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Griffith University1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Business School

Short Courses

Department of International Business and Asian Studies

  • Knowledge Management and Strategy (12 weeks, 10 credits)
      Introduction to course; course overview and familiarisation
      The global knowledge economy. Why Knowledge Management? Understanding the big picture.
      Organisational impacts and strategic approaches
      Developing a knowledge management strategy
      Measuring and valuing intangible resources
      Familiarisation with the TangoNet simulation
      Creating and sustaining a knowledge supporting culture
      Developing a knowledge supporting team culture
      Knowledge transfer in organizations: Systematic process or act
      Maximising firm performance through internal and external collaboration
      TangoNet simulations: ‘Executing a KM strategy’, ‘Managing the knowledge worker’, ‘Maximising client satisfaction’
      Mechanisms, systems and tools supporting knowledge storage, retrieval and transfer

Department of Management

  • Information Systems and Knowledge Management (12 weeks, 10 credits)
      Course Overview/What is Informatics?
      Business Informatics 1: Communicating and Language in Organisations
      Business Informatics 2: Systems Thinking and Meaning making
      Business Informatics 3: Systems in Business
      Business Technologies 1: The Past, The history and future
      Business Technologies 2: Knowledge Management
      Real World Informatics 1: Managing Data Resources for Competitive Advantage
      Real World Informatics 2: Decision Making and Choice. Support Decision Making with technology
      Real World Informatics 3: Digital (Virtual Organisations)
      Real world informatics 4: Knowledge Processing
      Contemporary trends: Web 2.0, blogs, wikis and know how
      Course Overview: the future of Informatics and Exam Review

School of Information and Communication Technology


  • 7th Joint International Semantic Technology Conference (JIST 2017), 10-12 November, 2017, Gold Coast, Australia

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