The Conference Board of Canada Knowledge Management Conference (CBoCKM)**

The Conference Board of Canada Knowledge Management Conference (CBoCKM)**

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At the Conference Board of Canada Knowledge Management Conference (CBoCKM) you’ll hear about the role and value of knowledge management, best practices for metrics, how knowledge management is linked to collaboration and innovation, and how it contributes to superior organizational performance.

Leading KM organizations will share their cases, including lessons learned, what they do and how they do it.

Meet the experts, share your challenges, and get a new perspective on the full potential of your KM initiatives. Learn from best practice examples and case studies how to develop and optimize your program, from metrics and systems design to technology, processes, and programs.

Conference History:

Knowledge Management Canada Conference, April/May 2019, Canada

    (tentatively scheduled)

Knowledge Management Conference 2016, March 3-4, 2016, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Conference theme: Technology, Collaboration and Innovation

    Plenary Sessions:
    Demystifying Knowledge Management and why you need it for Technology, Collaboration, and Innovation
    Knowledge, Not Data, Is Your Biggest Asset—How to Become a Knowledge Organization Through Technology, Collaboration, and Innovation (with Roundtable Discussion)
    Hacking Knowledge Management for Distributed and Collaborative Innovation: The “N(e)o-Labo” Perspective for Ideas-led Organizations
    Knowledge Management is Dying: Convergence and What Will Knowledge Management Look Like in the Age Where Knowledge is Everywhere?
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! Best (and Worst) Practices in Knowledge Management
    Lessons from the High-Wire! Successful Intersection of Knowledge
    Knowledge Management Trends—Adopt, Leverage, Adapt
    Futurist: Imagining the Future: What you need to know Now to Create the Future you Want
    Knowledge Management and its Enabling Technologies are Critical for Canadian Competitiveness: A Call to Action

    Case Studies:
    Takeoff is Optional—Landing is Mandatory! KM in Action at Bombardier Aerospace
    Culture eats Strategy…and KM…for Breakfast! KM Initiatives and Cultural Shifts
    The Evolution of KM Theory to Practice Within Alberta Health Service

Knowledge Management Conference, December 11-12, 2002, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Conference theme: Advancing Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage

    Plenary Sessions:
    Embracing Knowledge in Knowledge Management
    Crossing Disciplines in Knowledge Management
    Measuring Knowledge and Addressing Metrics Issues
    Raising the Knowledge Bar Through Knowledge Management and Focusing on Success

    Interactive Discussions:
    KM Town Hall Meeting

    Concurrent Sessions:
    A1—Software Solutions in Knowledge Management
    A2—Dealing with Customers, Clients and the Business Environment
    B1—Two Case Presentations in Knowledge Management (workshop)
    B2—What Knowledge Management Research is Telling Us

    Post-conference Workshops:
    Techniques and Tools in Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Conference 2002, April 16-17, 2002, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Conference theme: Driving Business Results through Knowledge Management

    Plenary Sessions:
    What Have We Learned About the Relationship Between Knowledge Management and Business Results?
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: What Business Must Learn from Successes, Mistakes, Dilemmas and Paradoxes
    Accounting for Knowledge Assets: Measuring Knowledge
    The Brave New World of Knowledge Management

    Concurrent Sessions:
    A1—Integrating the Supply Chain: Building Knowledge-Creating Relationships with Suppliers and Customers
    A2—The Knowledge Workers
    B1—Knowledge Management and Intellectual Property Issues
    B2—Organizing Around a Knowledge Management Strategy
    C1—A User’s Perspective on Useful Knowledge Management Technologies
    C2—Listen to Me! A Cross-Functional Common Language of Knowledge Management

    Post-conference Workshops:
    Knowledge Strategy Implementation

Knowledge Conference 2001, May 1-2, 2001, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Conference theme: Building and Managing Your Organization’s Destiny

    Plenary Sessions:
    Turning Knowledge into Action
    The Chief Knowledge Officers’ (CKOs’) Great Debate
    How to foster a knowledge culture within your organization (luncheon)
    Exploring and Sharing Knowledge

    Concurrent Sessions:
    People Are Everything (workshops)
    A1—Knowledge Workers Today vs. Knowledge Workers Tomorrow
    A2—Fostering a Knowledge Culture
    What’s Your Knowledge Strategy or Practice?
    B1—Building Knowledge-Based Strategies
    B2—Connecting with Your Suppliers and Customers
    Global Knowledge—Getting It and Giving It (workshops)
    C1—Tapping Global Expertise
    C2—Measuring Knowledge Strategies

    Post-conference Workshops:
    A Conversation to Learn With and From Each Other about Knowledge Sharing
    Creating and Implementing Knowledge Strategy

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