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Guru Knowledge Fest

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The Guru Knowledge Fest, organized by Guru Technologies, is exploring knowledge management strategies for the new world of work. Whether you’re in operations, communications, sales, or support, Knowledge Fest will leave you with a fresh perspective on how to collaborate, communicate, and create engaging employee experiences in the hybrid world.

Conference History:

Guru Knowledge Fest, September 28-29, 2022, Virtual venue

Uniting knowledge managers and thought leaders shaping the new world of work

    Conference Tracks:
    Fast Forward: Reinventing Collaboration and Communication in the New World of Work
    Turn Down the Noise: Knowledge Management Strategies for the Age of Information Overload
    Singing From the Same Sheet: How to Drive Company-Wide Alignment in an Asynchronous Environment

    Guru Keynote

    Harness the Power of Trusted Relationships to Thrive in The New World of Work
    Stayin’ Alive: Engagement Strategies to Help Teams Thrive
    Moving Forward: A CIO’s Perspective
    Be Like Water: Building an Adaptable, Connected Culture in an Ever Changing Remote Environment
    Making Long Distance Relationships Work…at Work
    How to Drive Knowledge Management Adoption in a Changing World
    Empower Employees with Knowledge Confidence
    Use it or Lose it: Keep Knowledge When Employees Move On
    Why System Trust Is Key to Knowledge Management Success in an Asynchronous World
    Row the Boat: Aligning Personal Purpose and Company Vision
    Reinventing Sales Enablement for the New World of Work
    Scaling Department to Company-Wide Knowledge Management
    Building for Tomorrow: The Importance of Ops Infrastructure
    How 15Five Drives Company-Wide Alignment in Hypergrowth Mode
    Information Overload Is Hurting Your Business and Your Body

    Knowledge Management Roundtable: Retaining Knowledge in the Great Resignation
    Internal Comms Roundtable: Crisis Management Best Practices
    Tango Roundtable: How to Empower Process Experts to Share Their Knowledge
    Enablement Roundtable: Building Trust With Remote Sales Teams
    CX Roundtable: How to Retain Customers During a Downturn

    Learn, Baby, Learn: Quizzo Inferno!

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