Society for Organizational Learning Learning Plaza (SoL Learning Plaza)*

Society for Organizational Learning Learning Plaza (SoL Learning Plaza)*

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The Society for Organizational Learning Learning Plaza (SoL Learning Plaza), formerly the SoL European Learning Plaza, the GASC European Conference, and the SoL European Forum, is the European conference of the Global Association of Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) Communities (GASC), formerly known as the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL).

It is an event where you will be inspired – and inspire others, explore and experience, and be an active part of an international learning community of people and organizations building knowledge for systemic change. The plaza, piazza or place is the central space where community members meet to see each other, talk, share and learn.

The SoL Learning Plaza may be the successor of or the complementary conference to the Society for Organizational Learning Global Forum (SoL Global Forum) which last took place in Paris in 2014. The SoL Global Forum is an international forum that builds upon “learning stories” from across the world to feature concrete, new ways of working and collaborating based on co-creation and co-transformation. It is the meeting point of learning organizations in all sectors of society.

Prior to the SoL Global Forum there have been several Global SoL Network Start-up Meetings organized by the SoL International Organizing Committee (IOC) and local SoL chapters called fractals (learning communities). The meeting in France in 1999 is also known as the 1st SoL Europe Conference. A 2nd SoL Europe Conference was organized in 2000 in Norway.

Conference History:

2022 SoL Learning Plaza 2022, 31 May – 1 June 2022, Stockholm, Sweden / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: A Shift towards Living and Learning organizations!
(Organizer: SoL Sweden)

    Leadership in a living system – A conversation
    Grand challenges and us – Embodied exploration through group constellation work
    Learning from nature. Embodied practice
    Conversation: Inner Development Goals (IDG) as a lever of true progress
    How do I walk differently from here? Harvesting and Pathways to Action
    Conversation on creating network of networks

    Learning Circles/Conversations:
    Human wellbeing in systems: Living and working well together in turbulent times
    Regenerative food systems in action
    How we make sense of our challenges: stories of culture and language
    Business as Unusual: the new living and learning organisational paradigm

    Group constellation work: Exploring deeper and subtler dynamics underlying the themes that we talk about

    Learning Visits:
    Food supply strategy in a complex public education, health and ealderly care ecosystem
    Tentant and Partners – a self-organizing organization
    Experience the bioregion of Järna
    The Saami Peaople – what can we learn from the last indigenous people in Europe
    Ubuntu in practice – redefining the Jobourg inner-city landscape
    Indigenous Amazon Tribe Call to the World

    General Assembly of the GASC, May 30

2020 SoL European Learning Plaza, 25 May – 29 June 2020, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Generative Aqua-Agri Systems & Healthy Food
(Host: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y Biosistemas, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

    Note: The Learning Plaza was originally scheduled for 4-5 June 2020 in Madrid

    Digital Hackathon (25 May, 8 Jun, 15 Jun, 29 Jun)
    Dialogue Session (5 Jun)

2019 SoL European Learning Plaza, 24 May – 2 June 2019, Bölcske-Budapest, Hungary

Conference Theme: Spaces For Transformation: What does our presence make possible for the benefit of all?

    Note: The Learning Plaza was announced as SOL European Conference originally scheduled for 29 May – 1 June 2019

    Conference program n.a.

    Spaces for transformation in art and architecture (May 24-26, Bölcske)
    Developing core competencies for systemic, mindfulness based education for the 21st century (May 28, Budapest)
    SoL Open Conference: Systemic dialogues for transformative action (education, business, community…) (May 29-30, Budapest)
    Co-creating Global SoL 4.0 (May 30 – Jun 2, Bölcske)
    Mind walk and heart walk: Healing and constellating for the wholeness of Europe (Jun 2, Budapest)

GASC European Conference, 25-27 May 2017, Porto-Braga, Portugal

Conference Theme: The empowered society: Transforming cities, citizens and organizations for resilence and prosperity

    Conference program n.a.

    Sharing understanding conversation (plenary)
    Exploring opportunities conversation (first in plenary and them in parallel sessions by domain)
    Converging conversation (parallel sessions and then plenary)
    Action conversation (parallel sessions)
    Learning conversation (plenary, morning of 27)

GASC European Conference, 20-21 May 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria

Conference Theme: Igniting Systems Change: Creating a Culture of Hope, Possibility and Collaboration

    Connecting to our Purpose
    Reclaiming positive experiences from Bulgarian history – an appreciative inquiry
    Developing personal and collaborative capabilities. Evolutionary leadership contributions

    Systemic Constellations
    Collaborative Conversations: include more voices, make better choices
    Social Initiatives Today: Being Part, Being Within, Being in-Between

    Emerging conversations
    Integrating and measuring learning progress in the three pillars

    Parallel sessions:
    Field experience sessions about the three pillars
    – Self: Unleashing the Self
    – Systems Cooperation: Unleashing Systems Cooperation
    – Social innovation: Systems thinking – systems tinkering – systems sharing – systems caring
    – Integration Conversation
    Field experience sessions of projects related to the three pillars
    – Botev’s road – Why should we keep walking?Understand the past, create the future (self)
    – Intunity Coaches Project: a program for coaches encompassing elements of tango, tai chi and taoist principles of quantum physics; impro theatre, storytelling techniques, music and arts (self)
    – Refugees trauma treatment in Darmstadt (social innovation)
    – “Life-in-between” in Freiburg (social innovation)
    – The experience of the Learning Alliance at the Florida’s Indian River County, involving 17.000 students from 22 schools to improve literacy (social innovation)
    Project cre100do: a multi-stakeholder nation-wide initiative to accelerate business growth in the mid-market companies (system cooperation)
    A five year-term pro-bono initiative to help 100 companies (up to 200 Million euro sales) to become large companies (system cooperation) Stakeholders initiatives, influencers and resistances (system cooperation)

    Pre-conference Workshops: (May 19)
    SoL European Workshop: Why Organizational Learning?

SoL European Workshop, 21 May 2015, Paris, France

Workshop Theme: Learning for transformation: entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and cooperation challenges

    Workshop program n.a.

4th SoL Global Forum 2014, May 19-21, 2014, Paris, France

Conference Theme: Investing in Emerging Futures: New Players, New Games — Welcoming Metamorphosis

    Post-conference Workshops:
    SoL European Workshop: Learning for transformation: entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and cooperation challenges, May 21

    Daily Themes:
    A Metamorphosis of Civilization: Experiencing complexity
    Tthe Metamorphosis Under Way… A Learning Journey: New games, new players
    Tomorrow’s Shared Projects: Let us dare and act

    Starting the Learning Journey (Teams’ Base Camp)
    Learning stories from all over the world would be presented (Thematic Workshops)
    Key learnings of the day (large groups and roundtable discussions)
    Transformation in companies and organisations through ActionResearch and learning stories (Shared Stories, Working Groups)
    Exploring tracks, how to go further, looking forward to implementing transformations (Shared Stories, Working Groups)
    What do we know about finding pathways to transformation? (World Café open to civil society)Practical applications – civil society, public authority, companies (Shared Stories, Working Groups)
    – Open Space : tomorrow’s projects, practical application of the learning journey (Shared Stories, Working Groups)

    Session: Propose pathways for “a transforming civilization, shifts and opportunities (4)
    – Learning how to implement strategic projects, the science of delivery
    – How to create a shared vision on a national level
    – …Titles n.a.
    Self-Transformation: a required step to live at ease in our times
    Domains for action – The Necessary Revolution
    The Hubris syndrome, an obstacle to the transformation of organizations
    To react and manage complexity: Power & Love
    Looking for innovation in the world: the role of women and the emerging countries

    Young people questioning Arie de GEUS
    Conclusion : Your vision for the planet and for SoL in one sentence
    Collective creation (artistic event)

1st SoL European Forum, 21-23 May 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

Conference Theme: Towards a New Reality – Transformation of Organisations and Values

    Conference program n.a.

    Pre-conference Workshop: (May 20)
    Welcome to the Mental Model Game!

    Co-creative Workshops:
    The art of leading the young
    The Art of Leading Yourself in Turbulent Times – Developing Your Authentic Leadership for a Just, Resilient,and Thriving World
    A new learning process based on Lean principles
    Tacit knowledge can be found in your inner images and covered perspectives
    Cultivating Leadership Presence – experience Leadership Embodiment practices
    One Tonne Life – what does it take to move us from consuming single CO2 lean products to a truly sustainable life?
    Lean and learn – Implementing day by day transformation
    Being Intrapreneur as a driver to transform organizations and values
    From shared reality to shared vision
    My values consciousness – the key to transformation in to a new reality
    Positive interaction yields business results
    Why we don’t do, what we know?
    Children are the leverage for a sustainable future
    Emergent Learning Practice for collective reflection and results
    The Butterfly Model for organizational transformation – Giving clients and colleagues access and mobility within the systems in which they work
    Combining the power of crowdsourcing with the discipline of critical thinking to meet complex challenges
    U-Process, Effectuation and Lean Start-Up: Leading in the Regime of Radical Innovation
    Authentic self-leadership
    Co-Creating Future in this Moment – Renewing Ways of Seeing in Organizations and with Ourselves
    Introduction to SoL and the five disciplines
    Leadership of tomorrow
    Playing the IFF World Game
    The 2060 prospect – Management consulting for an open future
    Catalyse the metamorphosis of big companies

    Learning/Storytelling Circles:
    Development of Clusters as Learning Communities – Experiences from IKT Grenland in Norway
    Listening to the inner voice
    Social leadership with business relevance for a sustainable future
    How corporate culture can change the world
    Ideas in synergi – an entrepreneurial take on the not-for-profit organization
    The digital era and how that affects the human behaviour and the conditions for business
    Sustainability as a leverage to corporate development
    How Chalmers School of Technology has integrated sustainability into their research and education program and into community outreach projects
    Can gaming bring any good to society?
    The new era of sustainable business, powered by The Human element
    To attain real change in an organisation you will have to address your own spirituality
    Power of Encountering – Organizational Renewing Process
    The “Mutmacherei” or an Austrian initiative inspiring for change
    Leadership and Pain
    Growing with values
    Business turnaround with a humanistic approach
    Consumer based demand for change via sustainable fashion
    Sustainable leadership – Yasuragi Hasseludden’s journey towards sustainability

    Open Space Session: “Presencing”, “Crystallizing” and start of ”Prototyping” how to cope with the new reality that we are facing
    Consciousness and cash
    End of days – The perfect end in mind
    Engaging physicians in organizational improvement work
    Strategic decision making with awareness
    Business Alliance Local Living Economies
    Three basic principles and reflection – A source for change
    Head and heart leadership in Africa
    Performance besides money
    The importance of authentic communication
    New Business Models
    Innovation and behaviour change / human development
    How to stay mindful at business
    Self-organizing – leadership tools & structures
    Global SoL as a Living System
    How our lives will look like in the future?
    The new mold for the global fashion industry
    What is friend leadership
    Leadership of the future
    Community based organisations
    Love and transformation
    Sociocultural revolution in companies: catalysing metamorphosis
    Teamwork and innovation; Team Academy
    Leadership Practice in Primary and Secondary schools
    Create a vessel to bring organisations towards a new reality

    Global Shifts driving transformation of organisations
    The Economic Shift
    Leadership For a New Paradigm
    Next Generation Values and Leadership
    Leadership from the edge – conscious leaders engaged in complex sustainability initiatives

3rd SoL Global Forum 2008, April 13-16, 2008, Muscat, Oman

Conference Theme: Bridging the Gulf: Learning Across Organizations, Sectors, and Cultures

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    The Art of Framing Powerful Questions: Conversational Leadership and the World Café, Apr 12-13
    Introduction to the Five Disciplines with Robert Hanig, Apr 13

    Daily Themes:
    The value of our diversity
    The role of the organizationShifts from possibilities to practicalities

    Plenary Sessions: (Presentations & Panel Discussions)
    Culture & Coviction: Learning from Our Differences
    The Role of the Corporation in Supporting Local Development
    Solving Tough Problems in Practice
    Cocreating the Future, Embodying the Change that We Envision

    Concurrent & Deepening Sessions (related to the dasily theme)
    Flying the Magic Carpet of Multi-Cultural Knowledge and Innovation Networks
    Managing Globalization While Giving Poor People the Opportunity to Escape Poverty and to Improve their Lives: The International Finance Corporation’s Five Year Organizational Learning Journey
    Sustainable Learning Environments: A New Approach to Corporate Strategy
    The Cultural Photo Lab: Taking Pictures of What We Can’t See
    Developing Local Talent through Workplace Learning in Oman
    Changing Faces: Bridging the Gap between Chinese High Tech Workers and a Western Multi-National Corporation
    Cross-Boundary Leadership: An Experiential Workshop Exploring Leadership across Boundaries
    Struggles of Inclusion: Implementing Participatory Methods in the Hierarchal Workplace
    Systemic Constellations as a Way of Co-Sensing
    The Indirect Approach: Building Cross-Sector Connections at the Crossroads of Socio-Economic Development and Security
    LEGO(R) Serious Play Workshop: Exploring and Bridging
    Strategy, Learning and Sustainability: Moving Beyond Failed Attempts to Delivering New Levels of Capacity and Success
    Team Academy Network: Creating Team Entrepreneurs for Bringing Social and Cultural Divide
    Towards Integral Transition Management: The Case of the Sustainable Materials Usage Transition in Belgium
    Archetypical Energy in Complex Living Systems! A Learning Journey
    Conversational Leadership–Methods to Bridge the Understanding Gulf
    Cultivating Transformative Leadership in Civil Society and the Co-creation of the Energy Field for Democratization in Asia
    Exploring Sustainable Solutions for the Limits to Growth Archetype
    Community Action Research and Cultural Theory for Effective Decision Making and Implementation in Complex Environments: Bridging the gulf between plural voices and solidarities
    Drivers of Resilience and Sustainability – Lessons from the Long-Living Organizations and Institutions
    Knowledge Interventions as a Solution to the Challenges of Integration
    Local Development: A Process Supported by the Investment in Social Capital
    RWS Renews: 5 Generations of Innovation in a Civil Service Organization

    Learning Souq: (Open Space/Poster Sessions; Expected Contribitions)

    SoL Community Exchange: Sharing the work from the different SoL communities worldwide


    Pre-/Post-conference Events:
    SoL Global Coordinators Meeting, Apr 13
    Post Forum Sessions, Apr 17

2nd SoL Global Forum 2005, September 13-16, 2005, Vienna, Austria

Conference Theme: A Symphony of Innovation: Leveraging Complexity to Create Knowledge and Confidence

    Keynote & Plenary Sessions:
    Creating a Living and Learning Space
    How Can We Leverage Complexity and Learn Together?
    “Making Sense” – The New Sciences of Simplicity
    The Art of the Waltz
    Creating a World Where All Life Flourishes
    Creating a Learning Organization: The Shell Experience
    Arie de Geus: Organizational Learning Innovator
    Innovative Thinking for Innovative Action
    From Cacophony to Symphony (Closing Session)

    Learning Labs’ Sessions:
    Organisational Learning & Strategic Transformation of a Regional Governmental Organisation at the Lombardy Region – Italy
    3-D System Thinking
    Insights into Extraordinary Leadership / Transformative & Shape-Shifting Questions as a Genesis for Change
    Aspects of Leadership Behaviour that Enable Continued Organisational Success
    Corporate Consciousness Raising: Preparing Leaders to Address Global Issues
    Trans-Cultural Dialogue and Sustainability: Exploring Potentials in Chinese Culture
    Discovering the DNA of Education as a Living System
    Keys to Efficient Team Work in a Multiparty Stakeholders Project Organisation
    Enabling “Learning Organisation” Mental Models – a thinking/talking game to challenge and support dialogue in resilient organisations
    Rapid Prototyping Spaces for Policymaking: a Future Center Approach
    Composing a Symphony of Learning: Environment, Design, and Personal Mastery

    Lunch and Learn Sessions:
    How Do We Find Knowledge?
    The Tao of Learning Taiwan – Use Complex Generative Processes to Presence Taiwan’s Future
    Room for Love in Organisations
    The Critical Steps of Entrepreneurship: Birth and Growth
    Causa Nostra – How Knowledge Management Induces Organizational Learning – and Vice Versa
    Confidence in Organisational Consulting?
    Systems Thinking in 21st Century Schools
    Developing an Instrument to Assess the Learning Capabilities of Schools
    Communities as Learning Organisms: Opportunity for Sustainability?
    The Emergence of a SoL Fractal and The Breadth and Depth of Relationships in Learning Leveraging Depth of Relationships in Smaller Communities to Create Knowledge and Confidence
    The Abduction from the Harem to the New World: Music, Change, and what this all means for Learning Organisations
    Public Space – Paradise Lost or Silent Desire? Building Public Sector Learning Organizations
    A Learning History Case Study and Experience and Paths to be a Learning Organisation
    Sports as Leverage Point for Change Towards Sustainability
    Creating a Sustainable Future – a World Cafe to Explore our Most Important Questions on the Theme of Sustainability

    Special Early Morning Session:
    Sabbatical pianissimo

    Poster Sessions:

    Pre-conference Events:
    World Cafe Celebration and Community Gathering, Sep 12-13
    Local Consultants Meeting, Sep 13
    Local SoL Community Coordinators Gathering, Sep 13

1st SoL Global Forum 2003, June 11-14, 2003, Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli, Espoo, Finland

Conference Theme: Learning in Organisations – Inventing Desired Futures in a Global Society

    Note: The 1st Sol Global event was originally planned for Fall 1999 (SoL International meeting), November 2000 (Annual Global Meeting) and for February, April, and September 2001 (February 2001, South America (SoL Global Conference); April 21-23, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Global SoL Network Annual Meeting or SoL International Annual Gathering); September 2-5, Brazil (Brazil gathering)).

    Pre-Meeting Capacity Building Sessions:
    XB: Creating a Prototype Learning Organisation in a Day (Cancelled)
    The Art and Architecture of Powerful Questions: How to Make Conversations a Core Business Process
    Synergy of Shared Vision: Using the Power of Intention to Create a New Future
    Systems Thinking Tools for Team Learning in Organisations and Communities
    Designing a SoL European Platform
    Myth and Personal Integrity
    AIKI Principles: Essential Values for Living and Learning in Organization and Community (Cancelled)
    Ready-Steady-Goals! From Individual Experience and Learning to Common Success – Theory and Practice (Cancelled)
    Introduction to Organizational Energy-Field Cultivation (Cancelled)
    Growing a Learning Society: Building a Shared Future in Northern Ireland, Beyond Fear (Cancelled)
    Rethinking Principles of Power and Organization from a Social Cognition Perspective (Cancelled)
    The Knowledge and Innovation Network: Creating Collective Reflection on Coordinated Action

    Daily Themes:
    Questions, Challenges and Vision for the Future
    Building Capacity for Action and Reflection
    Actualising the Desired Futures

    Keynote & Plenary Sessions:
    SoL’s Learning Journey (Opening Session)
    Inventing Desired Futures in a Global Society
    Managing the Macroshift to a Sustainable World – Evolving a Planetary Consciousness: sine qua non of a Sustainable World
    Improving Business Performance and Organisational Transformation by Developing the Leadership Quality
    World Café: Bringing Together the Learnings
    To the Desert and Back: The Story of the Most Dramatic Business Transformation on Record – Unilever
    The Desired Futures of SoL (Fish Bowl Dialogue – Closing Session)

    Parallel Sessions’ Themes: (50+ sessions)
    Organisational Learning
    Large System Change
    Spirit in Business
    Leadership Development
    Learning Regions
    Learning Schools

    Open Forum – Sessions for Local SoL Communities, Networks, Consortia, Projects
    Sharing and Closing

    Pre-conference Events:
    SoL Education and Youth Development Forum, Jun 10-11
    – Youth Core Competency Workshop
    – Youth and Education Network (YEN) Meeting

2nd SoL Europe Conference (ConferSense), August 1-4, 2000, Håholmen (near Molde), Norway

Conference Theme: Learning Naturally
(Organizer: Laerende Nettverk (SoL Norway); SoL Sweden)

    Note: Regarding its concept the conference was officially named 2nd SoL ConferSense

    Daily Themes:
    Travel to the edge of the world
    Explore the peaceful viking: Outward exploration
    Retreat and reflect: Inner wisdom
    Embodyment and broadcast: Learning


    Butterfly Excersise
    Butterfly Clans open space

    Open Space: (parallel workshops)
    Awareness and Tracking Tips: Fine-tuning the senses
    New Renaissance
    Exploring an integral framework for leading profound and systematic change
    Living knowledge and health: a global SoL agenda (draft)


    The story of SoL globally in Scandinavia
    The story of Håholmen and Saga Siglar
    Stories from the edge of the world
    Telling the story of Learning Naturally

    Bringing the SoL to the world?
    Bringing the tourch to SoL
    Our VIKING expedition

    Associated Conferences:
    13th International Conference in System Dynamics, Aug 6-10, 2000, Bergen
    Theme: Sustainability for the 3rd Millenium

    Plenary Presentations:
    Building the SoL Sustainability Consortium

    Presentation from Laerende Nettverk (SoL Norway)

3rd Global SoL Network Start-up Meeting, January 23-25, 2000, London, United Kingdom

    Conference program n.a.

    Associated Events:
    How to make learning and work the same thing, March 30-31, London School of Economics, London, UK
    (SoL Workshop; follow-up of the Bordeaux 1999 open space)

2nd Global SoL Network Start-up Meeting, November 15-17, 1999, Bordeaux, France

Joie de vivre

    Note: The Meeting is also known as the first SoL Europe Conference

    Daily Themes:
    Thge Tapestry – Processing Visions, “Maillage” and Joint Projects

    Exploring of learning journeys
    The need to change managerial priority
    Lessons on initiating and sustaining learning and meaningful change
    Composing together; integrating diversity and creativity in management
    Presentations from Open Space work:
    – Common understanding, proposals for joint action projects
    – Visions for SoL Europe? Our next step?

    Parallel Session

    Open Space Sessions:
    How to make learning and work the same thing

1st Global SoL Network Start-up Meeting, October 31-November 2, 1999, Atlanta, USA

A vision for the Global SoL Network

    Conference program n.a.
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