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Acton Consulting has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Executive Courses

  • Knowledge Management 101: Implementing Information into Action (1 day workshop)
      Understand the value of knowledge management for your organization
      Identify core processes, and how knowledge is transferred in an organization
      Learn how to design and implement a KM strategy
      Make decisions using better knowledge resources
  • Knowledge Management 202: Identifying Opportunities and Building Action Plans (1 day workshop)
      Understand the value of KM for your organization
      Learn about KM best practices and projects
      Be able to develop and implement KM projects
      Learn advanced KM techniques to conduct your KM project effectively
  • Knowledge and Expertise – Advanced Knowledge Management (KM) Techniques (1 day workshop)
      Explore the concept of knowledge and expertise using a knowledge market model
      Learn about organizational knowledge mapping
      Use market-based concepts of knowledge buyers, sellers and brokers, to examine how knowledge sharing occurs
      Examine approaches to finding and qualifying knowledge and expertise
      Discuss approaches to support knowledge brokers and intermediaries in organizations
      Understand how to use knowledge directories and online Yellow Pages
      Create conditions to support knowledge exchange (based on a social capital framework)
      Develop a preliminary knowledge and expertise action plan for your organization
  • Developing and Sustaining Communities of Practice (1 day workshop)
      Develop a specific Communities of Practice (CoP) action plan for your organization
      Examine how CoP can be the cornerstone of your organization’s knowledge strategy
      Understand how CoP works, including benefits, limitations and challenges
      Learn how to identify, support and nurture CoP in your organization
      Explore how to strengthen social capital – the foundation of knowledge sharing – in your organization

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