engage Knowledge Management Conference*

engage Knowledge Management Conference*

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The engage Knowledge Management Conference will take a deep dive into how organisations are having to handle more information every day than ever before, as nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily. This sheer amount of data can quickly become unwieldy on both a company and at employee level – by joining this event, you’ll learn how to manage data to improve your organisational offering.

Conference History:

engage Knowledge Management Conference, 13 October 2022, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: The technological evolution of customer contact in a rapidly changing consumer environment

    Agenda TBD

    Topic streams:
    How Knowledge Management can improve customer experience
    Exploring user intent by looking at customer moments
    Transforming digital customer data into knowledge about customers
    Internal & external knowledge management benefits
    Engaging customers across different channels
    Personalising customer journeys
    What will knowledge management look like in the future
    Satisfying customer demand for excellent service

engage Knowledge Management Conference, 23 September 2021, London, United Kingdom Virtual

    Fireside Chats with…
    Kate Jones, Head of Knowledge Management at The Royal Mail
    Pete Poul-Graf, VP, Global Service Desk, Service Now Dev-Ops, Transformation and Workspace, Customer Care at DHL
    Barbara Bitondo, Lead Designer, Knowledge Solutions at The World Bank Group
    Brendan Thompson, Knowledge Management Lead at Facebook Inc

    AstraZeneca Case Study: Knowledge Management and Lifelong Learning in a Complex Digital World
    How Southern Water, Utilities Warehouse and United Utilities transformed agent, customer and employee experience
    PWC Case Study: Applying Knowledge Management to projects – learning before, during and after
    How to Cultivate a Knowledge Sharing Culture in a Hybrid Workforce
    Shopify Case Study: Thriving in an ever-changing world: aligning knowledge management and organizational culture for effective performance
    Stop Juggling: How to Take Control of all Your Enterprise Knowledge
    World Vision International Case Study: KM and Learning Pathways for (NGO) Field Facing Staff

    Building a Modern Knowledge Management Strategy (roundtable discussion)
    How are knowledge management initiatives revolutionising the human experience? (panel discussion)

    Meet the Experts Lunch

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