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Gurteen Knowledge Community

Initiated by the Knowledge Management consultant, speaker and facilitator David Gurteen the Gurteen Knowledge Community is a global learning community of over 17,000 people in 160 countries across the world. The community is for people who are committed to making a difference: people who wish to share and learn from each other and who strive to see the world differently, think differently and act differently.

The Gurteen Knowledge Community offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Regional Gurteen Community Cafés

  • Asia: various locations
  • Australia: Adelaide** 1)
  • Switzerland: Zurich** 2)
  • United Kingdom: Bristol**, Liverpool**, London, Manchester**
  • United States of America: New York City**, Jacksonville**
  • Worldwide: Zoom – Online Knowledge Café


Gatherings of the regional Gurteen Community Cafés

  • Adelaide Knowledge Café
    • Jun 2009: Leadership and the Collaborative Climate… Does Anyone Care?
    • Apr 2009: Wiki Software: Confluence vs Sharepoint
    • Mar 2009: Developing a Knowledge Company
    • Feb 2009: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe – Adelaide: Review and Preview
    • Nov 2008: The Gang of Four Returns! We came, we saw, we talked, we collaborated, we cabareted…: Reflections on learnings from the ACTKM08 conference
    • Oct 2008: Knowledge Management – Building Critical Resources Within the Company
    • Sep 2008: Lessons Learned from Lessons Learned: Report on an Experiment
    • Jul 2008: Using Communities of Practice to realise value from collaboration
    • May 2008: What Frame Control is YOUR Knowledge Management Game?
    • Mar 2008: Web 2.0 and Knowledge Management
    • Feb 2008: The Relationship between Time and Knowledge
    • Dec 2007: Adelaide Knowledge Cafe: Christmas Meeting
    • Oct 2007: Dealing with Complexity: Complex Acts of Knowing – Paradox and Descriptive Self Awareness
    • Sep 2007: Knowledge Management Methodology: How to implement Knowledge Management within an organisation
    • Aug 2007: Review of Sydney Knowledge Management Conference
    • Jul 2007: What is Knowledge Management?
    • May 2007: Knowledge Management Tips for building The Profile and Reputation of Your Team
    • Mar 2007 (K-Café): The Knowledge Management approach of the South Australian Government: What’s driving it? What can we learn?’
    • Nov 2006 (K-Café): Writing as Inquiry
    • Sep 2006 (K-Café): What is the obligation for individuals and communities to entrust cultural knowledge for the future?
    • Jul 2006 (K-Café): The Knowledge Spiral – Explicit to Tacit Transfer. Does it work for you?
    • May 2006 (K-Café): How Can Knowledge Management Improve Actions In An Organisation?
    • Apr 2006: Knowledge Policy
    • Mar 2006: The Launch of the Adelaide Gurteen Knowledge Cafe: What Would you like to see the Community and the Knowledge Cafes provide?
    • Feb 2006: (POSTPONED) Inaugural K-Café – Adelaide Australia meeting
  • Asia Knowledge Cafés
    • Feb 2012: An introduction to the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe (Jakarta); Storytelling (Singapore)
    • Jan 2008: How do we create enthusiasm and buy-in for Knowledge Management in our organizations and motivate ourselves as Knowledge Management practitioners? (Kuala Lumpur; in partnership with the Multimedia University (KM Centre) and KM Talk)
  • Bristol Knowledge Café
    • Feb 2010: Ethics
    • Nov 2009: Language and leadership
    • Sep 2009: Resilience – dealing with an uncertain future
    • Jun 2009: The Purpose and Limits of Knowledge Management
    • Feb 2009: Generoisity
    • Nov 2008: Storytelling
    • Jul 2008: Relationships are the New Bottom Line
    • Jun 2008: UnLearning
    • Dec 2007: Bristol Knowledge Cafe: Meeting
    • Jul 2006: How does trust impact knowledge sharing?
    • May 2006: Are Learning and Knowledge Sharing the same thing?
    • Feb 2006: Launch of the Bristol Gurteen Knowledge Cafe
  • London Knowledge Café
    • Feb 2019: How do you feel about fear? @ Fieldfisher
    • Jun 2018: What can you do to make your Workplace Happier? @ Portcullis House
    • May 2018: Paying attention to attentiveness @ NHS London Leadership Academy
    • Oct 2017: What does ‘working out loud’ look like in successful, collaborative, organisations? @ Arup
    • Sep 2017: How is service transformation possible, and what would it mean? @ RedQuadrant
    • Jun 2017: Applying the discipline of Behavioural Science to Knowledge Management @ Ipsos MORI
    • May 2017: Collaboration in the construction industry: What advice would you give to ensure that major built environment projects are collaborative enough to reflect the needs of all stakeholders? @ Argent
    • Mar 2017: Generative Conversation @ Westminster Business School
    • Nov 2016: How do we become better teachers of our knowledge? @ Fluor, Farnborough
    • Oct 2016: World Values Day: Putting our values into action – why is it so hard? @ Greencoat Place Meeting and Conference Centre
    • Jul 2016: Conversare Café @ The Lamb Bloomsbury
    • Jul 2016: Serendipitous Conversations @ British Dental Association
    • May 2016: Multiple perspectives: electrons and people in an energy system @ RedQuadrant
    • Feb 2016: This Café believes that one day soon businesses will become truly social @ BAE Systems, Farnborough
    • Nov 2015: What can we do to increase the passion, learning and interaction in Communities of Practice? @ Fluor, Farnborough
    • Nov 2015: What should I do with the rest of my life? @ Regents University
    • Oct 2015: Do your little bit of good – David Gurteen attending @ St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace
    • Jul 2015: Accelerating change by inspiring people to reflect on the foundations of their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours @ Westminster Business School
    • Jun 2015: Changing the world with empathy @ ProFinda
    • Jun 2015: How can we transform our corporate culture to empower people to be entrepreneurial and adventurous? @ Fluor, Farnborough
    • Apr 2015: How can we improve our business conversations? @ BAE Systems, Farnborough
    • Apr 2015: Cloud Computing: What are the implications for the future? @ The Rubens at the Palace
    • Feb 2015: Mobile Working – Friend or Foe? @ Hoborn Bars
    • Oct 2014: Transparency and Open Data Agenda @ Department for Business Innovation & Skills
    • Sep 2014: Digital Democracy @ House of Commons Library
    • Jul 2014: What life experience has influenced you the most? @ BAE Systems, Farnborough
    • Jul 2014: Intimate Converstions @ Department for Business Innovation & Skills
    • Jun 2014: What does Gamification mean in a Knowledge Management environment? @ Westminster Business School
    • Mar 2014: What does Conversational Leadership mean to you? @ Westminster Business School
    • Nov 2013: Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Future Forum: Are employers looking for skills and behaviours more than knowledge from today’s graduates? @ HTC, Slough
    • Oct 2013: What steps do libraries and information services need to take to survive in the Google age? @ The British Library
    • Oct 2013: Are skills and behaviours more important than knowledge for modern day graduates? @ University of Greenwich Business School (By Invitation Only)
    • Sep 2013: How can we more actively share knowledge within the workplace? @ The Treasury Building
    • Jul 2013: Knowledge by Walking About @ Cass Business School
    • Jul 2013: How Does The Pace Of Innovation Affect The Quality Of Creativity? @ Westminster Business School
    • Mar 2013: What could we do individually to encourage greater collaboration and sharing in our organisations? @ Westminster Business School
    • Dec 2012: Are charities doing more harm than good by using images and stories of vulnerable children? @ Plan International
    • Oct 2012: Connectivity. Can being connected make us more successful and can tools help? @ Capco
    • Jul 2012: The Passion Cafe: Discovering your Passion @ Regents College
    • Jul 2012: Behavioural characteristics of conversations @ Local Government Association
    • March 2012: Sustainability Cafe @ PricewaterhouseCoopers
    • Aug 2011: How does conversation change the way we see the world, and can it help change the world for the better? @ PricewaterhouseCoopers
    • Jun 2011: An introduction to the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe @ EC Harris
    • Feb 2011: Knowledge Cafe with Richard McDermott: What about thinking? @ Deloitte
    • Jul 2010: No More Consultants. Can we do without them? @ Arup
    • Feb 2010: The 10 year impact of communities, now and in the future @ Deloitte
    • May 2009: How can the Knowledge Cafe be used for business purpose within organizations? @ British Dental Association
    • Apr 2009: Imagining the knowledge technologies of the future @ BCS London
    • Mar 2009: Human will and human won’t @ HM Treasury
    • Feb 2009 How can we best keep employees engaged in their work, in the current economic climate? @ BT Tower
    • Jan 2009: An evening exploring Quality Conversation. @ London Development Agency (LDA)
    • Dec 2008: How do I know if my Knowledge Management programme is effective? @ Deloitte
    • Oct 2008: Could you stop using e-mail? @ MWB Business Exchange Centre – Victoria
    • Mar 2008: Knowledge Management 2.0: What will be the impact of Social Tools on Knowledge Management? @ Kensington Close Hotel
    • Jul 2007: The Video Knowledge Cafe! @ Unicom Seminars Social Tools conference
    • Jun 2007: The Fifth Gurteen Knowledge Barbecue
      @ University of Greenwich Business School
    • Nov 2006 Moving from traditional Knowledge Management to Personal Knowledge Management (PKM): How do we get there? @ Ernst & Young
    • Oct 2006: Visit to the SMARTlab at the University of East London @ the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute
    • Aug 2006: What is the obligation for individuals and communities to entrust cultural knowledge for the future? Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust
    • Jun 2006: The fourth Gurteen Knowledge Barbecue (15 June 2006) @ University of Greenwich Business School
    • May 2006: Knowledge management: on a quest for a new simplicity! @ CILIP
    • Apr 2006: Double loop learning & Knowledge Management: Breaking Through Performance Boundaries? @ Westminster Business School
    • Mar 2006: Will accountants have any role in accounting information in the future? @ ACCA
    • Jan 2006: Knowledge Management: What has Wisdom got to do with it? @ London South Bank University
    • Dec 2005: Knowledge managers ignore records management at their peril! @ TFPL
    • Nov 2005: Intimate Conversation @ Royal Institute of British Architects
    • Oct 2005: Why should employees share their knowledge? @ Universites UK
    • Sep 2005: What role does Knowledge Sharing play in the Employee Life Cycle? @ Bramah Tea Museum
    • Jun 2005: Gurteen Knowledge BBQ @ University of Greenwich Business School
    • Apr 2005: Personal Networking – Shared or Selfish Success @ Westminster Business School
    • Mar 2005: Innovation Cafes: Where Practitioners make their own rules @ CILIP
    • Jan 2005: Universities as businesses: the retail challenge @ London South Bank University
    • Dec 2004: Communities and Networks: knowledge mobilizers or alternative silos? @ TFPL
    • Nov 2004: Intuition Management @ RIBA Library
    • Sep 2004: What is the meaning of value? @ London South Bank University
    • Jul 2004: Gurteen Knowledge BBQ (27 July 2004) @ University of Greenwich Business School
    • Mar 2004: Are you a techno-fetishist or a fluffy-bunny? @ Universites UK
    • Feb 2004: Creating Value from your Knowledge (jointly with the Intellectual Capital Network) @ CILIP
    • Dec 2003: Skills fit for purpose: working with knowledge and information @ TFPL
    • Oct 2003: The Gurteen Knowledge Community @ Kensington Close Hotel
    • Jun 2003: Gurteen Knowledge Barbecue @ University of Greenwich Business School
    • May 2003: Does Knowledge have a Shelf-Life? @ Kensington Close Hotel
    • Apr 2003: Delivering Knowledge Management in the Higher Education Curriculum @ University of Westminister
    • Mar 2003: What sort of problems can Knowledge Management solve? @ Kensington Close Hotel
    • Feb 2003: Knowledge Management and Creation of Intellectual Capital @ TFPL
    • Dec 2002: Flexible Working @ IBM Southbank
    • Oct 2002: The role of conversation in knowledge management @ Strand Palace Hotel
    • Sep 2002: Initial meeting @ Strand Palace Hotel
  • New York Knowledge Café
    • Jun 2017: Intelligent Communities
    • Apr 2017: Fake News Shaking Knowledge Management
    • Feb 2017: Together, We Will Create a Knowledge Management Experience
    • Dec 2016: Crossing Silos in Practice
    • Nov 2016: Breaking Down Silos through Working Out Loud
    • Oct 2016: Intelligent Machines and Network Analysis
    • Sep 2016: Graph-based Databases
    • Aug 2016: Mind Mapping as a Type of Knowledge Management
    • Jul 2016: Casual Knowledge Management Outing
    • Jun 2016: Meet & Greet: “Re-boot” of the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe NY
    • Jun 2010: What is the role of Psychology in Assessing, Increasing and Managing 21st Century Wealth for Individuals, Organizations, and the World?
    • Apr 2009: How can the Science of Human Behavior (Psychology) Meet the Needs of 21st Century Organizations and Worklife?
    • Nov 2008: The Impact of Social Networking Tools in Organizations
    • Apr 2008: What’s so great about Openness and Transparency?
    • Jan 2008: Social Network Services across Generations
    • Nov 2007: Knowledge Transfer through Informal Networks: to See the (W)hole
    • Jan 2007: (with Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy)
    • Nov 2006:
    • Apr 2006: The “how and the what” of the best ways to engage, adapt, and invent new thinking to stay competitive, innovative and revitalized in today’s fast-paced business environment (with The Change Forum (Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy))
    • Dec 2005: (CANCELLED)
    • Nov 2005: (CANCELLED) What’s new and innovative in Knowledge Management? How can Gureen K-Cafe New York contribute to innovation in Knowledge Management?
    • Oct 2005: (CANCELLED)
    • Jul 2005: Inaugural Meeting
    • Jun 2005: Inaugural Meeting (postponed)
  • North West England and New Wales Knowledge Cafés (Liverpool, Manchester)
    • Dec 2012 (Manchester): The Power of Graphics
    • Apr 2012 (Manchester): Storytelling
    • Feb 2012 (Manchester): Change
    • Jun 2011 (Manchester): Manchester Knowledge Cafe Launch
    • Apr 2011 (Liverpool): The Power of Storytelling
    • Mar 2011 (Liverpool): Building networks, communities and markets
    • May 2010 (Liverpool): Enterprise 2.0, A business revolution?
    • Sep 2009 (Liverpool): The Emergence of Style
    • Jan 2009 (Liverpool): Objects are not neutral: Exploring the power of symbolic objects in the management of change
    • Sep 2007 (Liverpool): A Knowledge Perspective of Enterprise Formation and Growth
    • Jul 2007 (Liverpool): What can KMers learn from artists ?
    • Jun 2007 (Liverpool): Inaugural meeting of Gurteen Knowledge Cafe – Liverpool
    • …???…
    • Apr 2006 (Widnes): The Challenge of Working in Virtual Teams
    • Dec 2005 (Liverpool): Knowledge Management and the Public Sector in the North West
    • Jul 2005 (Manchester): Data, Information and Knowledge – why knowing the difference makes a difference
    • May 2005 (Cheshire): Inaugural Meeting of Gurteen Knowledge Cafe, North West – England
  • Various England Knowledge Café locations
    • Sep 2013: Collaborate to Innovate: but do we need to change our attitudes and behaviours first? @ Cisco (Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce), Reading
    • Oct 2012: What is the role of conversation in business and science? An Introduction to the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe @ Harwell Innovation Centre, Oxford
    • May 2011: An Open Knowledge Cafe with David Gurteen in Winchester @ Ell Court (Hampshire County Council), Winchester
    • Feb 2011: An Open Knowledge Cafe with David Gurteen in Edinburgh @ Edinburgh University, Edinburgh
  • Zoom – Online Knowledge Café
    • Oct 2018: World Values Virtual Knowledge Café (Gurteen Knowledge & World Values Day)
    • Oct 2017: World Values Virtual Knowledge Café (Gurteen Knowledge & World Values Day)
    • Jul 2017: How can I put the Knowledge Café to good use?
    • Aug 2017: Zoom Café Singapore: An Introduction to Zoom Virtual Knowledge Cafés; Zoom Café Sydney: An Introduction to Zoom Virtual Knowledge Cafés
  • Zurich Knowledge Café
    (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich)

    • Apr 2008 (Basel): Knowledge & Collaboration (with KM Institute CKM class and SKMF Basel chapter)
    • Feb 2008: Managing Information Overload (with SKMF Zurich chapter)
    • Jun 2007: What are the special requirements for the procurement, selection and development of personnel in the knowledge society (with SKMF Zurich chapter)
    • April 2007 (Basel): Knowledge & Leadership (with KM Institute CKM class and SKMF Basel chapter)
    • Nov 2006 (Basel): Knowledge Management Training and Learning Solutions (with KM Institute CKM class and SKMF Basel chapter)
    • Oct 2006: How the Swiss community of thought leaders, knowledge management practitioners and others can work with, and learn from, one another to achieve common results
    • Jun 2006: What are the barriers to knowledge sharing and how do we overcome them?

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