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The Chief Ignorance Officer (CIO)

Abstract: In recent years, the chief knowledge officer has found a home in the executive suite as companies have come to realize that often their single most important asset is their intellectual capital. The time may be ripe, though, for the CKO to be joined by the “CIO”—a manager not of information but of

International Delphi Study on Knowledge Leaders’ Critical Issues

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Abstract: Nowadays, an increasing number of organizations hire knowledge leaders to create and maintain a knowledge management environment. However, the critical issues these individuals face are very poorly defined in today’s academic literature. Using a web-based Delphi method, this study is the first to reach a worldwide consensus on knowledge leaders’ critical issues. These

Trend: Assigning the strategic functions of knowledge management to the chief information officer

Abstract: Knowledge management is increasingly under attack to show returns on investments and profitable business outcomes. While many companies retain their executive leadership as chief knowledge officers (CKOs) and vice presidents of knowledge management, the trend toward appointing CKOs that developed in the late 1990’s has been reversed at many companies and a new