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The Knowledge Management Center (KMCenter), also known as the China Knowledge Management Center, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • “Excellent Password: How to Become an Expert” (online) course
    – Efficient learning methods under the Internet
    – How do individuals build their own knowledge systems and structures?
    – How to do a good job in enterprise knowledge management implementation planning?
    – Internet search information and knowledge skills
    – The essence of personal knowledge management
    – The fundamental problem of becoming a top expert
    – Classification Ability
    – The first question of efficient learning
    – How to improve conceptual ability and achieve deep thinking!
    – How to improve thinking ability?
    – Master’s Routine Thinking
    – Excellent Password: How to Become an Expert” Guide
    – How to improve writing skills
  • Corporate Knowledge (Experience, Case, Best Practice) Extraction Strategy and Method Training Course (2 days)
  • Knowledge and Action: The knowledge management course
  • From Knowledge to Knowledge: Knowledge Management Theory and Implementation Training
  • Knowledge Management Training for Non-Knowledge Management Managers
  • Knowledge Worker Growth Password: Personal Knowledge Management Training
  • Call center knowledge management and knowledge base training
  • The wisdom of employees/Smart employees: personal knowledge management and training system (knowledge workers, knowledge workers grew password) // PKM Certificate
  • Knowledge Base Construction and Operation Seminar
  • Knowledge Classification Workshop – How to classify knowledge in enterprise Knowledge Management implementation


  • “Excellent Password: How to Be an Expert” Lecture Series
    – May 2019: Using Knowledge Management Methods to Cultivate Children with Achievements
    – Mar 2019: Enhancing User Thinking Ability
    – Jan 2019: How to build your own knowledge system?
    – Dec 2018: How to Create New Knowledge
    – Jul 2018: Strategies and Methods for Cracking Knowledge Anxiety
    – Jun 2018: Enhancing the Summary and Refining Ability
    – May 2018: How to Improve Writing Skills
    – Mar 2018: Thinking Ability Lecture: Routine Thinking
  • Free Webinars
    – Good content needs to be shared


  • China Knowledge Management Forum*
    (2007-2012 in conjunction with the “Chinese Knowledge Management Persons” Award)


  • Knowledge Management Month
    – October 2006: Global KM Month, announced by the Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro)
    – Apr/May 2004: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Month: Theory, Practice, Implementation and Application
  • Personal Knowledge Management Salon / Exchange


Knowledge Management Clubs

  • Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Xi’an, Qingdao, Jiangsu, Northeast of Yunnan, Fujian, Zhejiang

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