actKM – Analysing a Public Sector Knowledge Management Community of Practice

Callahan S.D.: Cultivating a Public Sector Knowledge Management Community of Practice. In: Hildreth, P. M.; Kimble, C. (Eds.): Knowledge Networks: Innovation Through Communities of Practice’. Idea Group: Hershey PA, 2004: 267-281

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  • Callahan, Shawn D.: Building a Public Sector CoP. Knowledge Management, 6, no. 1 (2002): 33-35 | Full text from author », actKM »
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  • Callahan, S. and Milne, P.: Communities of practice from a complexity perspective. Paper presented at KM Australia 2004, Darling Harbour, Sydney, 23-24 August.
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  • Patric Lambe: Mapping the Culture of an Online Community: Archetypes and Their Attributes derived by ACT-KM Members at the ACT-KM Conference 13-14 October 2004. Green Chameleon, 2005 | Full text from author »
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  • Ørjan Taule, Greg Timbrell, Patrick Lambe: Throwing pebbles into a dark cave: a study of participation and behaviour in the {act-km} online community. actKM Online Journal of Knowledge Management, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2005 | Full text »
    (Re-published in: Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, Volume: 06, Number: 02 (June 2007), pp. 139-152 | Purchase »)
  • Milne, P.; Callahan, D.: ActKM: the story of a community. Journal of Knowledge Management, VOL. 10 NO. 1 2006, pp. 108-118 | Purchase »
  • Callahan, D.; Milne, P.: ActKM: Story of a Community. Presentation at the actKM 2004 Conference: Working in the Knowledge organisation, 13-14 October 2004, Canberra, ACT, Australia | Full text »

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