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The Knowledge Management Association of the Philippines (KMAP) 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Quarterly KM Forum 2)/ Knowledge Cafe Series / KMAP monthly
    – Oct 2011: Nonaka on Converting Knowledge to Practical Wisdom (Asian Institute of Management, Manila)
    – Feb 2011 (general meeting): Reinventing KMAP: crafting a new organization to replace KMAP (Asian Institute of Management, Manila)
    – Feb 2011 (KM Forum): Knowledge Management Tools for the Public Sector (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Manila)
    – Aug 2010 (Knowledge Café): Innovating Business Models in the Global Knowledge Economy (Asian Institute of Management, Manila)
    – Jul 2010 (KM Forum): Investing in Intellectual Capital and other Intangible Assets (Asian Institute of Management, Manila)
    – Apr 2010 (KM Forum): Knowledge for Wealth: Stories and Lessons Learned in Knowledge Management (Asian Institute of Management, Manila)
    – Sep 2007 (Knowledge Café): Increasing competencies in Knowledge Management consulting
    – July 2007 (Knowledge Café): Social networking
    – Mar 2007 (Knowledge Café): KMAP brainstorming session
    – Nov 2006 (KMAP monthly): Moving the Philippines towards a Knowledge-Based Economy
    – Sep 2006 (KMAP monthly): Knowledge Management measurements
    – Aug 2006: Meeting with Society of Knowledge Management Practitioners (Asia-Pacific College)
    – Apr 2006: 2nd Knowledge Sharing Session


  • Seminar on Knowledge Mangaement for Development: Focus on R&D and Innovation, Mar 2012 3)
  • KMAP Knowledge Management Workshop, Apr 2007
  • Knowledge Management Briefings 4)
    – 4th KM Briefing: Knowledge Management for Local Communities, January 9, 2003


  • Knowledge Management Association of the Philippines National Conference (KMAP National Conference), November 27, 2003, Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines
    Conference Theme: K! The New Knew Thing: Defining Knowledge Management in the Philippines

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