Specialization in IKMS for the Undergraduate CS Curriculum

Abstract: We describe our progress extending the undergraduate Computer Science (CS) curriculum to include a deep understanding of techniques for information and knowledge management systems (IKMS). In a novel five-course sequence, students build and work with techniques for data mining, information retrieval, and text analysis, and develop a large-scale IKMS project. We teach in a hands-on lab setting where students use tools they have built, performing experiments that could extend the field. Hence undergraduates have firsthand knowledge of performing CS research using scientific methods. Second, we utilize a rigorous set of evaluation criteria developed in our Psychology Institute to evaluate how well students learn using our approaches. Ultimately, we believe that this specialization warrants inclusion as an option in the standard undergraduate CS curriculum.

S. Argamon, N. Goharian, D. Grossman, O. Frieder, N. Raju, “A Specialization in Information and Knowledge Management Systems for the Undergraduate Computer Science Curriculum,” itcc, vol. 1, pp.476-481, International Conference on Information Technology: Coding and Computing (ITCC’05) – Volume I, 2005

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