The Chief Knowledge Officer as Knowledge Champion

Abstract: MAYBE YOU FIRST HEARD ABOUT IT on the elevator, during a business lunch or on the golf course. Whatever the venue, at some point in the past few years you heard the words knowledge management (KM). And there’s a good chance your company has since come to understand the necessity of transforming information into knowledge, a tangible asset that can be directed, quantified and eventually turned into profit.

Once companies recognize the importance of KM, the next step is to find someone to take ownership of the knowledge management initiative. Whether you call them knowledge champions, intellectual capital managers or chief knowledge officers, these drivers and architects of knowledge management are a must for companies looking to control and capture the flow of information.

Daintry Duffy: Knowledge Champions: What does it take to be a successful CKO? CIO Enterprise Magazine, 12(4), Nov. 15, 1998:66-71.

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