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Edith Cowan University (ECU), formerly the Western Australian College of Advanced Education (WACAE), with rootsin the Claremont Teachers College, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Faculty of Computing, Health and Science > School of Computer and Security Science 1)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Information Services Master/GradDip/GradCert (Specialisation: Knowledge Services; off-campus/on-campus)**
      Knowledge Services Specialisation: Semester 1
      IST4102 The Information Society (GradDip/GradCert)
      CSG4112 Information Services Transformation (GradDip/GradCert)
      CSG4111 Introduction to Knowledge Management (GradDip)
      Elective Unit

      Knowledge Services Specialisation: Semester 2
      IST4117 Information Literacy (GradDip/GradCert)
      IST4118 Information Retrieval and Document Management (GradDip)
      Elective Unit
      Elective Unit

      Knowledge Services Specialisation: Semester 3
      CSG5140 Research Methods
      CSG5141 Research Proposal
      CSG5243 Masters Project 1

  • Information and Knowledge Management Master/GradDip/GradCert/ExecCert
    (Focus areas: Knowledge Management, Information Use, or Information Architecture; by coursework; online study) **

    Graduate / Executive Certificate in Information and Knowledge Management
    >> four units; two core units (Level 4000) and two electives

    Graduate Diploma of Science (Information and Knowledge Management))
    >> eight units; two core units (Level 4000) and six electives

    Master of Information and Knowledge Management
    >> eleven units; five core units (two Level 4000 and three Level 5000) and six electives (recommended: units from one focus stream only)

    • Core Units (Level 4000)
      CSG4111 Introduction to Knowledge Management
      IST4118 Information Retrieval and Document Management

      Core Units (Level 5000)
      CSI5103 Strategic Information Technology
      MBA5350 Knowledge Management V
      MIS5102 Information Management V

      Elective Units: Knowledge Management Focus
      CSG3332 Project Management, Professionalism and Ethics
      CSG4331 Knowledge Computing
      CSI4104 Information Security
      IST4107 Information Services Management
      IST4136 Documenting Society
      IST4235 Electronic Recordkeeping
      MIS4115 Introduction to ERP Systems
      MIS4116 Management Issues in ERP Development
      MIS4194 Electronic Commerce IV
      MIS4195 Web Commerce Development IV
      MIS4293 Internet IV

      Elective Units: Information Use Focus
      ADV4108 Media and Advertising
      ADV4109 Advertising and Consumer Audiences
      CMM4103 Introduction to Media and Communication
      CMM4105 Global Communications
      CMM4111 Researching and Evaluating Effective Communication
      IMM4122 Publishing on the World Wide Web
      IST4102 The Information Society
      IST4104 Information Resources and Services
      IST4107 Information Services Management

      Elective Units: Information Architecture Focus
      CSG4331 Knowledge Computing
      CSG4431 Interactive Web Development
      CSI4102 Computer Security
      CSI4104 Information Security
      CSI4201 Systems Analysis
      CSI4206 Database Security
      CSI4341 Systems and Database Design
      IMM4120 Introduction to Digital Technologies and Multimedia
      IMM4121 Digital Photomedia
      IMM4125 Interface and Information Design
      IMM4227 Advanced World Wide Web Applications
      IST4107 Information Services Management
      MIS4252 Systems Development IV
      MIS4352 Systems Complexity IV

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Information Sciences (area of research: Information & Knowledge Management)**

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