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The Faculty Training Institute (FTI) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Training Courses

  • Principles of Information and Knowledge Management (6 days)1)
      Day 1: What is Knowledge and Information Management?
      Day 2: The learning organisation and creating strategic advantage
      Day 3: Introduction to knowledge networking
      Day 4: Techniques and processes
      Day 5: Information and communications technologies
      Day 6: Future directions and Project presentations
  • Assertiveness for Knowledge Professionals (2 days)
      The meaning of assertiveness
      The importance of two-way communication in assertiveness
      The building blocks of assertiveness
      Assertiveness techniques for different situations
  • Professional Writing Skills for Knowledge Professionals (2 days)
      Initial principles of written communication
      Planning and organisation of material
      Style and vocabulary Level of formality
      Figures and illustrations
      Grammar, punctuation, spelling

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