Elliott Masie’s Learning Forum*

Elliott Masie’s Learning Forum*

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Elliott Masie’s Learning Forum covers topics hot topics in learning and development.

Who should attend?
Learning Managers & Coordinators
Training and Learning Professionals
Workforce Development Professionals
Chief Learning Officers
Technology and Training Coordinators
Developers & Designers
IT and Technology Training Managers
Instructional and Content Designers
Suppliers of Learning Products and Services
HR Managers and Staff
Line Managers Involved in Workforce Productivity
IT Coordinators Supporting Learning Products
Higher Education & Workforce Training Colleagues
Knowledge Management Staff
Public Policy & Legislative Staff Focused on Learning
Investment Professionals Involved in the Learning Marketplace

Topics 2015:
Learning Personalization, Gamification & Engagement, Adaptive & Responsive, MOOCs Evolve, Badging & Competencies, Compliance Re-Visited, Mobile & Small Tech Metrics, Assessment and Data, Leadership Development, Digital Trust, Changing Learning, Systems Cyber Threat & Learning, Marketing Learning, Teaching for Impact, Video: Open & Shorter, Social & Collaboration, OJL & Performance Support, Cognitive Science, UpSkilling

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