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Learning – The Learning Leaders’ Conference*

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Learning – The Learning Leaders’ Conference, formerly Elliott Masie’s Learning Forum and TechLearn Conference & Expo, covers hot topics in learning and development. Since 2019 Learning is produced by CloserStill Media and its affiliates (The Learning Guild, CSM Learning). Until 2017 it was produced by the MASIE Center and co-hosted by

“Leading” rather than “managing” knowledge

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Abstract: In Knowledge Leadership, Cavaleri and Seivert describe the dawning of a new era in which individuals are “leading” rather than “managing” knowledge. In the past, many knowledge-based initiatives have failed because leaders underestimated the powerful link between knowledge and performance improvement – and also because they mistakenly thought that “information” was the same

S.O.S.! Knowledge Management Talent Crisis

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Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) has a tradition of enormous challenges. Virtually all of them can be traced back to its most serious problem: talent. The intention of the KM Talent Crisis clarion call is not to indict loyal, hard-working KMers. Rather, it is to offer an observation on the qualitative decline