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The Dutch Knowledge Management Network, aka Dutch KM Excellence Network, Dutch KM Community or Association, successor of the “Dutch KM Open” community of practice or kennismanagementnetwerk (English: Knowledge Management Network), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Dutch KM Network

    Apr 2024: Experience on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management models (title tbc)
    Mar 2024: Cultivating a Learning Ecosystem: SimCorp Journey in Knowledge Management

    Dec 2023: Look back, look forward and get to know eachother a bit better
    Nov 2023: KMWorld experiences (online)
    Oct 2023: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM): Setting up a KM Function and PKM with Obsidian (online, part of the KMGN Global Knowledge Week); Practical approaches to retaining tacit knowledge. Current developments and practical programs (a.o. ROCK) (online regular meetup, part of the KMGN Global Knowledge Week); Development of knowledge and expertise in the age of algorithms (online presentation & knowledge cafe, part of the KMGN Global Knowledge Week)
    Jul 2023: Collective learning session: Get to know eachother (Bridgio app – break-out groups) & Schedule interesting future topics (online)
    Jun 2023: How ASML uses the Community Operating Model to manage internal Communities of Practice (online)
    May 2023: Radical KM: evolving knowledge for a changing world. Bring creativity to your Knowledge Management (online)
    Apr 2023: Company visit: Knowledge management at ASML
    Mar 2023: Brilliant failures, work together, fail together, learn together (online)
    Feb 2023: Digital Knowledge management at Siemens (online)

    Dec 2022: Looking back to 2022 and forward to 2023 (online)
    Oct 2022: Company visit: Knowledge Management at Thales (Topics: Expert Recognition Program, Knowledge talks, Knowledge Manager, etc.)

    Sep 2019: Problem-solving (poster-session); Organizational Adaptiveness & Knowledge Management (presentation) @ Amsterdam Business School (1st meeting)

Dutch KM Open

    Mar 2013: The four areas of knowledge management; creating, sharing and multiplying knowledge (KM Open’s 10th anniversary)

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