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The Edmonton Knowledge Management Network (KM Network) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Breakfast Lunchtime meetings (about every four six weeks)

    Sep 2013:
    Jun 2013:
    Apr 2013:
    Mar 2013:
    Feb 2013:

    Nov 2012:
    Oct 2012:
    Sep (25th) 2012:
    Sep (11th) 2012: New Website Design: Perspectives to Engage Customers in Knowledge Networks
    Jun 2012:
    Apr 2012:

    Dec 2011:
    Oct 2011:
    Sep 2011:
    Apr 2011:
    Mar 2011:
    Jan 2011:

    Sep 2010:

    Dec 2009: An Assessment of Knowledge Management
    Nov 2009: Establishing the KM Network’s Community of Practice Objectives
    Aug 2009: No meeting
    Jul 2009: No meeting
    May 2009: Common Myths of Knowledge that Hold Us Back
    Apr 2009: Social Media 101: What to pay attention to?

    Oct 2008: Exploring Evidence-Based Knowledge Transfer in the health sector
    Apr 2008: Peer Assist on Enbridge’s work on an expertise locator system and expertise resource allocation
    Mar 2008: Succession Planning: the Role of Knowledge Sharing (Master’s thesis presentation)
    Feb 2008: Ontario’s and Alberta’s Law Societies recommendations for proceeding with E-Discovery

    Oct 2007: Value adding information through charting and Google Maps
    Jun 2007: Communities of Practice at Stantec, one of North America’s leading engineering firms
    Apr 2007: Process Inventory and Process Mapping: the concepts of process management and its relationship to Knowledge Management
    Feb 2007: Engineering Knowledge Libraries
    Jan 2007: Alberta Environment’s “Green Pages”, a pilot of a Expertise Locator tool

    Dec 2006:
    Nov 2006:
    Oct 2006: Update on Canada’s Innovation Challenges from the Conference Board of Canada
    Sep 2006:
    Jun 2006: The Knowing-Doing Gap
    May 2006:
    Apr 2006: Building Strategic Relationships – a follow-up
    Mar 2006: Building Strategic Relationships: Rules for Engagement
    Feb 2006: Blogging
    Jan 2006: Communities of Practice

    Dec 2005: Patricipants’ Key Knowledge Management issues
    Sep 2005: Knowledge management infused web content management
    Jun 2005: Innovation Capacity – how innovation and Knowledge Management are linked
    May 2005: Our Knowledge Management Conference 2005 debriefing
    Apr 2005: Conference planning
    Mar 2005: Conference planning
    Feb 2005: Strangers in the Night: Knowledge Management and Health Charities (The relationship between knowledge management and volunteer organizations)
    Jan 2005: Knowledge Management Conference planning and reflecting on what we would like to do in the coming year.

    Dec 2004: EPCOR’s OnLine Manuals “Helping You Cope with Information Overload and Training”
    Nov 2004: Networks in Organizations and a new tool for Network Analysis
    Oct 2004: Before and After Action Reviews
    Sep 2004: Scenario Building and New Orleans
    Jun 2004: Know-It-All: Beyond the Corporate Yellow Pages, Change and Innovation: a trip report
    Apr 2004: Strategic Direction and Future for the Edmonton KM Network, Responding to Chris Tsaros’ proposal, Quality Council of Alberta
    Mar 2004: Quality Council of Alberta, KM Europe 2003
    Feb 2004: Supporting Team Collaboration
    Jan 2004: Alberta Learnings’ Knowledge Management Strategy

    Dec 2003: Key Knowledge Management issues to pay attention to from the Gartner IT Expo
    Sep 2003: Pitch and Putt fun setting and barbecue
    Jul 2003: Municipal Excellence Network, knowledge cafe and Knowledge Brokers workshop update (16th KM Network’s breakfast)
    May 2003: Next Steps for the KM Network and report on the Conference Board of Canada’s Knowledge Strategy Council meeting

    Dec 2002: Knowledge Management Conference Planning


Edmonton Knowledge Management Network Conference (A Knowledge Management Conference)

  • 2010 one-day “Unconference” (planned)
  • The Future of Knowledge Management, Tuesday, April 19, 2005, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    • Keynotes (morning): The Future of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management in Project Work
    • Workshops (afternoon): Exploring Trends in Portals, Information Management and Entreprise Suites; Communities of Practice at Work in Farm Credit Canada; Your Personal Knowledge Management Plan
  • Knowledge Management: Now It’s Personal!, January 30-31, 2003, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    • Workshops: KM 101: An Introduction To Knowledge Management; Narrative Patterns: Uses of Stories in the 3rd Age of Knowledge Management; Levering Communities of Practice for Strategic Advantage
    • Sessions: Knowledge Intermediaries; Process Formalization; Project Management; Generational Transfer; Collaboration and Communities of Practice; Learning Styles & Knowledge Markets; Knowledge Age Leadership; Performance & Quality through Knowledge Management processes; Knowledge Management in professional service firms; Reducing Information Overload
    • Panel Discussion
    • Keynotes: Complex Acts of Knowing: Paradox and Descriptive Self-Awareness; Leadership, People and Strategies

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