Symposium of The Turing Interest Group on Knowledge Graphs*

Symposium of The Turing Interest Group on Knowledge Graphs*

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The Symposium of The Turing Interest Group on Knowledge Graphs is organizedd by the Knowledge Graph Turing Interest Group (KG-TIG) of the Alan Turing Institute (The Turing). The aim is to create a sandbox for future collaborations and joint applications for funding on topics such as teaching curricula, use cases, and applications of knowledge graphs, a critical area of data science and AI.

Conference History:

2nd Symposium of The Turing Interest Group on Knowledge Graphs, June 16, 2023, City University of London, London, United Kingdom

(Host: Department of Computer Science, School of Science & Technology, City University of London)

    Addressing Label Sparsity With Class-Level Common Sense
    The reasonable effectiveness of diverse data
    On Risk, Existential Risk and What is Left to Do in AI (NeSy session)

    Short presentations/pitches:
    Fine-grain access control in knowledge graphs – balancing need to share with need to know
    Knowledge & Semantics
    Highly Scalable Reasoning over Knowledge Bases via Trigger Graphs
    Building an Evidence Base of Global Climate Policy as a Knowledge Graph
    New Features of the Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) Version 4
    Social Networks for Front-Office Sales Interactions

    Poster Session:
    Data integration with knowledge graphs: Façade-X and the SPARQL Anything project
    Triangulating evidence in health sciences using NLP and knowledge graphs
    A derived information framework for a dynamic knowledge graph and its application to smart cities
    Time prediction on Temporal Knowledge Graphs
    Learning Where and When to Reason in Neuro-Symbolic Inference
    Scoping review of knowledge graph applications in biomedical and healthcare sciences
    KnowWhereGraph: A Geospatial Knowledge Graph to Support Cross-Domain Knowledge Discovery
    Knowledge Graphs for NeSy AI Systems

    City’s Women++ Computing Society
    Introduction to The Turing interest group on Neuro-symbolic AI (NeSy session)
    Networking/Matchmaking activity

1st Symposium of The Turing Interest Group on Knowledge Graphs, June 17, 2022, Alan Turing Institute, London, United Kingdom

    Facilitating causality in science with cognitive knowledge graphs
    FAIR, community standards and data FAIRification: components and recipes

    Short presentations/pitches:
    Knowledge Graph Potential from HTML-embedded Structured Data
    Data Privacy, Data Exchange & OBDA, and Data Validation
    Knowledge Graphs for Sustainability
    Projects on topic-centric crowdsourcing, data visualization, and cyBer-security Learning
    Learning Relationships on Knowledge Graph for Multimodal Data Integration
    Knowledge Graph Representation and Domain-specific Construction

    Matchmaking – Collaboration sandbox

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