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European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)*

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The European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) is the premier professional meeting in the IS field and provides access to the highest caliber scholarship in the IS discipline, including IT leadership, systems development, enterprise resource planning, cross-cultural issues and social and economic impacts of information technology.

A doctoral/PhD students track is organized in conjunction with ECIS.

Until 2016 the conference was affiliated to the Association for Information Systems (AIS), afterwards it became an officiall AIS conference.

Past “Knowledge Management” tracks:

  • 2022-2023: Sustainable Knowledge Management in the Digital Age
  • 2020-2021: Knowledge Management and Digitization
  • 2019: Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence
  • 2016-2018: Knowledge Management
  • 2015: Business Analytics and Knowledge Management
  • 2012-2014: Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  • 2006-2007: Information and Knowledge Management
  • 2004: Knowledge Management and Information Systems
  • 2003: Knowledge in organizations and its management
  • 2001: Knowledge management and organizational learning
  • 2000: Knowledge Intensive Organizations: Structures and Forms of Co-operation
  • 1999: IS Policy, Strategy, Innovation and the Management of Knowledge
  • 1998: Knowledge Management

Sister conferences:

Conference History:

33rd ECIS 2025, June 16-18, 2024, Amman, Jordan

Conference Theme: Co-creating Value for an Intelligent Digital Future
(Host: TBD)

    “Knowledge” Tracks:

32nd ECIS 2024, June 13-19, 2024, Paphos, Cyprus

Conference Theme: People First: Constructing Digital Futures Together
(Host: University of Nicosia, School of Business, Department of Digital Innovation)

    “Knowledge” Tracks:

    Completed “Knowledge” Research Papers:
    Is RPA-Related Process Knowledge Loss Real?
    The Future of Work Unleashed: Generative AI’s Role in Shaping Knowledge Workers’ Autonomous Motivation
    Generating Design Knowledge for Case Management Software in the Care Sector
    Transferring Domain Knowledge with (X)AI-Based Learning Systems
    Gamification and Knowledge Sharing: A Meta-Analytic Review
    Plan Generation from Unstructured Documents Through Transformer-Based Extraction of Knowledge Graphs

    Short “Knowledge” Papers:
    Taking Data Scientists Out-of-the-Loop in Knowledge Intense Analytics — A Case Study for Product Designs
    Socio-Technical Challenges Inhibiting Effective Knowledge Sharing Among ICT Workers in Under-Resourced E-Government Project Teams
    Crafting Meaningful Generative AI-Enabled Knowledge Work
    Man and Machine: AR-Based Vocational Training for Tacit Knowledge Tasks
    Generative AI in the Wild: An Exploratory Case Study of Knowledge Workers

    “Knowledge” Panels:
    Building Cumulative Knowledge in the Era of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities for Management Research and Practice

31st ECIS 2023, 11-16 June, 2023, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway

Conference Theme: Co-creating Sustainable Digital Futures
(Host: University of Agder, Department of Information Systems)

    TRACK: Sustainable Knowledge Management in the Digital Age (SKMD)

    Papers n.a.

30th ECIS 2022, 18-24 June, 2022, West University of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania

Conference Theme: New Horizons in Digitally United Societies
(Host: West University of Timisoara, Computer Science Department)

    TRACK: Knowledge Management and Digitization

    Session 1+2:
    – Papers n.a.

29th ECIS 2021, June 14-16, 2021, Marrakech, Morocco Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Human Values Crisis in a Digitizing World
(Host: Institut des hautes études de management, HEM Business School)

    Note: The originally scheduled 29th ECIS 2021, June 16-18, 2021, Timisoara, Romania, is postponed to 2022.

    TRACK: Knowledge Management and Digitization

    Session 1+2:
    Knowledge Management in the Era of Artificial Intelligence – Developing an Integrative Framework
    A Business Competency Framework Within A Digital Transformation – An Empirical Study
    Challenges And Success Potentials Of Platform Cooperatives: Insights From A Multiple Case Study
    Visual Analytics In Organizational Knowledge Creation: A Case Study
    Using Deep Learning for Extracting User-Generated Knowledge from Web Communities
    Supporting Knowledge Integration with Low-Code Development Platforms

28th ECIS 2020, June 15-17, 2020, Marrakech, Morocco Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in a Digitizing World
(Host: Institut des hautes études de management, HEM Business School)

    Note: No physical workshops will be held. Some are canceled and others will be held online; Doctoral Consortium may be cancelled?

    TRACK: Knowledge Management and Digitization:

    Session: Organized Learning in Digital Organizations
    Become Competent in 15 Minutes? – The Suitability of Micro Learning for Competence Development
    Towards Co-Creation of Learning Material in Vocational Training
    Gamifying Electronic Negotiation Training – A Mixed Method Study of Students’ Motivation, Engagement and Learning
    Can Virtual Realities Reduce the Gap Between Organizations? Insights from a Case Study on the Potential of VR-Supported Perspective Taking

    Session: Managing Knowledge in Digitized Organizations
    Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Protection in Inter-Organizational Collaboration: Uncovering the Underlying Relationships that Influence Innovation
    Knowing What to Share: Selective Revealing in Open Data
    Digital Innovation in Industrial-Age Firms: Managing the Balancing Act of Knowledge Integration
    How Front-Line Professionals Use Knowledge: The Case of Petrochemical Operators
    A Network-based Transfer Learning Approach to Improve Sales Forecasting of New Products

27th ECIS 2019, June 8-14, 2019, Stockholm University/ Uppsala University, Stockholm/ Uppsala, Sweden

Conference Theme: Information Systems for a Sharing Society
(Host: Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University; Department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University)

    TRACK: Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence

    Session 1+2:
    Explaining customer activation with deep attention models
    Personalized explanation for machine learning: a conceptualization
    Knowledge management in the digital era: how digtial innovation labs facilitate knowledge recombination
    Knowledge-sharing mechanisms in a socio-technical collaborative project in it-related faculties: preliminary findings
    The relationship between knowledge management practices and enterprise risk management in higher education: an action research

26th ECIS 2018, June 23–28, 2018, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK

Conference Theme: Beyond Digitization – Facets of Socio-Technical Change
(Host: University of Portsmouth, School of Computing)

    TRACK: Knowledge Management

    Augmented reality for teaching and learning – a literature review on theoretical and empirical foundations
    The effect of social reputation on retention in knowledge sharing: designing a social real-time delphi platform
    A Novel Hybrid Knowledge Retrieval Approach for Online Customer Service Platforms
    Informing the design of a health virtual community of practice: a knowledge translation approach (Research in Prograss)

    TRACK: Knowledge-intensive smart services and their applications

    New Service Development Through Action Design Research in Joint Research Projects: An Instrument and its Application for Developing a Smart Service in the Electric Vehicle Domain
    How Institutional Arrangements Impede Realization of Smart Mobility Ecosystems

25th ECIS 2017, June 5-10, 2017, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães, Portugal

Conference Theme: Information Systems for a smart, sustainable and inclusive world
(Host: Universidade do Minho, Department of Information Systemd)

    TRACK: Knowledge Management

    Session 1-2:
    ‘Guanxi’ as a shock absorber: lessening the detrimental effect of structural holes on the acquisition and integration of knowledge
    How can diagrammatic conceptual modelling support knowledge management?
    Information technology competency and organizational agility: roles of absorptive capacity and information intensity
    Knowledge management without management – shadow it in knowledge-intensive manufacturing practices
    Uncertainties as barriers for knowledge sharing with enterprise social media
    Usability evaluation of cooperation visualisation in enterprises: framework development and validation based on empirical results
    Leveraging text mining for the design of a legal knowledge management system (Research in Progress)
    Manipulation in prediction markets – chasing the fraudsters (Research in Progress)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Knowledge Engineering for Bio-Medical and Health; Intelligent Information System

24th ECIS 2016, June 10-12, 2016, Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Conference Theme: Information Systems as a Global Gateway
(Host: Bogaziçi University, Department of Management Information Systems)

    TRACK: Knowledge Management

    Session 1-3:
    From data warehouses to analytical atoms – the internet of things as a centrifugal force in business intelligence and analytics
    DataGrav: a framework for knowledge sharing using transclusion enabled collaboration media
    Managing consistency in multi-view enterprise models: an approach based on semantic queries
    From isolation to collaboration – how the increasing diffusion of mobile devices has changed practices of knowledge sharing in non-office settings
    The blessing of giving: kowledge sharing and knowledge seeking in enterprise social networks
    Conceptual modeling of event processing networks
    Talking to me? creating networks from online community logs
    Business intelligence for business processes: the case of it incident management
    Towards behavioral measures of boundary spanning success: the effectiveness and effi-ciency of team boundary spanning in enterprise social media
    NeedMining: identifying micro blog data containing customer needs
    n.a. (Research in Progress)

23rd ECIS 2015, May 26-29, 2015, University of Münster, Münster, Germany

Conference Theme: The Networked Society
(Host: University of Münster, Department of Information Systems)

    TRACK: Business Analytics and Knowledge Management

    Session 1-2:
    Business Intelligence & Analytics and Decision Quality – Insights on Analytics Specialization and Information Processing Modes
    Information Waste on the World Wide Web and Combating the Clutter
    Can Charities Use Enterprise Performance Management Systems to Improve Information Provision?
    Is News Sentiment more than Just Noise?
    External Influences in Inter-organisational Knowledge Sharing
    The Ends of Knowledge Sharing in Networks: Using Information Technology to Start Knowledge Protection
    Impact of Dictionaries on Automated Content Analysis – The Use of Compound Concepts in Analysing Knowledge Management Research
    Analyzing the Literature on Knowledge Management Frameworks: Towards a Normative Knowledge Management Classification Schema
    Mediated Sharing as Software Developers’ Strategy to Manage Ephemeral Knowledge
    Addressing Challenges for Informal Learning in Networks of Organizations
    Perspectives on Collaboration Procedures and Politics During the Support of Decision Processes with Business Intelligence & Analytics
    How Business Analytics Systems Provide Benefits and Contribute to Firm Performance?
    Understanding the Impact of Business Analytics on Innovation

    Initial and Continued Knowledge Contribution on Enterprise Social Media Platforms (Research in Progress)
    Big Data and the Data Value Chain: Translating Insights from Business Analytics into Actionable Results – The Case of Unit Load Device (ULD) Management in the Air Cargo Industry (Research in Progress)
    The Effects of Personalized Recommendations with Popularity Information on Sales – A Field Study in Grocery Retailing (Research in Progress)

    TRACK: Sociotechnical Approaches to Organizational Learning and Change

    Session 1:
    Resilience and Values: Antecedents for Effective Co-design of Information Systems
    Perceptions of Presence: Discursive and Embodied Experiences in Global Collaboration
    Towards Managed Structuration: Exploring Bridging Mechanisms for IS Enabled Change in Multi-site Implementation Projects
    Using the PSIC Model to Understand Change in an Educational Setting: The Case of an E-Textbook Implementation
    An Investigation of the Role of Business Analysts in IS Development

    A Systemic Framework for Improving Clients’ Understanding of Software Requirements (Research in Progress)
    The Evolution of Routines under Flexible Information Technology (Research in Progress)
    Exploiting Benefits from IS/IT Investments: An IT Culture Perspective (Research in Progress)

22nd ECIS 2014, June 9-11, 2014, Tel Aviv, Israel

Conference Theme: Digital Work, Digital Life
(Host: Tel Aviv University, Business School)

    TRACK: Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

    Session 1-2:
    Codification of Knowledge in Business Process Improvement Projects
    Proposing a Knowledge Management System (KMS) Architecture to Promote Knowledge Sharing Among Employees
    The Influence of the Perception of Fairness on Innovation Idea Value and Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Innovation Idea Networks
    Predictive Analytics for Electricity Prices Using Feed-ins from Renewables
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Study of a Successful Business Intelligence Solution as an Information Infrastructure
    A Path Model Linking Business Analytics, Data-Driven Culture, and Competitive Advantage
    Leveraging In-Memory Technology to Improve the Acceptance of MSS – A Managers’ Perspective
    Is There Still a Need for Multidimensional Data Models?

    Trusting Review Mechanisms in Knowledge Management Systems: Antecedents, Outcomes, and the Role of Perceived Risk (Research in Progress)
    The Project World – Gamification in Project Knowledge Management (Research in Progress)

21st ECIS 2013, June 5-8, 2013, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Conference Theme: Beyond Borders
(Host: Utrecht University, Department of Information and Computing Sciences)

    TRACK: Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

    Session: Knowledge Sharing & Integration
    Sharing Knowledge in Technology Deficient Environments: Individual Workarounds Amid Corporate Restrictions
    External Knowledge in Organisational Innovation: Toward an Integration Concept
    Attitude Matters: Exploring the Knowledge Sharing Behavior of Academics in Ethiopian Public Higher Education Institutions

    Session: Strategic Management of BI
    Creating Value with Business Analytics in the Supply Chain Graeme Shanks, The University of Melbourne
    Towards the Measurement of Business Intelligence Maturity
    A Classification For Business Intelligence Agility Indicators

    Session: Organization and Classification of BI & KM
    Freedom of Choice: Perspectives On Personal Workspaces
    Towards an Understanding of the Role of Business Intelligence Systems in Organisational Knowing
    The Organizing Vision of Mobile Business Intelligence

    Session: Process Aspects of BI
    Investigating Business Intelligence and Analytics From a Decision Process Perspective: a Structured Literature Review
    Critical Success Factors of Process Performance Management Systems: Results of an Empirical Research
    Using Social Network Analysis to Measure Information Management Performance Introduced By Business Process Optimization

    Session: Social Media Usage and Analytics
    The Business Impact of Social Media Analytics
    Improving Sensing and Seizing Capabilities of a Firm By Measuring Corporate Reputation Based On Social Media Data
    Why Firms Use Social Media: an Absorptive Capacity Perspective

    Session: Text and Web Content Analysis
    DEEPEC: an Approach For Deep Web Content Extraction and Cataloguing
    The Impact of Natural Language Processing-Based Textual Analysis of Social Media Interactions On Decision Making
    On Top of the World; Down in the Dumps: Text Mining the Emotionality of Online Consumer Reviews

    Session: Prediction and Discovery
    Predictive Analytics On Public Data: the Case of Stock Markets
    Modelling Mismatch in Predictive Analytics: a Case Study Illustration and Possible Remedy
    An Exploratory Study On the Appropriateness of Latent Dirichlet Allocation For Automatic Discovery of Product Associations From User-Generated Content

    TRACK: Enterprise Systems and Change, Competencies and Organizational Learning

    Session 1-3:
    Evaluating Operational Cloud Enterprise System Success: An Organizational Perspective
    Integrated Framework For Business Process Complexity Analysis
    Technical Isomorphism and Organizational Homogenization
    Exploring Subscription Renewal Intention of Operational Cloud Enterprise Systems: a Socio-Technical Approach
    The Dynamics of Cultural Change in an ES Implementation At a Local Council
    Technology-Use Mediation Revisited: A Symbolic Process Perspective
    How Supply Chain Governance Influences Information Sharing Behaviors: A Multiple Case Study Approach
    An IT Architecture Enabling Flexible Adjustment of Exploration/exploitation Trade-Off

20th ECIS 2012, June 10-13, 2012, University of Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain

Conference Theme: 20 Years of Outstanding IS Scholarship
(Host: University of Ramon Llull, ESADE Business School)

    TRACK: Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

    Session: Business Value by Business Intelligence and its Strategic Use
    Business Analytics: Enabling Strategic Alignment and Organisational Transformation
    Business Analytics and Information Processing needs – A Case Study
    How Business Intelligence Creates Value

    Session: Business Intelligence and Social Media
    Leveraging Social Network Data for Analytical CRM Strategies – The Introduction of Social BI
    Sensing Social Media for Corporate Reputation Management: A Business Agility Perspective
    Enhanced BI Systems with On-Demand Data Based on Semantic-enabled Enterprise SOA

    Session: Customer Relationship Management and Business Analytics
    Explanatory Analysis in Business Intelligence Systems
    Combining Visual Customer Segmentation and Response Modeling
    A Business Intelligence Solution for Assessing Customer Interaction, Cross-Selling, and Customization in a Customer Intimacy Context

    Session: Knowledge Performance Issues
    Transactive memory systems, knowledge integration, and team performance in geographically dispersed teams
    Do we Fully Understand the Critical Success Factors of Employee Portal Utilitarianism? – Uncovering and Accounting for Unobserved Heterogeneity
    The Intellectual Capital and Journalists? Performance

    Session: Knowledge Management Systems
    Towards a Process-oriented Approach to Assessing, Classifying and Visualizing Enterprise Content with Document Maps
    Reconciling Knowlegde Management and E-collaboration Systems: The Information-driven Knowledge Management Framework
    Unpacking the People, Process and Technology Dimensions of Organisational KMS

    Session: Learning and Knowledge Sharing
    Motivating Knowledge Sharing Behavior from the Perspective of the Convertibility of Economic Benefits
    Systematic Approaches for Organisational Learning – A Literature Review
    Towards an it Solution to Support Reflective Learning at the Workplace

    Session: Mixed Session on Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
    An Approach for Analyzing the Effects of Risks on Business Processes Using Semantic Annotations
    Data Quality in Financial Planning – An Empirical Assessment Based On Benford’s Law
    Quantifiying the Business Impact of Information Quality – A Risk-based Approach

19th ECIS 2011, June 9-11, 2011, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Conference Theme: ICT and Sustainable Service Development
(Host: Aalto University, School of Economics)

    TRACK: Knowledge Management for Sustainability

    Retaining the knowledge of older experts: a case study
    Contributing to knowledge-based decision support: a system dynamics model regarding the use of non-renewable resources
    Discussion of critical success factors in is-enabled dynamic education webs

18th ECIS 2010, June 6-9, 2010, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa

Conference Theme: IT to Empower
(Host: University of Pretoria, Department of Informatics)

    TRACK: Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Management Maturity According To Organizational Size: A South African Perspective
    Textual Fragments, Openness Of Enquiry And Information Systems: An Example From An ERP Implementation
    What Drives Organizations To Share Knowledge With Their Supply Chain Partners?

    TRACK: Knowledge Repository

    An Ontology-Based Natural Language Service Discovery Engine – Design and Experimental Evaluation
    Design Boundary Objects – Development Guidelines for Financial Data Warehouse Projects
    Usage of Online Knowledge Repositories: A Comparison of Two Governance Mechanisms

17th ECIS 2009, June 8-10, 2009, University of Verona, Verona, Italy

Conference Theme: Information Systems in a Globalising World: Challenges, Ethics, Practices
(Host: University of Verona, Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration)

    Session: Knowledge Management
    An ontology-driven topic mapping approach to multi-level management of e-learning resources
    Towards a reference model for online research maps
    Storytelling as a tool for knowledge transfer in the IT industry
    Knowledge sharing in online communities
    Use of blogs for collaboration in organizations

    Session: Knowledge Management and Learning
    Knowledge clusters: Dealing with a multilevel phenomenon
    Conceptual convergences: Positioning information systems among the business disciplines
    An exploration of the real or imagined consequences of information systems research for practice

    Session: Knowledge Management and Health
    Dealing with Tight Couplings and Multiple Interactions in Complex Technological Systems
    The mediating role of IT knowledge integration capability in the relationship between team performance and team climate
    IT-enabled change into the structures of health information systems in Africa: A case study in Kenya

    Session: Knowledge Sharing
    The impact of learning culture and information technology use on knowledge-sharing: A case of KFUPM
    Transfer of technology and knowledge – The story of an enterprise system implementation
    Digital differentiation, software product lines, and the challenge of isomorphism in innovation: A case study

16th ECIS 2008, June 9-11, 2008, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Conference Theme: Information Systems in an Innovative Knowledge-based Society
(Host: National University of Ireland, Graduate School of Business & Public Policy)

    TRACK: Semantic Web and IS

    Informal Communication Practices in Organisational Knowledge Management

15th ECIS 2007, June 7-9, 2007, University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Conference Theme: Relevant rigour – Rigorous relevance
(Host: University of St. Gallen, Institute of Information Management)

    TRACK: Information and Knowledge Management

    Session: Designing Knowledge Management
    Strategic Knowledge Management Issues when Designing Knowledge Repositories
    Making Knowledge Sharing Visible in Software Engineering
    Validation of the New Knowledge Management Claim

    Session: Knowledge Management and organizational learning
    Making Sense of Project Management – A Case of Knowledge Management in Software Development
    Organizational Learning for the Incident Management Process: Lessons from High Reliability Organizations
    Consideration of Risks and Internal Controls in Business Process Modeling

    Session: Best practices of Knowledge Management
    Best Practice Re-Creation as Transfer of Fluids
    Implementing Knowledge Management Systems in Public Sector Organisations: A Case Study of Critical Success Factors
    Making IT Happen and Making IT Stick – A Successful Case of Implementing a Knowledge Management System in a Healthcare Organization

    Session: Knowledge Management support systems
    Understanding User Intention to Continue Sharing Knowledge in Virtual Communities
    Systems Analysis: Exploring the Spectrum of Diversity
    A Meta-Methodology for Knowledge Management Support Systems Development
    IS-Marketing Alignment: Its Impacts on Marketing Performance and on Business Performance
    Optimising the Email Knowledge Extraction System to Support Knowledge Work
    Articulating Governance Mechanisms for Collective Learning

    Session: Knowledge codification and its sharing
    A Comparative Study of Knowledge Processes and Methods in Austrian and Swiss SMEs
    Codification and Transferability of IT Knowledge
    Antecedents of Knowledge Sharing in Globally Distributed Software Development Teams

    Session: Knowledge creation and innovation
    Knowledge Process Outsourcing: Identifying Potential Research Agenda Based on Industry Trends
    The Effect of Task Structure and Time Structure on Knowledge Creation Using Group Support Systems
    A Competence Management System for Universities

14th ECIS 2006, June 12-14, 2006, University of Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden

Conference Theme: Grand Challenges
(Host: University of Göteborg, Department of Applied Information Technology)

    TRACK: Information and Knowledge Management

    Session: Creativity
    Organisational pathways: creativity to productivity
    Knowledge management and creativity: a technology-facilitated balance

    Session: Knowledge Management Artefacts and Modelling
    Building knowledge repositories with enterprise modelling and patterns – from theory to practice
    An action research study on the design and development of core IT artifacts for knowedge management systems
    Context-based modelling of information demand: approaches from information logistics and decision support

    Session: Knowledge Management Practice
    The effects of goal orientations on knowledge management system usage, knowledge sourcing and learning outcome
    How knowledge management fails: the case of the best practice tool
    Why is it that a knowledge management initiative works or fails

    Session: Knowledge Management Models
    How we lose information —an emerging model
    Towards a model for understanding the key factors in KMS implementation
    Application of knowledge network analysis to identify knowledge sharing bottlenecks at an engineering firm,

    Session: Knowledge Management in Organisations
    Knowledge management as an image of the organization: industry standards and processes of knowing in credit risk management
    Understanding the impact of organisational downsizing on knowledge sharing
    Knowledge integration in routine work: why it works or breaks

    TRACK: Communities and New Forms of Organizations

    Session: Communities and Knowledge
    Knowledge creation as an ISD goal: an approach based on communities of practice
    (RIP) Examining knowledge exchange and organizational outcomes within intra- organizational electronic networks of practice with restricted access
    (RIP) Neither essence nor accident: Situated knowledge and its importance for the community broker

13th ECIS 2005, May 26-28, 2005, University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

Conference Theme: Information Systems in a Rapidly Changing Economy
(Host: University of Regensburg, Institute for Management of Information Systems)

    Tracks: Semantic Web and IS

12th ECIS 2004, June 14-16, 2004, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Turku, Finland

Conference Theme: The European IS Profession in the Global Networking Environment
(Host: Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Information Systems Science Department)

    TRACK: Knowledge Management and Information Systems

    Session 1+4:
    Group decision support for resource allocation decisions in three-person groups
    Conflicts in knowledge management: visiting the hidden partner
    Formulating an organizational knowledge strategy: the influence of existing IT infrastructure
    Ontology and business: creating structure for storing and accessing organisational knowledge on Intranets
    Inter-organizational knowledge management systems: typology and cases
    Beyond knowledge management – introducing a framework for learning management systems
    Consequences of implementing knowledge management initiatives in different organizational subcultures
    Towards a new design metaphor: supporting boundary objects as means of knowledge sharing in community networks
    Bolstering knowledge management systems with appreciative inquiry
    Implementing information systems to support knowledge work: an exploration of work motifs (RiP)
    Using IT for strategic competence management: potential benefits and challenges

    Knowledge management – a fad or a field with a future?

11th ECIS 2003, June 19-21, 2003, Università di Napoli Federico II, Naples, Italy

Conference Theme: New Paradigms in Organizations, Markets and Society
(Host: Università di Napoli Federico II, Dipartimento di Economia)

    TRACK: Knowledge in organizations and its management

10th ECIS 2002, June 6-8, 2002, University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland

Conference Theme: Information Systems and the Future of the Digital Economy
(Host: University of Gdansk, Department of Information Systems)

    TRACK: Knowledge management and organisational learning

    Session: Knowledge work and methodology (research in progress)
    Perspectives On The Support Of Knowledge Work
    Process-based knowledge management: experiences with two projects
    The Use Of Knowledge Management Methodologies To Improve The Practice Of Supply Chain Management: The Case Of The Bullwhip Effect

    Session: Knowledge management practices (research in progress)
    Knowledge Management Obstacles In Australia
    The development, management and support of ‘smart’ strategic alliances
    The Missing Link In The Integration Of Knowledge Management Practices And Technological Solutions

    Session: Knowledge Management Research
    Exploring The Role Of Network Effects In It Implementation: The Case Of Knowledge Management Systems
    Evaluating Knowledge Management In Network Contexts – Applying The Strategic Knowledge Management Framework
    Evolution in the ontology-based knowledge management systems

    Session: Knowledge management in organisations
    Knowledge management systems: The role of ‘encouragement’
    A Sensemaking Model Of Knowledge Management In Organisations
    The Importance Of Strategic Fit In Knowledge Management

    Session: Knowledge Communities (case studies)
    Challenges For Knowledge Communities In Technical Work Domains
    Knowledge Management Systems Spanning Cultures : The Case Of Deutsche Bank’s HRbase
    Using a practice-based perspective to inform the design of knowledge management systems : evidence from supporting (e-)banking activities

    Session: Knowledge Management and Business Processes
    Integrating Knowledge Modelling In Business Process Management
    Specifying And Analysing Static And Dynamic Patterns Of Administrative Processes
    Socio-technological Aspects Of Knowledge Disclosure : The Relevance Of Storytelling In Knowledge-ecology Based Organizations

    Knowledge management: The cultural context for enabling technology

    Plenary Sessions:
    Europe on it’s way to the knowledge society. Policy and research perspectives

9th ECIS 2001, June 27-29, 2001, Bled, Slovenia

Conference Theme: Global Co-operation in the New Millennium
(Host: University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences)

    TRACK: Knowledge Intensive Organizations: Structures and Forms of Co-operation

    Session: Knowledge Management: A Progress Report
    Back to the Future: From Knowledge Management to Data Management
    Knowledge Management in Network Contexts
    Barriers to Effective Knowledge Management: Action Research Meets Grounded Theory [Case Study]

    Session: Knowledge Sharing & Transfer
    SME’s Co-opetition and Knowledge Sharing: The IS Role
    Sharing Best Practices: An Empirical Study of IT-Support for Knowledge Sharing
    Lowering the Barriers to Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination: The Italian Banks Cooperative Experience

    Session: Knowledge Creation & Organizational Learning
    Using Intranet Technology to Foster Organizational Knowledge Creation
    Information Technology as a Fellow Player in Organisational Learning
    Knowledge, Learning and IT Support in a Small Software Company

    Session: New Approaches to Knowledge Management
    Learning to Value the Bardic Tradition: Culture, Communication and Organisational Knowledge
    The Structure of Information and Knowledge in a Market Research Company: Systems or Webs? [Research in Progress] The Role of Knowledge Management in Moving to a Customer-Focused Organisation

    Session: Web-supported Knowledge Management
    Inter-Organizational Knowledge Management with Internet Applications
    Electronic Marketplace for Business Competencies Exchange
    Managing Academic Electronic Publishing: Six Case Studies

    Session: Knowledge Management in Practice
    Knowledge Management Systems: A Health Care Initiative with Lessons for Us All
    Rethinking Competence Systems for Innovative Organizations
    Towards a Theory of Architectural Knowledge Integration Capability: A Test of an Empirical Model in E-business Project Teams [Research in Progress]

8th ECIS 2000, July 3-5, 2000, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna, Austria

Conference Theme: Trends in Information and Communication Systems for the 21st Century
(Host: Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)

    TRACK: IS Policy, Strategy, Innovation and the Management of Knowledge

    Session: Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
    Linking Knowledge Management and Innovation
    Organisational Learning in the UK Construction Industry: A Knowledge Management Approach
    Leveraging Professional Intellect in the Virtual Age

    Session: Learning from Experience
    The Virtual Organisation – Technical or Social Innovation? Lessons from the Film Industry
    Knowledge Integration: Learning from the Millennium Bug Experience: A Case Study of NatWest Bank Global Financial Markets
    The Millenium Problem as a Form of Information Systems Failure

    Session: Knowledge Management Systems: Research and Practice
    Perspectives on Knowledge Management Systems – Theoretical Framework and Design of an Empirical Study
    Developing a Relevant Research Agenda in Knowledge Management – Bridging the Gap Between Knowing and Doing
    Features Missing in Action: Knowledge Management Systems in Practice

    TRACK: Technology: Databases, Internet and Multimedia

    Session: Technologies for Knowledge Management
    Maximizing Information Liquidity in Electronic Commerce
    Rapid Knowledge Deployment in an Organizational-Memory-Based Workflow Environment
    Metadata-Based Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Information Resources Approaching Knowledge Management

    TRACK: IS Challenges

    Session: Knowledge as Research Subject
    Reclaiming Knowledge: A Case for Evidence-Based Information Systems
    What Is Meant by Tacit Knowledge? Towards a Better Understanding of the Shape of Actions
    Modelling in the Digital World – An Anti-Realist Perspective

    TRACK: Retailing

    Session: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Retail Information Systems
    Translating Advances in Data Mining to Business Operations: The Art of Data Mining in Retailing
    A Strategy for Mining Association Rules Continuously in POS Scanner Data
    A Data Mining Framework for Optimal Product Selection in Convenience Stores

    Integrating e-Business, Knowledge Management and Policy Considerations Within an Information Systems Strategy Framework (Information Systems Strategy and Policy)
    Knowledge Management: Hype or Fiction? (Perspectives on knowledge management and the role of IT)

7th ECIS 1999, 23-25 June, 1999, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark

Conference Theme: Information Systems and Change
(Host: Copenhagen Business School, Department of Informatics)

    Session: Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management – The Next Fad to Forget People?
    Foundations of an Organisational Prerequisites Model for Data Warehousing
    Enterprise Information Infrastructure for Active, Context-Sensitive Knowledge Delivery

    Session: Organisational Learning and IS
    In Touch with Technology: On ‘Ad Hoc’-Learning in Technological Adaptation
    Case Research in IS: State of Affairs

    Session: Learning and Change
    DELPHIC SODA: A New Approach to Distributed Group Decision Support
    The Post-Implementation of Mission – Critical Information Systems and Organizational Learning: Research in Progress

    IS-Enabled Corporate Knowledge Management: Research Directions and Lessons from the Field

    Co-located Workshops:
    Second International Workshop on Innovative Internet Information Systems (IIIS-99) on Internet-Based Organizational Memory and Knowledge Management, Jun 21-22

6th ECIS 1998, June 4-6, 1998, Université d’Aix-Marseille III, Aix-en-provence, France

(Host: Université d’Aix-Marseille III, Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management)


    Organisation and information culture in knowledge management initiatives

5th ECIS 1997, June 19-21, 1997, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

(Host: University College Cork, Business Information Systems Department)

    Session: Neural Networks and Knowledge-based Systems
    Neural Networks and Knowledge-based Systems
    Contextualized Access to Knowledge in Knowledge-based Systems: A Process-Tracing Case Study,
    Artificial Neural Network Models for Predicting Patterns in Auditing Monthly Balances,
    Controlling Distribution With Neural Networks

    Knowledge Management: A Challenge for IS

4th ECIS 1996, July 2-4, 1996, Lisbon, Portugal

(Host: New University of Lisbon, Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management)


    Leveraging advanced technologies for learning

3rd ECIS 1995, June 1-3, 1995, Athens, Greece

(Host: Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Management Science & Technology)


2nd ECIS 1994, May 30-31, 1994, Nijenrode University, Nijenrode, The Netherlands

(Host: Nyenrode University, Nyenrode Institute for Knowledge Management and Virtual Education)


1st ECIS 1993, March 29-30, 1993, Henley Management College, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

(Host: Henley Management College; Operational Research Society)

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