The Community Roundtable Connect (TheCR Connect)*

The Community Roundtable Connect (TheCR Connect)*

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The Community Roundtable Connect (TheCR Connect) is the annual community summit or workshop organized by the The Community Roundtable (TheCR) and its network. It is a three-day learning conference exclusively for online community practitioners – those engaged in the development, implementation, management, and measurement of community initiatives.

In conjunction with the TheCR Connect Awards (since 2016) and the Community Technology Summit (since 2019; formerly: Community Solutions Showcase or Tech Thursdays events)

Supplement 2022: TheCR Customer Community Summit
The TheCR Customer Community Summit is a one-day immersive learning experience for customer community professionals – community professionals working with external communities – including customer or partner communities focused on support, product innovation, and marketing/brand awareness. The summit is a free event for TheCR Network members.

Conference History:

10th TheCR Connect 2024, October 21-22, 2024, Boston, MA, USA

Conference Theme: TBD

    Conference Program TBD

    The Impact of Generative AI on Online Communities
    Community Conversation – Big Idea Keynote TBD
    (The Future of YOUR Community – What do you need to succeed in 2025)

    Community Technology
    Shrinking Budgets, Growing Expectations – Doing more with less in community

    Roundtables (2)

    Group Exercises:
    Using Rituals to Deepen Community Engagement

    Workshops: TBD
    AI in Community, Building a Playbook, Strategic Hiring

    Community Case Studies

    Birds of a Feather: Community Use Types
    Community in Action – Live Walk-Throughs

    Presentation of the Community Leadership Awards

    Co-located Events:
    Community12 (C12) – an experience for individuals leading community teams
    Community Technology Summit (TBC)

9th TheCR Connect 2023, October 4-6, 2023, Boston, MA, USA

Conference Theme: Learning // Sharing // Collaboration

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Data-Driven Community Management Workshop, Oct 4

    Building a Community-Led Organization at Community Food Navigator
    Getting the Green Light – How to Build Messages People Say Yes to

    How to Win Support and Influence the Enterprise
    A Community Migration Story
    Connecting Offline Events to Online Community
    Community Total
    Growing and Developing a Community Management Team
    Something for Everyone Programming & Content with ESRI
    Knowledge Networks at Merck – Getting Leaders to Share Value
    Dead on Arrival: Resurrecting a Failing Community

    Group Exercise: Practicing Resilience
    Community Skills Assessment
    Building a Community Playbook

    Birds of a Feather Lunch
    Presentation of the Community Leadership Awards

    Co-located Events:
    Community12 (C12) – an experience for individuals leading community teams, Oct 4-6

    By invitation-only

    Community Technology Summit, Oct 4
    Theme: What Can We Build, Together?

    The Community Everywhere Era: How We Need to Adapt to Changing Member Preferences
    Community and AI: What You Need to Know (Fireside-chat)

    Community Case Studies:
    How a Team of One Used a Migration to Decentzralize Site Ownership (Jazz Pharmaceuticals)
    Untapping User-centric Engagement in a Support Community (Analog Devices)
    Driving Better engagement: How PTC created an Expresss Lane for Customer Support
    How AARP has Integrated their Community with Spotify

    Building an Engaged Customer Ecosystem
    Secrets of a Successful Community Platform Launch (or Migration)

    Demo Stage Presentations:
    Bye Bye Keyword Search: An Integrated AI Solution for Your Community
    Optimize Your Community Strategy: Unleash the Power of the Next-Generation Community
    Create Engaging CX with Verint Community
    Bi-directional Content Syndication with SmartConX

8th TheCR Connect 2022, October 24-26, 2022, Boston, MA, USA

Conference Theme: Together Again – Share Ideas. Connect. Get Inspired. Network. Learn. Collaborate. (or Learning //Sharing//Collaborating)

    Note: Members event. Only a limited number of tickets are available for non-members. The event is part community reunion, part unconference

    Formats: Community Show + Tell, Lightning Talks, Case Study Breakouts

    Big Idea Keynote
    Back Together! Welcome & Icebreaker

    Tiny Habits: Embracing Intention Setting
    Let’s Grow! Building and Managing Community Teams
    Designing a Framework for a Super User Program
    Metrics Deep Dive: Designing Compelling Dashboards
    Culture Club: Educating Internal Stakeholders
    Strengthening Ties: Getting to (Really) Know Your Members
    Build to Scale: Community Operations
    Let’s Move: Migrating Your Community
    Content & Programs to Drive Engagement

    Bird of Feather Lunch

    Community Leadership Awards

    Unconference & Optional Co-working, Oct 26
    Wellbeing Workshop, Oct 26

    Co-located Events:
    Community Technology Summit, Oct 24

    Coming Together in Trust

    Building an Engaged Community
    Communities and The Future of Work (CANCELLED)

    Community Case Studies:
    Piloting the Plane. The Critical Role of Community Managers in Taking Off, Course Correcting, and Landing
    How We Created our First Community Advocacy Board using Common Room Intelligence
    Community – More than just a forum
    How Unqork Creates a Unified Customer Experience with Community
    Amplifying Culture Through Community
    Building Community for Rural Entrepreneurs
    Building a Best-in-Class Community at Scale
    Community on the Move Zapier
    How Schneider Electric created customers for life with Khoros Community
    How SmartConX enabled a global tech giant to connect the digital experience for millions of users

    Demo Stage Presentations:
    Stakeholder Engagement with Igloo Software
    Your Homepage Needs an Upgrade with Social Edge Consulting
    Workplace Experience: The Future of Employee Engagement with AppSpace
    Verint Community for a Digital-First World
    Using Community Intelligence to Surface Insights, Take Action, and Build Thriving Communities with Common Room
    A Look at InSided’s Community Platform
    Unlock the Power of Your Community With Hivebrite
    Connecting the Digital Experience
    Solving Your Community Pain Points with Higher Logic
    Create Customers for Life with Khoros Community

Customer Community Summit, June 15, 2022, Boston, MA, USA

    The Future of Community Solutions

    Managing a Community Launch

    Community Case Studies: Best Practices for Technology Implementation

    Product Demos and Solution Showcase

7th TheCR Connect 2021, October 5-29, 2021, Boston, MA, USA Virtual venue

Conference Theme: —

    Note: TheCR Network members only event! Exception: co-located free Tech Thursdays events; Sessions are taking place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in October 2021

    Community Tracks:
    Working Sessions (New in 2021! Part Roundtable, part workshop); Inspiration Sessions; Birds of Feather (interactive sessions); Connections (small group discussions, happy hours, and more); Wellness (yoga & Co.)

    Welcome to Connect 2021 – Kick-off and Icebreakers
    We Should Get Together
    Stop Swimming Against The Current: Getting Leaders On Board with Community
    Temperament Fluency for Leaders

    Co-located events:
    Tech Thursdays events (Oct 7, 14, 21 28)

6th TheCR Connect 2020, October 1-31, 2020, Boston, MA, USA Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Changing the Way the World Works

    Note: TheCR Network members only event! Exception: free Technology Track; The conference was scheduled for October 27 – 29, 2020 with non-members allowed.

    Community Tracks:
    Inspiration; Connections; Executive Sessions; Wellness; Community Fundamentals; Advanced Topics; Internal Communities; External Communities

    Open Tracks:
    Technology Track (instead of Community Solutions Showcase)

    Accountability and Connectedness

    5th TheCR Connect 2020 Awards (CANCELLED, not part of TheCR Connect)

    Pre-conference Events:
    (CANCELLED) Community Solutions Showcase, Oct 27

5th TheCR Connect 2019, September 23-25, 2019, Boston, MA, USA

Conference Theme: Community Leaders Ascend

    Note: Public event

    Conference Sessions:
    Birds of a Feather; Lightnig Talks: (1) Communities Transform Organizations, (2) Community Engagement for Growth; Case Studies: Architecting Success: Planning for a Growing Community; Demos; Show & Tell; Breakout Roundtables; Panel Discussion; Keynotes

    Conference Workshops:
    Show + Tell – Executive Dashboards (interactive session); Breakout Roundtables: Cultivating Community Leadership (Tables: Thinking Strategically About Community Careers; Wrestling with Internal Advocacy & Change Management; Locating and Activating External Advocates; Pitching Executives on Community Value)

    Panel Discussions:
    Bringing Connect Home – Strategies & Tactics to Move the Conversation Online

    Welcome to Connect and Ice Breaker
    The State of Community Management + the SOCM Working Group
    The Power of Effective Pitching (Big Idea Keynote)
    Building a Community-focused Organization (Community in Action Keynote)

    4th TheCR Connect 2019 Awards

    Pre-conference Events:
    Community Solutions Showcase, Sep 23
    Panels: Employee Community Solutions, Customer community Solutions; Planning a Successful Migration
    Roundtable: The Future of Community
    Solutions Spotlight: Community Case Studies

4th TheCR Connect 2018, September 30 – October 2, 2018, Boston, MA, USA

Conference Theme: Community Accelerates Organizational Transformation

    Note: Public event

    Conference Sessions:
    Birds of a Feather; Lightning Talks: (1) Community Origin Stories: Why Community?, (2) Community Management Tactics That Transform; Breakout Case Studies: (1) Culture & Community, (2) Measuring Community; Interactive Roundtables; Panel Discussion; Keynotes

    Conference Workshops:
    Interactive Roundtables (Surviving and Thriving During a Migration; Building Cross-Functional Relationships: The Secret Sauce to Your Community’s Success; Empowering Community Leaders with an Sdvocacy Program); Workshop: Fast Tracking Community Driven Transformation (CANCELLED); Collaboration Breakouts (Emergent Topics)

    Panel Discussions:
    Transforming Community Careers & Teams

    Welcome and Icebreakers
    The State of Community Management
    Using Research to Power Transformation
    The Future of Work (Big Idea Keynote)

    3rd TheCR Connect 2018 Awards

3rd TheCR Connect 2017, October 1-3, 2017, Boston, MA, USA

Conference Theme: Telling Your Community Story

    Note: TheCR Network members only event! Non-members can request an invite.

    Conference Sessions:
    Cohort Groups Session; Lightning Talks; Fireside Chats, Roundtables; Workshops; Keynotes

    Conference Workshops:
    Cohort Group Sessions; Roundtables: (1) Cultivating Community Advocates, (2) Defining Community Value; Workshops: (1) Selling Community Success, (2) Establiahing Credibility for Your Community Program, (3) Developing Leadership, (4) Defending Community Investments

    Welcome and Icebreakers
    The State of Community Management
    Talking about Trust (Fireside Chat)
    TBD (Fireside Chat)
    The Future of Community

    2nd TheCR Connect 2017 Awards

2nd TheCR Connect 2016, October 26-27, Wellesley, MA, USA

Sub-title: A Workshop for Community Professionals
Workshop Theme: Community Takes Center Stage

    Note: TheCR Network members only event!

    Conference Sessions:
    Expert Case Studies; Workshops; Lightning Talks; Unconference sessions; Working Group Session, Tactical Roundtables

    Conference Workshops:
    The Road to a Success Story: Developing a Strategy for Sharing the Power of Community; Using Community to Accelerate Support & Self-Service; More than Activity: Getting to Metrics that Demonstrate Value – for Members and the Community; n.a.

    1st TheCR Connect 2016 Awards

1st TheCR Connect 2015, October 1, 2015, Cambridge, MA, USA

Sub-title: A Workshop for Community Professionals

    Note: TheCR Network members only event! Non-members can request an invite.

    Conference Sessions:
    Keynote; Community Case Studies; Interactive Roundtables; Workshops; ‘Ask Me Anything’ with Community Experts; Office Hours w/ Community Superheroes

    Conference Workshops:
    Creating a Culture of Yes: Improvisation for Community Management
    Interactive Roundtables

    Community Inspiration

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