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Knowledge Activists’ Successes and Failures

Abstract: Firms are increasingly relying on “knowledge activists” to facilitate the flow of knowledge. This paper discusses which initiatives by activists are most likely to succeed. It identifies a conceptual framework that illustrates the conditions essential to full knowledge sharing and illustrates its effectiveness through a selection of case studies. It concludes by saying

Develop knowledge activists!

Abstract: Ikujiro Nonaka, Georg von Krogh and Kazuo Ichijo introduce the knowledge activist as a knowledge enabler. A knowledge activist is someone, some group or department that takes on particular responsibility for energizing and coordinating knowledge creation efforts throughout the corporation. Therefore, he acts in three roles: as a catalyst of knowledge creation, as

Knowledge Management Champion Guidelines

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Abstract: Knowledge champions (otherwise known as KM Champions, Knowledge Activists, Knowledge Stewards, Knowledge Coordinators, KM Reps) perform an important role in distributing your KM messages and activities consistently across an organisation. In the earlier KM literature KM Champions were envisaged as senior level activists promoting KM at a strategic level. Very little guidance exists