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Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), formerly the Hong Kong Polytechnic, Hong Kong Technical College, and the Government Trade School, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Faculty of Engineering > Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) > Behavioral and Knowledge Engineering Research Centre (BAKE)1)

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Science in Knowledge and Technology Management 2)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) / Master of Science (MSc) in Knowledge Management** 3)
    (Modes: 6 courses (PgD); 10 courses (MSc); 7 courses & dissertation (MSc))
    • A) Compulsory subjects: Managing Knowledge; Methods and Tools for Knowledge Management Systems; Organisational Learning: Methods and Practices; Managing and Measuring Intellectual Capital; Strategic Issues & Case Studies in Knowledge Management
    • (B) Core subjects: Knowledge Based Service Innovation; Enterprise Knowledge Portals; Knowledge Communities; Business Intelligence and Data Mining; E-Learning Technologies and Practices
    • (C) Elective Subjects: Technology Transfer and Commercialisation; Workflow Design and Management; Manufacturing Strategy; Enterprise Resources Planning; Managing Six Sigma; Intellectual Property Management and Strategies; Managing Organizations and People (Past: Organizational, motivational and intercultural aspects of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Practices in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; Leading Change; Systematic Innovation for Product Development; Process and Performance Management
    Information Sessions
    • 2015: 13-May-15, 15-Apr-15, 18-Mar-15, 12-Feb-15
    • 2014: 14-May-14, 29-Apr-14, 18-Mar-14, 11-Feb-14
    • 2013: 14-May-13, 6-Feb-13, 19-Jan-13
    • 2012: 20-Jun-12
    • 2011: 15-Jun-11, 9-Mar-11
  • Doctor of Engineering** (Research area: Knowledge and Technology Management)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) / Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Research area: Operations and Supply Chain Management > Knowledge engineering and management, knowledge mining and business intelligence, intellectual capital management, technology forecasting and roadmapping; was: Knowledge and Technology Management > …)

Certification & Certificates

  • Certified Knowledge Professionals (CKP) 4)
  • Certificate Intercultural Knowledge Management / Zertifikat Interkulturelles Wissensmanagement** 5)
      Part 1: Theory at Dortmund University
      Application oriented introduction to Knowledge Management (KM) and update information on the latest trends; Intercultural Management and Communication; Chinability; Introduction to the intercultural differences in dealing with knowledge; Case study “Intercultural Knowledge Management”

      Part 2: Study mission to Hong Kong
      Session 1 – Knowledge Audit & Networking dinner with the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society; Session 2 – Knowledge Portals, Taxonomy and Content Management; Session 3 – Knowledge Management Strategy Planning + Measurement of Results; Visit of production sites

Short / Executive Courses & (In-House) Corporate Training

  • International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM)
    • 4th International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM), 10 Jul 2019
      Lego Serious Play Workshop; Open Curriculum Workshop
    • 3rd International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM), 22 Aug 2018
      Managing Knowledge in the age of digitalisation; Opportunities and Challenges for Managing Knowledge in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry; Knowledge Elicitation and Mapping in the Cynefin Framework; Workshop – Lego Serious Play; Company Visit – Arup
    • 2nd International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM), 19 Jul 2017
      Lectures: Knowledge Management in the Age of Digitalization; Role of Gamification in Innovation; Service Design Thinking
      Workshops (attend one): How to Start and Sustain a Community of Practice (CoP); How to Design a Game to Stimulate Innovation
    • 1st International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM), 2 Aug 2016
      Online modules: What is Knowledge Management?; Knowledge Management Tools, Applications & Case studies; How to leverage the cloud for collaboration and innovation?
      Seminars: Unlearning Knowledge Management; The role of technologies in Knowledge Management; Case studies and lessons learnt; Knowledge Cafe & discussions
      Site Visits: ?
  • Knowledge Management Strategy and Audit
  • Implementation of Knowledge Management Plan
  • Innovation and Gamification
  • Intellectual Capital Management
  • Knowledge Management Collaboration Technologies and Tools
  • Knowledge Management Systems & Enterprise Portals
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Portal
  • M & E-Learning
  • Organizational Learning Culture
  • Organizational Sharing Culture
  • The importance of Storytelling
  • Personal Knowledge Management
  • Management and Reporting of Intellectual Capital
  • Social Media Strategies Tools and Applications
  • Cloud Computing for Knowledge Management, Learning & Innovation
  • Collaboration Technologies and Tools
  • Developing Knowledge Elicitation Skills for Organizational Development Practitioners
  • Intranets and Portals
  • Knowledge Management: Common applications, inadequacies and educational issues
  • Knowledge Portal
  • Personal Knowledge Management and Social Media
  • Short course on Customized Certified Knowledge Professionals
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Taxonomy Creation and Maintenance
  • Cloud Computing for Service Innovation
  • Commercial Knowledge Management Software
  • Communities of Practice
  • Educational Technologies 2.0
  • Knowledge Management and Enterprise Portals to Academics
  • Knowledge Management Technologies and Cloud Computing
  • Knowledge Management in Financial Services
  • …more Seminars, Workshops and Talks on Topics in Knowledge Management
    List of Events

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) @ edx / HKMOOC

  • Business Excellence in a knowledge-driven Industry 4.0 world (Professional Certificate)
      Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business (Certificate)
      Industry 4.0: How to Revolutionize your Business (Certificate)
  • ISE101x: Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business (Certificate)
  • mISE101: Knowledge Management and Cloud Computing**

Conferences / Forums

  • Asian Knowledge Forum (incl. Asian and Hong Kong MAKE Award ceremony) 6)
  • (Hong Kong) Knowledge Management Conference / Forum
  • Hong Kong MAKE Award Presentation Ceremony 6)
    • Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award Ceremony, 2008, Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award Ceremony, 21 October 2009, Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award Ceremony, 29 November 2010, Hong Kong
    • Forum “Learning from the Best: Benchmarking International Knowledge Management Practices”, 8 November 2011, Hong Kong
    • Forum on “Learning from the Best Knowledge Enterprises” & HK MAKE Award Presentation Ceremony 2012, 18 December 2012, Hong Kong
      (co-hosted by Cyberport)
    • Forum on “Raising Productivity through Knowledge Management” cum Hong Kong MAKE Award Presentation Ceremony 2013, 21 February 2014, Hong Kong
      (co-organized with the Hong Kong Productivity Council)
  • Knowledge Management (KM) Forum for NGOs 7)
  • Applying Knowledge Management in the Education 2011
  • Knowledge Management in China Forum 2010
  • Knowledge Management in Government Conference 2010
  • Conference on Learning, Technology and Human Development (LTHD)**
  • International Conference on Innovation and Knowledge Management in Asia Pacific (IKMAP)*
  • International Conference on Business Knowledge Management (ICBKM), 26th – 28th October 2006, Macao SAR, PR China 8)


  • …on Topics in Knowledge Management


  • Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Study Group (GMSG)
  • Association of Knowledge Management Practitioners (KMP)
  • KM in NGO Community
  • KMIRC members

PolyU Hong Kong Community College (PolyU HKCC)


  • Associate in Business (Information Systems and Knowledge Management)**

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