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Knowledge Management (South Africa) Competency Framework

Abstract: Although South African organisations are beginning to implement KM more aggressively, there are still a variety of incoherent sectoral knowledge strategies. Therefore, their efforts have little impact on social outcomes. It is a common cause throughout the world that knowledge is an essential prerequisite for sustainable competitive advantage and development, and particularly as

Principles of Knowledge Management Integrated into Learning Activities

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Abstract: Development of a ‘knowledge society’ affects not only enterprises and organisations, but also individuals. Lifelong learning and continuing professional development are essential for graduates and workers to remain competent and competitive. Hence, knowledge management is not only important in business processes, but also in education. As the importance of knowledge management in the

U.K. Government Knowledge & Information Management Professional Skills Framework

Abstract: The GKIM Professional Skills Framework has been developed to support the delivery of the recommendations in ‘Information matters: building government’s capability in managing knowledge and information’. The framework has been approved and endorsed by the Knowledge Council. The GKIM Professional Skills Framework provides government with a common language to describe