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The Knowledge Management Center (KMCenter or KMC; Chinese: 知识管理中心), formerly the Oak Laboratory Knowledge Management Center (Oak Lab KMCenter; Chinese: 橡树实验室知识管理中心), also known as the China Knowledge Management Center (Chinese: 中国知识管理中心), initiated by Oak Laboratory (Oak Lab; Chinese: 橡树实验室), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Knowledge Management Clubs*

  • Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Xi’an, Qingdao, Jiangsu, Northeast of Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang


  • “The Code of Excellence: How to Become an Expert” (online) course
  • Corporate Knowledge (Experience, Case, Best Practice) Extraction Strategy and Method Training Course (2 days)
  • Knowledge and Action: The knowledge management course
  • From Knowing to Doing: Knowledge Management Theory and Implementation Training
  • Knowledge Management Training for Non-Knowledge Management Managers
  • Knowledge Worker Growth Password: Personal Knowledge Management Training
  • Call center knowledge management and knowledge base training
  • The wisdom of employees/Smart employees: personal knowledge management and training system (knowledge workers, knowledge workers grew password) // PKM Certificate
  • Knowledge Base Construction and Operation Seminar
  • Knowledge Classification Workshop – How to classify knowledge in enterprise Knowledge Management implementation


“The Code of Excellence: How to Become an Expert” Online Lecture Series

    Jul 2023: How to create valuable and sustainable knowledge management and knowledge base
    Apr 2023: How to become irreplaceable in the GPT era

    Sep 2022: How to go from position expert to domain expert
    May 2022: How to change personal thinking patterns and build metacognition; How to quickly improve yourself at work?
    Mar 2022: Deep Thoughts on How to Become an Expert with Great Passwords
    Feb 2022: How can someone who has worked for more than 10 years become an expert?; How to build a truly valuable enterprise knowledge base?
    Jan 2022: The underlying logic of enterprise knowledge management implementation

    Dec 2020: How to make a good implementation plan for enterprise knowledge management in 2021?
    Nov 2020: How to improve classification thinking ability
    Aug 2020: The master’s underlying thinking ability
    Mar 2020: Call center knowledge base customization and scenario-based capability training
    Feb 2020: How to build a valuable knowledge base?
    Jan 2020: How to train your thinking ability?

    Oct 2019: How to distill your experience into knowledge?
    Sep 2019: How to become a master of problem solving?
    May 2019: Using Knowledge Management Methods to Cultivate Achieving Children
    Mar 2019: Enhancing User Thinking Ability
    Jan 2019: How to build your own knowledge system?

    Dec 2018: How to Create New Knowledge
    Oct 2018: Framework thinking ability
    Jul 2018: Strategies and Methods for Cracking Knowledge Anxiety
    Jun 2018: How to improve summarizing and refining abilities
    May 2018: How to Improve Writing Skills
    Mar 2018: Thinking Ability Lecture: Routine Thinking

Free Online lectures

    Nov 2018: How to quickly become an expert in a field?
    Apr 2018: Good content needs to be shared

Chargeable Online Lectures

    2018: KMC Efficient Learning Method Online Lecture (5x)


  • China Knowledge Management Forum**
    (2007-2012 in conjunction with the “Chinese Knowledge Management Figures” Award)
  • China Knowledge Management Implementation Forum**


China Knowledge Management Best Practices Award events

    Jan 2011: “China Knowledge Management Best Practices 2010” selection event

Knowledge Management Salons

    Oct 2012: Personal Knowledge Management Salon (Theme: Efficient Learning)
    Jul 2010: Beijing Personal Knowledge Management Salon
    Jan 2007: Establishing a Navigation Beacon for Knowledge Management Work (w. China Knowledge Management Laboratory, Renmin University of China)
    Feb 2006: Knowledge Worker & Personal Knowledge Management Salon
    Nov 2005: Knowledge Management Implementation (Theme: Sharing Experiences and Facing Problems)
    Dec 2004: Knowledge Management China 2004 Salon
    May 2004: Private Knowledge Management (PKM) Salon (part of PKM Special Activity Month)

Knowledge Management Months

    Oct 2006: China Knowledge Management Month
    – part of the Global Knowledge Management Month (announced by the Knowledge Management Professional Society, USA)
    – CEO/CIO Talks

    Apr/May 2004: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Special Activity Month
    – Theme: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Theory, Practice, Implementation and Application
    – Activities: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Salon, May 2004 PKM


China Knowledge Management Best Practices Award
(Co-organizer: ChinaKM, School of Information Resources Management, Renmin University of China, China Knowledge Management Center)

  • 2010 winners
      Knowledge Management Best Practice Award: (in no particular order)
      Lenovo Group
      Tsingtao Beer Group Corporation
      Sinotrust International Information Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
      Suning Appliance Group Co., Ltd.
      Hubei Jinpai Health Wine Co., Ltd.
      Taiwan China Productivity Center
      FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd.
      Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd.
      Centaline Property
      Tiens Group Co., Ltd.
      Beijing Great Wall Enterprise Strategy Research Institute
      Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
      Shaoguan Iron and Steel Group Corporation

      Knowledge Management Practice Rising Star Award: (in no particular order)
      Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      General Electric China Co., Ltd.
      UFIDA Software Co., Ltd.
      NetDragon Network Co., Ltd.

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