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Learning – The Learning Leaders Conference*

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Learning – The Learning Leaders Conference, formerly Elliott Masie’s Learning Forum and the TechLearn Conference & Expo, covers hot topics in learning and development.

Since 2019 Learning is produced by CloserStill Media and its affiliates (The Learning Guild, CSM Learning). Until 2017 it was produced by the MASIE Center and co-hosted by the center’s Learning Consortium and the American Society for Talent Development (ATD), formerly known as the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

Since 2022 with pre-conference workshops.

2004-2017: Elliott Masie’s Learning Systems Forum (Learning Systems), formerly the Learning Systems User Group Forum (LMS), brought together a collaborative group of senior learning leaders, learning systems designers, learning innovators and global colleagues. This forum took sharp look at current and future roles for today’s and tomorrow’s Learning Systems.

Conference History:

34th Learning Conference 2024, December 4-6, 2024, Orlando, FL, USA
(Producer: CloserStill Media/ The Learning Guild)

    Conference program TBD

    Thriving Through Change
    Evolution of Learning Leadership
    Leading Hybrid and Remote Teams
    Upskilling, Reskilling, Revolution
    AI + Learning
    Research Data Trends
    Social and Collaborative Learning
    Learning in the Workflow
    Learning and Business Alignment
    Inclusive Leadership
    Developing Soft Skills
    Elevate Future Leaders

    Post-conference Events: (Dec 3)
    3 Pillars of Learning Leadership
    A Learning Leader’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

    Leading with Brilliance: Transformative Leadership for Learning Professionals

33rd Learning Conference 2023, December 5-7, 2023, Orlando, FL, USA
(Producer: CloserStill Media/ The Learning Guild)

    Evolution of Learning Leadership
    Upskilling Reskilling Revolution
    AI + Learning
    Learning Immersion
    Research Data Trends
    Human-Centered Learning Design
    Empowered Self-Directed Learning
    Social & Collaborative Learning
    Data Analytics Competency
    Learning in the Workflow
    Learning and Business Alignment

    Post-conference Events: (Nov 4)
    3 Pillars of Learning Leadership: A 1-Day Intensive Guide

    Learning Leader Panel: Our Role in Building & Skilling a Diverse Leadership Pipeline
    Maximize Your Growth as a Learning Leader

    Micro Master Classes:
    How to Use Action Learning to Develop Leadership Skills
    Use Touchpoint Mapping to Create Equitable Learning Experiences (CANCELLED)
    Build an Effective Learning Strategy: 5 Key Components

    Inspiring Impact: Maximizing Potential through Learning
    The Magic of Innovation & Imagination

32nd Learning Conference 2022, November 6–9, 2022, Orlando, FL, USA
(Producer: CloserStill Media/ The Learning Guild)

    Pre-conference Workshops: (Nov 6)
    Lead the Change: Advancing DEIB & Transforming Culture Through Learning
    Power Up Performance Through Workflow Learning
    L&D as a Business Enabler: Aligning Learning Strategy with Business Goals

    Conference Tracks:
    Leadership, Practices, Strategies

    Conference Sessions:
    What Makes a Great Chief Learning Officer?
    Transform Your Strategy: Become a Data-Driven Learning Organization
    Question Everything! Hone Your Leadership & Transform Your Learning Organization
    Lead a Paradigm Shift: From Corporate Training to Organizational Learning

    Artificial Intelligence and Learning: A Robot’s Point of View
    Whose Learning Is It Anyway?
    Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Even Exist Yet
    Think Different

    Learning 2022 Book Club:
    Millennials, Goldfish & Other Training Misconceptions: Debunking Learning Myths and Superstitions

    Lunch and Learn:
    It Time for Learning Organizations to Give Way to Performance Organizations?
    The Changing Nature of Working and Learning
    Designing Learning for the Hybrid Workforce

31st Learning Conference 2021, November 15–19, 2021, Orlando, FL, USA Virtual venue
(Producer: CloserStill Media/ The Learning Guild)

    Note: The conference was orgiginally scheduled for November 7–10, 2021

    General Sessions: (Panels)
    The Learning Leadership Mindset
    The Future of Work
    View from the C-Suite
    Technology and Learning
    Where Do We Go from Here?

    Breakout Sessions:
    111 – What Happened When We Gave Our SMEs Content Control
    112 – L&D Is Getting (Really) Serious About Data
    121 – The Promises & Perils of Remote Work: Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity
    122 – Adaptive Learning for Today’s Workforce – Understand and Chart Your Journey
    131 – The Secrets of Transitioning from Live to Virtual Training
    132 – The Art of the Possible: Extend Your Management Technology with APIs
    141 – Turn L&D into a Performance Department
    142 – Reimagining New Manager Training: High-Touch Experience at Scale
    151 – Cultivating a Learning Culture During a Pandemic
    152 – Learn to Use Data to Identify Learning Needs
    211 – Women to Rise: A Roadmap for Renewing Our Leadership
    212 – Implementing xAPI Within Your Organization
    221 – Sometimes, Training Isn’t the Problem (or the Solution)
    222 – Re-envision Your Learning Strategy to Focus on Performance
    231 – How Choice Hotels Moved from Content Launch to Learning Experience
    232 – VROOM! Getting Started with VR Technology
    241 – Design Thinking for learning Leaders
    242 – Apply Current Research & Insights to Unlock Performance Support
    251 – Today’s Challenges in Instructional Design
    252 – An Examination of Learners’ Perceptions of Simulation-Based Learning
    311 – Leading With Influence: Reflecting on Your Career
    312 – Suite Dreams: The Past, Present, and Future of Learning Systems
    321 – Effective Knowledge Sharing: 3 Proven Methods
    322 – Amazing Apps to Create, Collaborate, and inspire
    331 – Toward a Data-Driven Learning Culture Using Skills Diagnostics
    332 – Blending Physical and Digital Coaching to Drive Manager Effectiveness
    341 – Unlock Engagement: Marketing Hacks for Learning Programs
    342 – Learning Ecosystems: Building Adjacent, Embedded, and Practice Learning
    351 – A Mid-Sized Company’s Leap into eLearning
    352 – Beyond the Buzz: Gamification for Adult Learners
    411 – How Workflow Learning Increased Plant Productivity at Colgate-Palmolive
    412 – Rop Uses for Chatbots for Learning on Microsoft Teams and Similar Platforms
    421 – Put Digital to Work: Creating High-Touch Learning Globally
    422 – Adding a Human Touch to Your Videos with Vyond
    431 – Influence Without Attitude: Creating a Coaching Culture at Indeed
    432 – Maximizing Microlearning: Assessing the Top 5 Challenges to Integration
    441 – Teaching Well-Being as a Skill
    442 – Why We Need Learning Games Now More than Ever!
    451 – The Future May Not Be Hybrid After All
    452 – Maximizing Self-Directed Learning
    511 – The Power of the Performance-First Mindset
    512 – How to Make the Case for Next-Gen Learning
    521 – Learning & Strategic Workforce Planning: Prepare Today for Future Success
    522 – The Behaviors of Learning Leadership
    531 – Engaging with Learning Consultants: The Secrets Revealed
    532 – Start Doing These 10 Things to Add Business Value NOW!
    541 – Calming the Chaos: L&D’s Role in Managing Change
    542 – Developing Courageous Leaders
    551 – Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders
    552 – Forward Fast: 6 Trends Shaping Corporate Learning

    On Demand Breakout Sessions:
    How the Peace Corps Rapidly Upskilled eLearning Developers
    Let’s Talk About the Digital Divide
    Fostering Empathy, Reflection & Action in Equity Training
    Leading Digital Learning Transformation at COVID Speed
    Developing Inclusive Training with Diversity & Accessibility in Mind
    Get Results: Leadership That Engages, Empowers & Inspires
    Building a Learning Design Community
    How We Used Design Thinking to Reinvent Leadership Development
    Developing Soft Skills in the Flow of Work
    Driving the Future of AI in Workplace Learning
    AI Coaching for Leadership & Soft Skills

    (CANCELLED) Keynotes:
    Artificial Intelligence and Learning: A Robot’s Point of View; Blowing Up Learning; Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Even Exist Yet

    12th Thirty Under 30 Program

    Pre-conference Events:
    (CANCELLED?) Learning Leaders Forum, Nov 7

30th Learning Conference 2020, November 16-18, 2020, Orlando, FL, USA Virtual venue
(Producer: CloserStill Media/ The Learning Guild)

    Note: The conference was scheduled for November 15-18, 2020

    General Session:
    Five Perspectives on the Future of Learning and Work

    Panel Discussions:
    What Is Learning Leadership?; Reimagine Learning and Talent Development; The Learning 2020 CLO Panel: Navigating the Pandemic; Preparing for the New Normal

    11th Thirty Under 30 Program

29th Learning 2019, October 27-30, 2019, Orlando, FL, USA
Conference Theme: Business Changes Drive Learning Changes!
(Producer: CloserStill Media)

    Conference Themes:
    Trends & Analysts; Learning Stories/Case Studies; Let’s Talk About; Action Sessions; Brain Science; Author Sessions; Supplier Showcases; Benchmarking Sessions


    Panel Discussions:
    All Learning Counts: Connecting Work-Based Learning to College Credit; Learning is Global: A Panel of Leaders from Multinational Companies; Women & Learning; The Next Generation of Learning: 30 under 30 Alumni Panel; A Creative Spark in Modality

    10th Thirty Under 30 Program

    Co-located Events:
    Learning Consortium annaul meeting

28th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2018, November 4-7, 2018, Orlando, FL, USA
Conference Theme: Learning Changes:…
(Producer: CSM Learning (CloserStill Media & Masie Center Joint Venture); Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM)

    Conference Themes:
    Learning Data Analytics, Measurement & Metrics; User Experience, Design Thinking & Behavioral Science of Learning; Learning Culture; Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging & Learning; Video for Learning; Learning Futures; Leadership Development; Curation & Learning; Chatbots for Learning; Learning in the Workflow (Performance Support); Converting ILT to Scalable eLearning

    9th Thirty Under 30 Program
    Tech @Learning

    Curation & Learning LAB
    Data Analytics for Learning Boot Camps

27th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2017, October 22-25, 2017, Orlando, FL, USA
(Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM, ATD, LearningTown)

    Conference Themes:
    Curation & Learning; Learning Design; Learning Strategy; Micro & Compressed Learning; Performance Support; Mobile Learning; Integrated Learning; Leadership Development; Game Thinking; Learning Intensives; Diversity & Inclusion; Storytelling

    8th Thirty Under 30 Program

Learning Systems Forum 2017, April 19 – 20, 2017, Chicago, IL, USA
Conference Theme: Learning Systems & Tools

26th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2016, October 23 -26, 2016, Orlando, FL, USA
(Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM and ATD)

    Conference Themes:
    Brain/Cognitive Science; Fitbits for the Brain; Gaming/Gamification; Micro-Learning; Visual Storytelling; Connected & Flipped Classroom; Compliance & Learning; Engagement in Virtual Learning; Video & Learning; Virtual Reality & Learning Futures; Learning in the Future

    7th Thirty Under 30 Program
    Learning Barracuda Bowl Competition

    Learning Systems Forum: LMS, LCMS & Social
    Elliott Masie’s Learning CONSORTIUM Planning Meeting

Learning Systems Forum 2016, April 27 – 28, Chicago, IL, USA
Conference Theme: LMS, LCMS, Social & More

25th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2015, November 1 – 4, 2015, Orlando, FL, USA
(Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM and ATD)

    Conference Themes:
    Learning Personalization; Gamification & Engagement; Adaptive & Responsive; MOOCs Evolve; Badging & Competencies; Compliance Re-Visited; Mobile & Small Tech; Metrics, Assessment and Data; Leadership Development; Digital Trust; Changing Learning Systems; Cyber Threat & Learning; Marketing Learning; Teaching for Impact; Video: Open & Shorter; Social & Collaboration; OJL & Performance Support; Cognitive Science; UpSkilling; …

    The Music Paradigm – Organizational Dynamics, Leadership and the Role of “Performance”; Attitudes and Myths about Introversion and Extroversion; The Future of Gamification and Learning; Leadership, Management and how Adults Face Change; UpSkilling: A CLO Perspective; …

    6th Thirty Under 30 Program

24th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2014, October 26 -29, 2014, Orlando, FL, USA

    Conference Themens:
    Learning and Personalization; Big Learning Data; Compliance & Learning; Talent & Learning Connect; Collaboration & Social; Engagement; Brain & Cognitive Science; OJL & Performance Support; Classrooms Re-designed; Gaming & Gamification; Higher Ed & Workplaces; Video for Learning; MOOCs & Massive Learning; Badges & Competencies; Webinares Re-designed; Mobile & Learning; Leadership Development; Re-branding Learning; Learning Disruption

    The Learning Revolution; Cooking & Learning; Learning Trends & Disruptions; The Brain Research Game; The TED Video Effect; …

    5th Thirty Under 30 Program
    The Gamification Game

    Co-located Events:
    LMS & Learning Systems Forum 2014

23rd Elliott Masie’s Learning 2013, November 3 – 6, 2013, Orlando, FL, USA
(Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM and ASTD)

    Conference Themes:
    Learning Personalization!; Learning Compression?; Social & Collaborative Learning; Big Learning Data; Classorooms Redesigned; Mobile Worlforce & Devices; “Rebranding” Learning; Tired LMS?; Gaming & Gamification; Learning Hype or Innovation?; Learning for Leaders; Technology for Learning; Learning Structures & Strategies; Learning Usability; Performance Support; On-the-Job Training/Learning; MOOCs: Massive & Open?; The Learning Marketplace; Video for Learning; Curating Content

    Social Media & Storytelling; Boomers in the Workplace; MOOC’s and Open Learning; Employee Engagement?; Learning in 2013; Big Data; …

    4th 30 under Thirty Program
    Mobile Lab

22nd Elliott Masie’s Learning 2012, October 21 -24, 2012, Orlando, FL, USA

    Conference Themes:
    The Learning “Mix”; Learning Together: Social/Collaborative; Learning Everywhere: Mobile, Video & Performance Support; Personalizing Learning; Learning Hype & Innovations; Learning Fundamentals: Designs, Classrooms & SME’s; Learning Evidence: Metrics, Scorecards & Impact; Learning Systems: Beyond eLearning; The Learner in 2012; Learning Roles & Leaders

    Key Issues of Leadership and Development; Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking; The Power of Habit; Global Learning, with a special emphasis on how employee learning and training is evolving in Asia; Coaching by Video – Targeted and Compliance

    3rd 30 under Thirty Program

    Pre-conference Webinars: (Sep 12)
    Social & Collaborative Learning: Innovation or Hype?

21st Elliott Masie’s Learning 2011, November 6 – 9, 2011, Orlando, FL, USA
Conference Theme: Balancing Learning: Changing Workforce, Workplace & Designs

    Conference Themes:
    Learning Agility; New Tech for Learning: Affordances VS. Hype; FLIP Learning: Re-sequencing Learning Designs; Compliance Out of Control; The Checklist Imperative: Complexity in Learning; Research to Practice: Evidence & Learning Science; Storytelling 2012: Video on Demand; Learning Design: Beyond Instructional Design; Performance Support/Workplace GPS; LeadershipDev: Designs for New Workforce & Workplace; LMS, LCMS & Learning Systems: What To Do Next?; Classrooms Are Not Dead! – Refreshing Face to Face Learning; ReSkilling Learning Teams; The $$$$ Side of Learning; Learning Strategies: A Fresh Look; The Great Flash Debate: Stay or Leave?; Distributed Teams & Leaders; Bring in the Clouds?: Learning Apps & Clouds; Impact vs. ROI; Learning as a Global Force; Learning “Socially” – Collaborative Designs; Learning Governance & Enterprise Deployment; Mentoring & Coaching: Scaled & Deployed; The Learning Marketplace; Video Live: Chat, Video Conferencing & Telepresence; Empowered Learners Need Less or More?; Four Generations in One Workplace!

    Google Effects on Memory; iPad: Learning Game Changer; Recommendations from an LMS?; Managing the Older Worker; Undercover Boss; Storytelling; Take the Lead; Learning Leadership; Brainfreeze: Information Overload; …

    2nd 30 under Thirty Program
    Lunch with Chief Learning Officers

20th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2010, October 24 -27, 2010, Orlando, FL, USA
(Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM and ASTD)

    Conference Themes:
    Changing Learning: Agile, Social, Targeted, Social, Mobile and Global; Distributed Work, Distributed Leadership and Distributed Learning; Learning Leadership: Creating and Implementing Strategic Learning Projects; Learning Research: Neuroscience & Learning, Impact Assessment, Evidence Based Learning Design; Learning Modes: Video for Learning, Collaborative Learning, Coaching & Performance Support; The Business of Learning: How to Resource, Charge and Support Learning Budgets; Learning & Talent: Changing Role of Learning in Retention and Development of Talent; New Learning Roles: Evolving and ReSkilling the Learning Function and Roles

    Extreme Learning & Training: Mastering the Olympics and Dancing with the Stars; How to Design & Leverage Communities of Knowledge & Collaboration?; Putting the Mojo in Learning and Leaders; Orchestrating Greatness: The Musical Paradigm; The Power of Video Stories and Social Media in Corporations; Cognitive Surplus; Counter-Intuitive Leadership; Disney Safety Learning – Organization Wide Learning; Learning Changes & Learning Challenges in 2010

    1st 30 under Thirty Program

LMS & Learning Systems Forum 2010, June 10-11, 2010, Chicago, IL, USA

19th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2009, November 8 – 11, 2009, Orlando, FL, USA
(Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM and ASTD)

    Conference Themes:
    UnCertain Times; ReSkilling!; Social Learning; e-Learning Update; Global Learning; Learning Leaders; Learning Systems; Leadership Development; Mobile Learning; Performer Support; Learning Agility; UserContent; Learning 2009 Industry User Groups

    Miracle on the Hudson; On Enterprise Twitter; Learning and the role of “Outliers”; ReSkilling Strategies and New Leadership

    Co-located Events:
    Global Learning Forum; Mobile Learning Forum; Social Learning ’09

    Pre-Conference Workshops: (Nov 8)
    Performer Support – Learning at the Moment of Need; Mobile Learning; Learning Leadership Academy; Learning 101 – Introduction to the Field of Learning; e-Learning Update; Learning Systems (LMS and LCMS); Social Learning Strategies

    Tutorials: (Nov 2009 – Mar 2010)
    (NEW) Learning 2009 Online Academy

Learning Systems Roundtable 2009, April 15 – 16, 2009, Chicago, IL, USA
User Group & Symposium

18th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2008, October 26 – 29, 2008, Orlando, FL, USA
Conference Theme: All About Learning
(Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM and ASTD)

    Conference Themes:
    Learning Effectiveness; Learning Design; Learning Strategy; Learning Technology & Systems; Learning Professionals: Our Careers & Competencies; Learning Experimentation & Research; Learning Delivery (Classroom, On-Line, Performance Support); Learning Globally

    Learning, Knowledge, Collaboration, Technology & The Future of Work;…

Learning Systems 2008, April 10 – 11, 2008, Las Vegas, NV, USA
User Group & Conference

16th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2007, October 21 – 24, 2007, Orlando, FL, USA
Conference Theme: Learning Changes! Gaming, Simulation and Virtual Worlds for Learning
(Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM and ASTD)

    Conference Themes:
    Learning for a Changing Workforce; Learning Excellence; Learning Technology; Learning Design & Authoring; Learning Governance; Learning Systems (LMS, LCMS & More); Learning Reusability; Learning Engagement & Immersion; Learning Budgets; Learning Marketing; Learning Evaluation and Metrics; Learning Leadership; Learning Careers; Learning & Compliance; Learning & Gaming; Learning Virtually; Learning Procurement; Learning with High Definition (HD); Learning Informally; Learning Outsourcing; Learning Integration; Learning Globally; Learning & Talent; Learning Sustainability; Learning Transfer; Learning in the Classroom Evolves; Learning for Customers and Contractors

    Cooking and Learning have a lot in common; Collective Intelligence; PodCasting for Learning; Gaming4Learning; Content Planning

LMS 2007, April 12 – 13, 2007, Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Learning Systems User Group Conference

15th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2006, November 5 – 8, 2006, Orlando, FL, USA
Conference Theme: Learning in a Flatter World – Faster, Flexible, Global, Informal, Compliance, Impact
(Co-hosts: The Learning CONSORTIUM and ASTD)

    Conference Themes:
    Learning in a “Flatter” World!; Challenges for NextGen and Silver Employees in our Workforce; Learning Systems: LMS, LCMS, Content Management and Collaboration; Informal Learning, Media-Based Content (PodCasting) and Rapid Development; Human Capital Management: Impacts & Strategies; e-Learning Excellence!; Evolving and Changing Classroom; Impact Objectives – A Practical Approach to ROI; Fresh Looks: Leadership Development, On-Boarding & Customer Education; 3 C’s for 2007: Compliance, Competencies and Content Management; Learning Governance and Changing Roles for Learning Professionals; Extreme Learning in 2006 and 2007

    The Wisdom of Crowds; Learning in a “Flatter” World; The Speed of Trust; …

(CANCELLED) Learning Futures 2006, 10-11 July 2006, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
(Sponsor: The Learning CONSORTIUM)

    Conference Themes:
    Informal Learning; Gaming for Learning; Globalization of Learning; e-Learning Updated and Revisited; Learning Systems: LMS and LCMS & Others; Rapid Learning Development; Learning in the Age of Google; Mobile, PodCasting and Portable Learning; Learning in a Flatter and More Global World; Wikis, Blogs and New Models of Collaboration; A Fresh Look at On-Boarding, Retention & Competencies; Compliance and Talent Management Systems; The Metrics of Learning’s Impact on the Business

    Note: Learning Futures was announced as Extreme Learning

LMS 2006, April 6 – 7, 2006, Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Learning Systems User Group Conference

    Three Weeks Prior to LMS 2006: Podcasts and Content Papers to Focus Participants on Key Content and Issues

    LMS 2006 Full Community Sessions
    Working Sub-Groups by LMS System & Key Issues
    CEO and CTO Executive Panel for LMS Systems
    Break Out Discussions: Managing Issues, Technical Issues and Learning Delivery Issues
    Full Group Sessions – Procurement & Integration
    Break Out Sessions: Best Practice Panels on LMS Issues
    Working Lunches – …, LMS Governance, Deployment & Outsourcing
    LMS Futures – Wrap Up Session: LMS Futures

    June 2006 – Follow-Up Web Conference

(CANCELLED) Learning Asia 2006, March 2006, Hong Kong

14th Elliott Masie’s Learning 2005, October 30 – November 2, 2005, Orlando, FL, USA
Conference Theme: Extreme Learning
(Cooperating Organizations: The Learning CONSORTIUM, ASTD, International Society for Performance Improvement, The Sloan Consortium; IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee, etc.)

    Conference Themes:
    Extreme Learning, Discuss, Compare, Engage, Create, Active Learning, Play, Benchmark, Career Planning, Collaboration, Blink, Sandbox, Citizen Content, Myth Busting, Research, Informal Learning, Measure, Evolving Marketplace and Learning Decisions

    Blink – First Impressions & Learning; Extreme Learning!; “Everything Bad is Good for You” and “The Interface Culture”; Profiles in Learning Courage!; Learning in the World of Health/Medicine; Leadership as a Contact Sport; Creative Training Techniques; Associations & Learning; e-Learning UPDATE & Personalization; Conversation: Corporate Learning & Higher Education; …

IT & Systems Learning 2005, April 25 – 26, 2005, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Conference Theme: Perspectives & Conversations

TechLearn 2004, November 14 – 17, 2004, New York City, NY, USA
Sub-title: Exploring Learning & Technology

    Pre-Event Online Learning Seminars: (NEW!)
    High Performance Learning Organizations; In or Out? Business Drivers, Insights and Procedures for Outsourcing Learning and Training; Enabling an Execution Culture; Disruptive Technologies and Trends

    Co-located Conferences:
    (NEW!) Learning Officers Forum

LMS 2004, March 8 – 9, 2004, Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Learning Systems User Group Conference

TechLearn 2003, November 2 – 5, 2003, Orlando, FL, USA
Sub-title: Exploring Learning & Technology

TechLearn 2002, October 27 – 30, Orlando, FL, USA
Sub-title: Exploring Learning & Technology
Conference Theme: Managing the Reality of Change

TechLearn 2001, October 28 – 31, 2001, Orlando, FL, USA

    Co-located Conferences:
    Blended Learning Forum; World e-Learning Congress

TechLearn 2000, November 12 – 15, 2000, Orlando, FL, USA
Conference Theme: e-Learning: REAL or HYPE?

    Co-located Conferences:
    World e-Learning Congress

TechLearn 1999, October 31 – November 3, 1999, Orlando, FL, USA

TechLearn 1998, November 15 – 18, 1998, Orlando, FL, USA

TechLearn 1997, September 7 – 10, 1997, Orlando, FL, USA

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