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Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU; Chinese: 香港理工大学), formerly the Hong Kong Polytechnic, Hong Kong Technical College, and the Government Trade School, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Faculty of Engineering > Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) > Behavioral and Knowledge Engineering Research Centre (BAKE)1)

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Science in Knowledge and Technology Management2)
    (Options: by coursework & dissertation; by coursework & field study
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) / Master of Science (MSc) in Knowledge Management**3)
    (Modes: 6 courses (PgD); 10 courses (MSc); 7 courses & dissertation (MSc))
    • A) Compulsory subjects: Managing Knowledge; Methods and Tools for Knowledge Management Systems; Organisational Learning: Methods and Practices; Managing and Measuring Intellectual Capital; Strategic Issues & Case Studies in Knowledge Management
    • (B) Core subjects: Knowledge Based Service Innovation; Enterprise Knowledge Portals; Knowledge Communities; Business Intelligence and Data Mining; E-Learning Technologies and Practices
    • (C) Elective Subjects: Technology Transfer and Commercialisation; Workflow Design and Management; Manufacturing Strategy; Enterprise Resources Planning; Managing Six Sigma; Intellectual Property Management and Strategies; Managing Organizations and People (Past: Organizational, motivational and intercultural aspects of Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Practices in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; Leading Change; Systematic Innovation for Product Development; Process and Performance Management
    Information Sessions
    • 2015: 13-May-15, 15-Apr-15, 18-Mar-15, 12-Feb-15
    • 2014: 14-May-14, 29-Apr-14, 18-Mar-14, 11-Feb-14
    • 2013: 14-May-13, 6-Feb-13, 19-Jan-13
    • 2012: 20-Jun-12
    • 2011: 15-Jun-11, 9-Mar-11
  • Doctor of Engineering** (Research area: Knowledge and Technology Management)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) / Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Research area: Operations and Supply Chain Management > Knowledge management, intellectual capital management, innovation management and big data; Knowledge engineering and management, and technology management knowledge mining and business intelligence, intellectual capital management, technology forecasting and roadmapping>; was: Knowledge and Technology Management > …)

Certification Training Courses

  • Certified Knowledge Professionals (CKP)4)

Certificate Training Courses

  • Certificate Intercultural Knowledge Management / Zertifikat Interkulturelles Wissensmanagement**
    (Co-organizer: Industrie- und Handelskammer Dortmund; Technical University Dortmund; German Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong)

      Part 1: Theory at Dortmund University
      Application oriented introduction to Knowledge Management (KM) and update information on the latest trends; Intercultural Management and Communication; Chinability; Introduction to the intercultural differences in dealing with knowledge; Case study “Intercultural Knowledge Management”

      Part 2: Study mission to Hong Kong
      Session 1 – Knowledge Audit & Networking dinner with the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society; Session 2 – Knowledge Portals, Taxonomy and Content Management; Session 3 – Knowledge Management Strategy Planning + Measurement of Results; Visit of production sites

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

  • Business Excellence in a knowledge-driven Industry 4.0 world (Professional Certificate) @ edx
      Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business (Certificate)
      Industry 4.0: How to Revolutionize your Business (Certificate)
  • ISE101x: Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business** (Certificate) @ edx
  • mISE101: Knowledge Management and Cloud Computing** @ HKMOOC / KEEP

Training Courses

Corporate Training and In-house Workshops

  • Knowledge Management Strategy and Audit
  • Implementation of Knowledge Management Plan
  • Innovation and Gamification
  • Intellectual Capital Management
  • Management and Reporting of Intellectual Capital
  • Knowledge Management Collaboration Technologies and Tools
  • Collaboration Technologies and Tools
  • Knowledge Management Systems & Enterprise Portals
  • Knowledge Management and Enterprise Portals to Academics
  • Intranets and Portals
  • Knowledge Portal
  • Knowledge Management
  • M & E-Learning
  • Organizational Learning Culture
  • Organizational Sharing Culture
  • The importance of Storytelling
  • Personal Knowledge Management
  • Personal Knowledge Management and Social Media
  • Social Media Strategies Tools and Applications
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Cloud Computing for Service Innovation
  • Knowledge Management Technologies and Cloud Computing
  • Developing Knowledge Elicitation Skills for Organizational Development Practitioners
  • Knowledge Management: Common applications, inadequacies and educational issues
  • Short course on Customized Certified Knowledge Professionals
  • Taxonomy Creation and Maintenance
  • Commercial Knowledge Management Software
  • Communities of Practice
  • Educational Technologies 2.0
  • Knowledge Management in Financial Services
  • …more Seminars, Workshops and Talks on Topics in Knowledge Management
    List of Events

International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM)

  • 4th International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM), 10 July 2019, Hong Kong PolyU
    New Ways of Learning in the 21st Century

      Lego Serious Play Workshop
      Open Curriculum Workshop

  • 3rd International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM), 22 August 2018, Hong Kong PolyU
      Managing Knowledge in the age of digitalisation
      Opportunities and Challenges for Managing Knowledge in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
      Knowledge Elicitation and Mapping in the Cynefin Framework

      Lego Serious Play Workshop

      Company Visits:
      Arup (Winner of Global Independent Operating Unit (IOU) Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award 2015)

  • 2nd International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM), 19 July 2017, Hong Kong PolyU
      Talks and Reports:
      KM in the Age of Digitalization
      Role of Gamification in Innovation
      How to Elicit Knowledge through Empathy: Case study in Service
      Design Thinking
      Evidence-based Knowledge Risk Assessment
      KM: What is next?

      How to Start and Sustain a Community of Practice (CoP)
      Integration of Gamification and Innovation
      Organizational Learning and Beyond: Sharing Mental Models
      Organizational Learning and Beyond: Personal Mastery
      Workshop Plenary Discussion/Reflection

      Company Visit: (Jul 20; Optional)
      Asia Miles

  • 1st International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM), 2-4 August 2016, Hong Kong PolyU
    Unlearning Knowledge Management

      Online modules:
      What is Knowledge Management?
      Knowledge Management Tools, Applications & Case studies
      How to leverage the cloud for collaboration and innovation?

      Seminars: (2 days)
      Unlearning Knowledge Management
      The role of technologies in Knowledge Management
      Case studies and lessons learnt
      Knowledge Cafe & discussions

      Site Visit:


  • …on Topics in Knowledge Management


  • Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Study Group (GMSG)5)
    • Hong Kong MIKE Study & Award Secretariat (Co-organizer: Arup University)
  • Hong Kong & Mainland China Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Study & Award Secretariat* (Co-organizer: Knowledge Business Network (Mainland China); Teleos)
  • Association of Knowledge Management Practitioners (KMP)**6)
  • KM in NGO Community (Co-organizer: Hong Kong Council of Social Service Institute)
  • KM in the Education Community
  • KMIRC members


  • Asian Knowledge and Innovation Forum (AKIF)*
    (Co-located Events: Hong Kong & Global* Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award Presentation Ceremony; Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asian & Global IOU Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award Presentation Ceremony*)7)
  • International Conference on Innovation and Knowledge Management in Asia Pacific (IKMAP)**
  • (Hong Kong) Knowledge Management Conference / Forum**
    (Co-organizer: Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society; KMRC @ Hong Kong PolyU)
  • Knowledge Management (KM) Forum for NGOs**
    (Co-organizer: Hong Kong Council of Social Service Institute)
  • China Knowledge Management Annual Conference cum MIKE (Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprises) Award
    • 2022 China Knowledge Management Annual Conference and the 12th China MIKE Awards Ceremony, October 27, 2022, Shenzhen, China
      (Co-organizer: Landray Research Institute; Technology Innovation Research Center, Tsinghua University; Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Center, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; China National Institute of Standardization)
    • 2021 China Knowledge Management Annual Conference and 11th China MIKE Award Ceremony, October 28, 2021, Shenzhen, China
      Conference Theme: Knowledge Management Practices and Trends in the Digital Age
      (Co-organizer: Technology Innovation Research Center, Tsinghua University; Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Center, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; China National Institute of Standardization; Landray Research Institute)
  • Knowledge Management Summit Forum cum China MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises) Award
    • 11th Knowledge Management Summit Forum 2014, October 30, 2014, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
      (Co-organizer: School of Economics and Management, Tongji University; Lanling Software; Zhishang.com; Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Center, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
    • 10th Knowledge Management Summit Forum 2013, November 29, 2013, Peking University, Bejing, China
      Be smart about the present and see the future wisely
      (Co-organizer: Guanghua School of Management, Peking University; Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Center, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Lanling Software; Zhishang.com)
    • 9th Knowledge Management Summit Forum 2012, November 30, 2012, Shanghai, China
      Wisdom is only for practice
      (Co-organizer: Lanling Software; IBM, Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Center, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Zhishang.com)
    • 8th Knowledge Management Summit Forum 2011, March 18, 2011, Shenzhen, China
      Ten Years of Knowledge, Long-lasting Knowledge
      (Co-organizer: Lanling Software; Knowledge Management Research Center, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Zhishang.com)
  • 3rd Cross-Strait Conference on Learning, Technology and Human Development (LTHD 2013), 3-4 July 2013, Hong Kong PolyU, Hong Kong
    Skill needs and learning in the knowledge age
    (Co-organizer: KMIRC, Hong Kong PolyU; Business Education Research Centre, Peking University, Shih Chien University of Taiwan; China Telecommunications Institute; Journal of Distance Education in China)

      Comprehensive learning, innovation and ideological transformation
      Creating and Delivering Engaging eLearning Experiences
      Use online media to enrich students’ learning experience
      Industry 4.0: New Challenges for HR and training

      Presentation Themes:
      Socialized Learning and Lifelong Learning
      Learning Technology
      Future Learning and Human Development

      Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Forum:
      Revolution or Evolution?: How edX is Transforming the Delivery of Higher Education by Universities
      MOOCs and the art of liberating human potential
      Disrupting Education? MOOCs and More
      Panel Discussion

  • Applying Knowledge Management in Education Sector, 5 July 2011, Hong Kong PolyU, Hong Kong
    (Supporter: Hong Kong Subsidised Secondary Schools Council; Hong Kong Primary Education Research Association; Centre for IT in Education, University of Hong Kong)

      Practices and challenges related to implementing KM in schools
      Cloud-based personal learning environment
      Social learning networks

      Panel Discussion:
      Knowledge Management Practices in Education

      KM in the Education Community

  • Knowledge Management in Government Forum, 11 June 2010, Hong Kong
    Building Organizational Intelligence for Service Intelligence


  • International Conference on Business Knowledge Management (ICBKM), 26-28 October 2006, Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macao SAR, PR China
    (Co-Organizer: Macao Polytechnic Institute, Peking University, Queen Mary University of London, KMRC @ Hong Kong PolyU, Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society, Fu Jen Catholic University)

      Knowledge Management Strategies and Best Practice
      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      Intelligent Data and Information Retrieval
      Content Management and Intellectual Property Management

      Innovation, Competition and Innovation Path: the Case of China
      Ucommerce: Vision, Challenges and Technological Enablers
      Global Trends in Knowledge Management – from Codification and Collaboration
      KM – the future of Business
      From Knowledge to Wisdom – towards Strategy Business Action

      Agent-based Information Sharing and Semantic Information Retrieval from Heterogeneous Databases
      A Model for Knowledge Management System for Offshoring
      Reconstituting Knowledge Management
      The Connection of Self-directed Learning to Learning Organizations and Knowledge Management – Implications for the Knowledge Workers of Hong Kong
      A Knowledge-based Approach for Semantic Extraction
      Mining Context-sensitive Domain Ontology for Business Knowledge Management
      Knowledge-based Design of Internet Shop
      Knowledge Management and Publishing: The Role of Intangibles in Digital Supply Chains
      Knowledge Management a Foundation for Renewal in Health Services
      The LIFE Model: Towards a New Understanding of the Knowledge Processing Feedback System


  • Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Awards
    Hong Kong MIKE Award Winners (since 2018)
    (Top winners; Past winner through revalidation)
  • Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Awards
    Hong Kong MAKE Award Winners (2008-2017)
    (The Top Winners automatically become Asian MAKE Finalists)
  • Outstanding Knowledge Management Project Award
    2010 Award Winners
    The Award was presented in conjunction with the 2010 MAKE Award Ceremony

    GP Batteries International
    (Project title : A Systematic Knowledge Audit in Quality Assurance Department for Continuous Process Improvement)

    BrainChild Hong Kong
    (Project title : PRIDE System of FanLing)

    Print-Rite Management Co., Ltd
    (Project title : PRIDE System of FanLing)

    Langham Place Mongkok
    (Project title : Using Knowledge Champions to Foster a Knowledge-sharing Culture in a 5-star Hotel)

PolyU Hong Kong Community College (PolyU HKCC)


  • Associate in Business (Information Systems and Knowledge Management)**

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