U.S. Air Force Knowledge Management Career Field Education and Training Plan

Abstract: 3D0X1, Knowledge Operations Management AFSC is officially established on November 1, 2009. The AFSC was created by converting the 3A0X1, Information Management AFSC. Knowledge Operations Management personnel deploy, sustain, and manage data, information, and knowledge-sharing services in a fixed and expeditionary (deployed) environment. This includes planning, coordinating, sharing, and controlling an organization’s data and information assets. Manages technologies to capture, organize, and store tacit (personal know-how) and explicit (recorded) knowledge.

Rod Powers: US Military Careers: 3D0X1, Knowledge Operations Management. The Balance, 10/2009. (Updated September 08, 2016)*

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* Originally published:

  • Rod Powers: Air Force Enlisted Jobs: 3D0X1, Knowledge Operations Management. about.com Careers (US Military), 10/2009.

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