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The Edmonton Knowledge Management Network (KMnetwork or Edmonton KM Network) was a community of practice of professionals from the Alberta and Federal Governments, University of Alberta and Private Industry that have come together to share experiences and ideas around the strategies and techniques of Knowledge Management. It was hosted by Acton Consulting.

The KMnetwork has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Breakfast Lunchtime meetings (about every four six weeks)1)

    Sep 2013:
    Jun 2013:
    Apr 2013:
    Mar 2013:
    Feb 2013:

    Nov 2012:
    Oct 2012:
    Sep (25th) 2012:
    Sep (11th) 2012: New Website Design: Perspectives to Engage Customers in Knowledge Networks
    Jun 2012:
    Apr 2012:

    Dec 2011:
    Oct 2011:
    Sep 2011:
    Apr 2011:
    Mar 2011:
    Jan 2011:

    Sep 2010:

    Dec 2009: An Assessment of Knowledge Management
    Nov 2009: Establishing the KM Network’s Community of Practice Objectives
    Aug 2009: No meeting
    Jul 2009: No meeting
    May 2009: Common Myths of Knowledge that Hold Us Back
    Apr 2009: Social Media 101: What to pay attention to?

    Oct 2008: Exploring Evidence-Based Knowledge Transfer in the health sector
    Apr 2008: Peer Assist on Enbridge’s work on an expertise locator system and expertise resource allocation
    Mar 2008: Succession Planning: the Role of Knowledge Sharing (Master’s thesis presentation)
    Feb 2008: Ontario’s and Alberta’s Law Societies recommendations for proceeding with E-Discovery

    Oct 2007: Value adding information through charting and Google Maps
    Jun 2007: Communities of Practice at Stantec, one of North America’s leading engineering firms
    Apr 2007: Process Inventory and Process Mapping: the concepts of process management and its relationship to Knowledge Management
    Feb 2007: Engineering Knowledge Libraries
    Jan 2007: Alberta Environment’s “Green Pages”, a pilot of a Expertise Locator tool

    Dec 2006:
    Nov 2006:
    Oct 2006: Update on Canada’s Innovation Challenges from the Conference Board of Canada
    Sep 2006:
    Jun 2006: The Knowing-Doing Gap
    May 2006:
    Apr 2006: Building Strategic Relationships – a follow-up
    Mar 2006: Building Strategic Relationships: Rules for Engagement
    Feb 2006: Blogging
    Jan 2006: Communities of Practice

    Dec 2005: Patricipants’ Key Knowledge Management issues
    Sep 2005: Knowledge management infused web content management
    Jun 2005: Innovation Capacity – how innovation and Knowledge Management are linked
    May 2005: Our Knowledge Management Conference 2005 debriefing
    Apr 2005: Conference planning
    Mar 2005: Conference planning
    Feb 2005: Strangers in the Night: Knowledge Management and Health Charities (The relationship between knowledge management and volunteer organizations)
    Jan 2005: Knowledge Management Conference planning and reflecting on what we would like to do in the coming year.

    Dec 2004: EPCOR’s OnLine Manuals “Helping You Cope with Information Overload and Training”
    Nov 2004: Networks in Organizations and a new tool for Network Analysis
    Oct 2004: Before and After Action Reviews
    Sep 2004: Scenario Building and New Orleans
    Jun 2004: Know-It-All: Beyond the Corporate Yellow Pages, Change and Innovation: a trip report
    Apr 2004: Strategic Direction and Future for the Edmonton KM Network, Responding to Chris Tsaros’ proposal, Quality Council of Alberta
    Mar 2004: Quality Council of Alberta, KM Europe 2003
    Feb 2004: Blogs and the corporation, Lessons on Supporting Team Collaboration
    Jan 2004: Alberta Learnings’ Knowledge Management Strategy

    Dec 2003: Key Knowledge Management issues to pay attention to from the Gartner IT Expo
    Sep 2003: Pitch and Putt fun setting and barbecue (The Basics in the Future of Knowledge Management – Knowledge Strategy Council of the Conference Board of Canada joint meeting)
    Jul 2003: Municipal Excellence Network, knowledge cafe and Knowledge Brokers workshop update (16th KM Network’s breakfast)
    May 2003: Next Steps for the KM Network and report on the Conference Board of Canada’s Knowledge Strategy Council meeting

    Dec 2002: Knowledge Management Conference Planning


Edmonton Knowledge Management Network Conference (Sub-title: A Knowledge Management Conference)2)

  • Edmonton Knowledge Management Network Conference 2010
      one-day “Unconference” TBD (CANCELLED)

  • Edmonton Knowledge Management Network Conference 2005, April 19, 2005, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Conference Theme: The Future of Knowledge Management

      Workshops (afternoon):
      Exploring Trends in Portals, Information Management and Entreprise Suites
      Communities of Practice at Work in Farm Credit Canada
      Your Personal Knowledge Management Plan

      Keynotes (morning):
      The Future of Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Management in Project Work

  • Edmonton Knowledge Management Network Conference 2003, January 30-31, 2003, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Management: Now It’s Personal!

      KM 101: An Introduction To Knowledge Management
      Narrative Patterns: Uses of Stories in the 3rd Age of Knowledge Management
      Levering Communities of Practice for Strategic Advantage

      Knowledge Intermediaries
      Process Formalization
      Project Management
      Generational Transfer
      Collaboration and Communities of Practice
      Learning Styles & Knowledge Markets
      Knowledge Age Leadership
      Performance & Quality through Knowledge Management processes
      Knowledge Management in professional service firms
      Reducing Information Overload

      Panel Discussion

      Complex Acts of Knowing: Paradox and Descriptive Self-Awareness
      Leadership, People and Strategies

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