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Knowlead Consulting and Training, formerly the Knowledge Leadership Associates, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certificate Courses

  • Programme in Knowledge Management: Developing your Knowledge Assets for Competitive Advantage (5 or 3 days)
  • Programme in Knowledge Management: Leveraging your Knowledge Assets for Competitive Advantage** 1)
    • 3-day foundation course: Knowledge Management: Leveraging your Knowledge Assets for Competitive Advantage
    • 1-day specialization course: Step-by-Step Guide to Knowledge Management Implementation
    • 1-day specialization course: Knowledge Networking, Social Network Analysis & Communities of Practice


  • Workshop on Knowledge Management & Innovation (2, 3 or 5 days)
    (was: Capitalising Organisational Knowledge & Innovation)

    • Day 1 – 3: Basic principles and practices of KM and Innovation
    • Day 4 – 5: Knowledge management & innovation implementation
  • Taxonomies … Leveraging Organisational Content (was: Taxonomies, Content Management and more … the Knowledge Management lever of the future?)
  • Electronic Resources: Collection Management & Policies (was: Managing the integration of e-resources into library collections)
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management Strategy Development, Implementation and Auditing (was: Knowledge and information auditing and mapping)
  • Capitalising on Organisational Knowledge & Innovation: The Basics of Knowledge Management & Innovation
  • Knowledge Collaboration & Networking: From CoP’s to the Application of Social Network Analysis & Social Media (was: Knowledge Collaboration & Networking Techniques)
  • Open Access Resources for Librarians, Information Specialists and Allied workers (with IAL) (was: Library Collection Management & Policies for e-Publications with IAL)
  • Internet Information Retrieval (was: Internet information retrieval & personal information management tools and techniques)
  • Knowledge Management Strategy, Implementation and Knowledge Networking // Botswana
  • Principles of Information and Knowledge Management** (6 days)2)
      Day 1: What is Knowledge and Information Management?
      Day 2: The learning organisation and creating strategic advantage
      Day 3: Introduction to knowledge networking
      Day 4: Techniques and processes
      Day 5: Information and communications technologies
      Day 6: Future directions and Project presentations

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