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) Academy)

      Inner Development Goals

      Workshops: (4)
      Peter Senge and the Inner Development Goals
      CBS and the Learning Compass game
      Learning and developing in the daily practice of organizations
      Young people and Personal Mastery

  • Day of the Learning Organization 2022, 29 September 2022, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Theme: The how and why of a Learning Climate
    (Co-organizer: Team Academy Amsterdam, International School For Entrepreneurship)

      A culture of learning: why and how?
      Interview with the two hosts

      Team development as the basis for a learning climate at the Werkplein
      What does society teach us and what does society learn from us?
      People at the center
      Learning culture in an international perspective
      Studytube workshop n.a.
      Studytube workshop n.a.

  • (CANCELLED) Day of the Learning Organization 2021, 25 November 2021, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Theme: The Power of a Learning Culture
    (Co-organizer: Team Academy Amsterdam, International School For Entrepreneurship; Studytube)

      Is Learning in Organizations the same as Organizational Learning?

      Water Board Aa en Maas
      SOL NL Impact of a learning culture on our society
      How is the government working on a learning culture?
      SOL NL MOOC, SOL Global

  • Day of the Learning Organization 2019, 7 November 2019, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Theme: How do I build and maintain a culture of learning within my organization?
    (Co-organizer: Mortgages Business Office, Volksbank)

      latest trends and developments around the Learning Organization

      Openin Session: Why a learning culture?
      Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland as a learning organization, learning climate scans & RVO Academy
      Experience story
      Opening SoL Academy

      Demos Organizational Learning Tools:
      Learning Organization Practice Teams
      Organizing by learning: spreading desired behavior in the organization
      How do you learn and develop services together?
      Systems thinking


  • Apr 2021: Multi-stakeholder Collaboration

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