Educating Knowledge Professionals in Library and Information Science Schools

Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) is a multidisciplinary subject which involves efforts from professionals with diverse backgrounds. This paper aims to investigate the needed educational background and skills for knowledge management professionals. In particular,the focus of the paper is to examine whether a master’s degree in library and information science (LIS) is a preferred educational background listed in KM-related job postings. In addition, the preferred skills and knowledge required by KM employers are analyzed to reveal the association with graduate courses in library and information science. Job postings were collected from various sources during a specific timeframe. Content analysis was used to discover the kinds of backgrounds, skills, and knowledge that are expected from the employers. By examining both KM literature and the job postings, it is agreed that a certain set of skills can be taught and essential knowledge can be obtained through the LIS curriculum.

Ling-Ling Lai: Educating Knowledge Professionals in Library and Information Science Schools. Journal of Educational Media & Library Science, 42 (3), 2005: 347-362.

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