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The Media Shoppe (tms) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

  • Certification in Transknowformance Methodology for Knowledge Management (2 days)
      Module 1 : Overview of Knowledge and Knowledge Management (KM)
      Module 2 : KM as a Competitive Strategy In Business
      Module 3 : K-Workers and the Learning Organization – The Foundation of KM
      Module 4 : Technology as a KM Enabler
      Module 5 : Leveraging on Organizational Knowledge
      Module 6 : KM in Value and Wealth Creation
      Module 7 : Transknowformance Model, Methodology & Toolkit for Your KM Strategy and Plan
      Module 8 : KM Performance Scorecard and Indicators
      Module 9 : KM Advisory and Consulting
      Module 10 : Developing a KM Strategy and Plan For Your Organization
      Module 11 : Case Study & Case Reviews
      Module 12 : Summary & Take Home Value


  • Knowledge Management Seminar (1 day)
      Seminar content n.a.
  • Knowledge Management Seminar for Financial Services (1 day)
      Applying KM Internally through Practical Approaches: A Case Study of Ernst & Young
      Optimizing Value from Your Knowledge Assets
      Providing eBusiness On-Demand with WebSphere
      Interactive Session for Q&A
  • Knowledge Management Seminar for Research & Development (1 day)
      Understanding KM – the New Management Paradigm
      Technologies of Knowledge Management
      Q & A
  • Knowledge Management Seminar for Government and Education (1 day)
      Seminar content n.a.
  • Knowledge Management Seminar for Government: Strengthening National Competitiveness and Economic Resilience through KM (1 day)
      The New Management Paradigm: Creating National Competitiveness through Knowledge Management
      Technologies of Knowledge Management: Bringing Your Organization to the Next Level of Competition
      Case Study: Enabling Knowledge Exchange through a Unified Platform
      Lunch & Solutions Showcase
  • Knowledge Management Seminar for Government Linked Companies (GLC) (1 day)
      Seminar content n.a.


MIM Knowledge Management Conference**

  • KM Conference 2007, 8 May 2007, Selangor, Malaysia
    Conference Theme: Enhancing Business Growth & Profitability Through Knowledge Management
    (jointly organised by the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) and The Media Shoppe (TMS))

      The KM Buzz Session

      Post-conference KMI Workshops:
      Advanced KM Essentials programme (May 9-12); 5-day Certified Knowledge Manager Programm (May 9-13)

  • 1st MIM Knowledge Management (KM) Forum 2006, 3 November 2006, Selangor, Malaysia
    (jointly organised by the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) and The Media Shoppe (TMS))

      Post-conference KMI Workshops:
      Advanced KM Essentials programme (Nov 4-5); 5-day Certified Knowledge Manager Programm (Nov 4-8)

TMS Knowledge Management Conference and Symposium**

  • Knowledge Management Symposium, 3 August 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      Demystify Knowledge Management: The Knowledge Age
      Understanding Knowledge Management Strategies and Implementation towards Organizational Competitiveness
      Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy and Framework
      Integrating People, Technology and Processes Through Interactive & Collaborative Tools in Achieving Service Excellence: The Sterling Experience
      Enhancing Business Processes through Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration

      Panel Discussions:
      Managing Organizational Change to Create a Knowledge-Sharing Culture

      Post-conference Workshops:
      Building a Learning Organization through Knowledge Management Best Practices

  • Knowledge Management Conference, 19 April 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Conference Theme: Improving Business Performance through Knowledge Management

      Adressing the Next Wave of Challenges in the Knowledge Economy
      Managing Knowledge for organizational Effectiveness
      Leveraging internal Knowledge for Sustainable Business Performance
      Case Study: Enabling Knowledge Exchange through a Unified Platform
      Unterstanding the Inportance of Knowledge management Business Growth

      Panel Discussions:
      How to Create an Environment for Change in the Organization – Addressing Resistance to Change an Nuturing a Knowledge Sharing Culture

      Post-conference Workshops:
      Framework and Approaches for Developing a Knowledge Management Program

  • Knowledge Management Conference, 7 April 2005, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Conference Theme: Achieving Business Growth & Continuity through Knowledge Management

      Conference program n.a.


  • Connect@TMS – a quarterly discussion platform cum gathering session for professionals from various industries to share and learn together, and from one another, on business ideas and current market issues. It will also serve as a platform for KM (Knowledge Management) Practitioners to exchange ideas and opinions on Knowledge Management, in a small, cosy setting
      Sep 2005: Understanding Knowledge Management; Enabling Effective Organizational Knowledge Management; Q&A and Interactive Session

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