Gurteen on Knowledge Management Certification

David Gurteen: KM Certification. Gurteen Knowledge, 16. February 2010

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“I have a passion for KM as one of the first disciplines that used properly puts people first and is itself a learning environment which should encourage diversity. That passion means that I will fight attempts to standardise or “certify” the discipline.”
Dave Snowden: RE: [act-km] Practical Assistance, ActKM Yahoo! Group, October 14, 2005 (Message #6436)

David Gurteen: On KM being a profession by John Maloney, Gutreen Knowledge Quotes, 15. October 2005 Read more »

“KM is not a profession. Do not pretend it ever will become a profession. That is dumb. Monolithic KM certification is silly. KM ‘are’ behaviors, methods, techniques, models, tools, etc. only. The best KM is inculcated into every waking moment of business professionals lives. It is not some dopey department, person, tool or certificate. Again, this inane perception makes KM a laughingstock. You can’t ‘KM’ something or someone.”
John Maloney: Whither Certification, ActKM Yahoo! Group, October 14, 2005 (Message #6443)

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