Society for Organizational Learning North America Gathering (SoLNA Annual)**

Society for Organizational Learning North America Gathering (SoLNA Annual)**

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The Society for Organizational Learning North America Gathering (SoLNA Annual), formerly the Founding Society for Organizational Learning Annual Meeting (Founding SoL Annual), is the annual get together of the North American Chapter of the Global Association of Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) Communities (GASC), formerly the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL).

Conference History:

SoLNA 2018 Annual Gathering, June 21-23, 2018, Cleveland, OH, USA

Conference Theme: Co-creating our Florishing Future: A Gathering for All Generations

    Conference program n.a.


SoL Members’ 10th Anniversary Meeting, November 7, 2007, Seattle, WA, USA

    Conference program n.a.

    Café conversations

    SoL’s accomplishments and learnings over the past 10 years

    The range of work going on within SoL

    Co-located Conferences:
    Annual Pegasus Conference, Nov 5-7
    Theme: Amplifying Our Impact: Strategies for Unleashing the Power of Relationship

    SoL Track Keynotes:
    Presencing: Leading from the Future As It Emerges
    A Synergy of Action: Large-Scale Change Takes Flight at Boeing
    Collaboration: The Human Face of Systems Thinking

    SoL Track Forum Sessions:
    Hastily Formed Networks: Organizing for Extraordinary Performance
    Leveraging Diversity and Inclusiveness to Create High-Performing Organizations
    Transforming Our Systems Through Social Innovation

    SoL Track Sessions:
    Profit for Life: Corporate Success by Mimicking Living Systems
    The SoL Coaching Model: Mutual Learning in Action
    Uncovering the Source of Phenomenal Results in Hewlett-Packard’s Inkjet Division

First Applied Learning Forum, September 18-21, 2006, Detroit, MI, USA

    Note: SoL’s major community meeting

    Conference program n.a.

SoL Annual General Meeting, September 2005

    Conference program n.a.

7th SoL Annual Meeting, June 28-July 1, 2004, Cambridge, MA, USA

Conference Theme: Leading in Action: Creating new Knowledge for fundamental Innovation

    Daily Themes:
    Discober, Integrate, Implement

    Keynotes: (interactive)
    Big Picture Context, Small World Action
    Fundamental Innovation for Emerging Futures
    Leveraging Cultural Differences in Intel?s Global Leadership Development Journey
    SoL Practitioners (TBA)
    Building Collective Intelligence: Next Steps in Moving Forward

    Concurrent Sessions/Tracks:
    Project Forums – Business Cases from SoL’s Organizational members
    Capacity Building — Processes, Tools and Methodologies for Leading in Action

    Learning Companion Groups (Large Group Sharing)
    Conversation Circles/ Beach Campfires

    Poster Sessions

    Introduction to SoL’s New Core Processes (Community Connections, Applied Learning Process, and Core Questions)

    SoL Business Meeting

    Pre-conference Events: (Jun 28)
    Meetings of various SoL Constituencies
    Special Interest Group Sessions
    Newcomers’ Orientation and Introduction to SoL

6th SoL Annual Meeting, June 24-28, 2002, Cambridge, MA, USA

Conference Theme: Learning and Performing in Turbulent Times

    Pre-/Post-conference Capacy Building Workshops: (Jun 24 & 28)
    CB 01 After Action Review (AAR) Workshop,
    CB 02 Strategic Conversation As a Core Business Process
    CB 03 Adopting a Developmental Approach to Personal and Organizational Transformation,
    Transforming Conventional Leadership to “Leaderful Practice”
    Wuwei: Recognizing Human–Nature Interconnectedness
    Introduction to Human–Nature and Mind/Body Energy Field Cultivation
    Improving Communications Through Authentic Storytelling
    Facilitating Change Through Systems Thinking
    Change as Theater

    World Café

    Sustainable Leadership for a Sustainable World
    Social Well-Being in a Virtuous Cycle: The Commitment to Development
    Democratizing Governance Structures to Sustain Collective Action for Systemic Change
    From Learning for Learning’s Sake to Learning for Fundamental Business and Organizational Innovation
    The State of SoL (Opening Plenary Session)

    Concurrent Sessions/Tracks:
    Tools & Methodologies for Large–System Change
    Project Clinics

    Poster Sessions

    Preview: SoL Global Forum 2003

    Introduction of SoL Council of Trustees Nominees; Nominations from the Floor
    SoL Annual Business Meeting and Election of SoL Council of Trustees
    SoL Council of Trustees Election Results
    SoL Council of Trustees Meeting
    SoL Liaison Officers’ Reflective Gathering

    Pre-conference Events:
    Executive Champions’ Network Meeting, Jun 23-24
    Newcomers’ Orientation and Introduction to SoL, Jun 24

5th SoL Annual Members Meeting, June 25-28, 2001, Ogunquit, Maine, USA

Conference Theme: Collaborations for Learning and Action

    A Decade of Organizational Learning: Reflecting On our Aspirations, Accomplishments and Questions (opening session)
    Presencing Emerging Futures—Illuminating the Blind Spot of Leadership

    Plenary Sessions:
    The Researcher in Us All
    State of SoL
    Learning to Sustain Ourselves: Working in Community for People, Planet, and Profit
    Reprise and Reflection on the First-, Second-, and Third- Person Research/Practice Model (closing)

    Concurrent Sessions’s (4) Presentations:
    Toward Timely Action: Personal and Organizational Research/Practices that Generate Transformation
    Growing Servant-Leadership in a Learning Community
    Mergers, Acquisitions, and Organizational Cultures: Inextricably Connected
    Faculty Work Environments: Impact on the Faculty, the Students, the Employer, the Community, Society, and the World
    Unlocking Critical Thinking at NASA: Creating Kaleidoscopic Intelligence
    Internal Learning Networks: SoL France’s Research Project
    The Core Group
    Continuing the SoL Assessment Initiative: Linking Learning, Assessment, and Business Results
    Inspiring Facilitator: An Adventure in Leadership
    Invitation to Our Neighborhood Garden
    Interorganizational Learning: In the NIC of Time
    Shell Deepwater’s Ursa: Using Personal Mastery to Build a High Performance Team
    The Global SoL Network
    Dialogue on Maturana’s (Reality) for Organizational Life
    Sustainable Innovation
    Leading Through Identity: Humanizing Relationships for Life
    Learning to Sustain Ourselves: Working in Community for People, Planet, and Profit
    E-Learning Strategies for Accelerating Personal Growth and Organizational Change
    NSA’s Community of Practice: Transforming Ethos and Mission
    SoL Stewardship Teams—Update and Discussion
    Learning Journeys: Complexity Science and Emerging Insights for Individual and Organizational
    Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice
    The Knowledge and Innovation Network
    Improving Communications through Authentic Storytelling
    Nurturing Innovation: The Role of Shared Vision in Shaping the Future at Mahindra British Telecom

    Emerging Collaborations
    “Show and Tell” research/practice

    SoL Business Meeting
    SoL Council of Trustees Meeting

    Leaders’ Orientation
    Community Progressive Dinner
    Managing Director’s Ball

4th SoL Annual Members Meeting, June 26-29, 2000, Ogunquit, Maine, USA

    Conference program n.a.

3rd SoL Annual Members Meeting 1999, June 26-28, 1999

    Conference program n.a.

    Organizational Leadership in the 21st Century (closing keynote)

2nd SoL Annual Members Meeting, June 22-25, 1998, Amherst College, Amherst, MA, USA

    Conference program n.a.

SoL Community in Action Conference 1997, November 10-13, Monterey, CA, USA

    Conference program n.a.
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