Thailand Knowledge Management Network Forum (TKMN Forum)

Thailand Knowledge Management Network Forum (TKMN Forum)

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The Thailand Knowledge Management Network Forum (TKMN Forum or Thailand KM Network Forum) is the annual seminar of the Thailand Knowledge Management Network (TKMN), formed in November 2018 by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Thai Rating and Information Service Corporation (TRIS), the Office of Knowledge Management and Development (OKMD), the Knowledge Network Institute of Thailand (KNIT), and the Southeast Asian Institute for Management and Innovation (IKI-SEA) located at the Bangkok University International (BUI).

Conference History:

TKMN Forum 2019, January 31, 2019, Bangkok, Thailand

Conference Theme: Unlocking the Value of Knowledge Management

    The Value of Knowledge Management (opening)
    Enhancing Thailand Competitiveness through Knowledge (expert panel)
    Thai Collaboration for Better Tomorrow (networking)
    Creating a Learning Culture for Results (keynote)
    Learning in the Disruptive Era (leader talk)
    ISO 30401- The World’s First International Knowledge Management Standard: How It Enhances Knowledge Management Capability (sharing)
    Knowledge Management Strategy & Practices for Sustainable Growth (leader panel)

    Co-located Events: (Feb 1)
    Sustaining Organizational Growth with Knowledge Management & ISO 30401 Standard: Decoding the Knowledge Management Standard

    Topics: Key points according to ISO 30401:2018; Bring knowledge management into action: Effective application of ISO 30401; The challenge of enterprise knowledge management in the digital age; Development of organizational knowledge management competencies; Q&A – Learning exchange

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  1. Hello,
    can you please let me know when will this conference will take place, i am very much interested to attend.

    (KMedu Hub Note: Replied by eMail on Feb 19, 2020 – Boris)

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