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The Association of Knowledge Management Practitioners (KMP), formerly the “Knowledge Management from Practitioners to Professionals” (KMP2P) community, and k4fun, an initiative of PolyU MSc in Knowledge management graduates and students, is a community to support and facilitate knowledge workers to learn and practice. As a non-profit organization it aims to promote Knowledge Management to the general business public in Hong Kong.

The Association of Knowledge Management Practitioners (KMP) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


KMP Share & Connect (bimonthly dinner gatherings)

  • 2018: Sep, Jul, May (?), Mar (Annual Dinner), Jan (& talk on Knowledge Risk)
  • 2017: Nov, Sep, Jul, May, Mar (1st Share & Connect)
  • 2016: May (Yum Cha Gathering; Knowledge Hiking Day 2016 (CANCELLED))
  • 2015: Feb (KMP2P 2015 CNY Yum Cha Gathering), Nov (BBQ networking night)

Talks & Events

    Jul 2022: Knowledge Management (KM) Tools for driving changes through network analysis
    Feb 2022: Let’s Talk on Air #4 – Gen Z, our Future Workforce

    Sep 2021: Let’s Talk on Air #3 – Post-pandemic era – Challenges or Opportunities?
    Jul 2021: Let’s Talk on Air #2 – Peak and Trough for the Digital Marketing Game Plan
    May 2021: Let’s Talk on Air – Artificial Intelligence
    Mar 2021: Let’s Talk about the Faster Horse your Clients Wanted: A conversional discussion about how Knowledge Management emerges in Organizations (with MILES Alumni Association of the Hong Kong PolyU)
    Jan 2021: Developing Business and Relational Success (was: Cross-Cultural Knowledge Management sharing session)

    Dec 2020: Virtual Collaboration Tips and Tools – Integrating collaboration into your virtual event

    Jul 2019: 15th Year Celebration of the MSc in Knowledge Management Program; 2nd Action Learning Session
    May 2019: Solving Real World Problems with Knowledge Management (co-organized by KMIRC @ PolyU); 1st Action Learning Session: Communicating with young people
    Apr 2019: An Introduction to Action Learning (with the World Institute for Action Learning)

    2018-12-15 Seminar on ‘Knowledge Management Developments and Innovations in the Legal Industry’
    2018-08-11 How to tell a story? A Blind-X and Aids-X simulation experience
    2018-07-07 An Introduction to Data Science
    2018-04-28 Career Planning – Advice from Grads
    2018-01-13 Knowledge Risk and its Management

    2017-09-02 An Introduction to Action Learning
    2017-05-20 Knowledge Management in Action – The Reality

    2016-08-27: Knowledge Management – How it works with HR
    2016-08-12: Innovation in Product, Service & Quality
    2016-07-30: Knowledge Management as a Career – An In-Depth Dialogue with the Professional
    2016-07-09: Appreciative Inquiry (AI) – Unleashing Organizational Potential and Learning Capacity
    2016-06-25: Knowledge Management Careers & Challenges – A Review of the Knowledge Organisations Competency Framework
    2016-05-07: Knowledge Management Careers & Challenges – Dialogue with the Practitioners
    2016-03-12: Making innovation work: knowledge creation at the intersection of technology and business models

    2015-12-12: KMP2P talk on Introduction to Taxonomic Design and Impressions of Knowledge Management Asia
    2015-09-12: Real Life Knowledge Management in WorkPlace
    2015-03-21: Workshop & Talk on “How Acculturation Process Strengthen CoP” (CANCELLED)


    2013-11-23: Experience Sharing on Implementing Knowledge Management in the Workplace
    Jul 2013: A Gurteen Knowledge Cafe with Bill Proudfit; Unlecture: Presentation of Survey Result

KMP Annual Dinner

  • Jan 2017: 1st KMP Annual Dinner; Mar 2018: 2nd KMP Annual Dinner; …?…; Dec 2021: KMP Annual Dinner

KMP review (by ISE 5605 Knowledge Communities module students group)

  • Oct 2017, Oct 2018

KMP2P Joint Practice Groups’ Meetings (quarterly All-PG Meetings)

  • Jun 2013: First All-PG Meeting & After Action Review
  • Mar 2013: Practice Groups 1st Intake; All-PG Kick-off Meeting


  • Build-Your-Own-System project workshops series


  • DIY Knowledge Portal using Open Source


  • MScKM Study Fans
  • Action Learning

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