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Guru Technologies offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Guru Knowledge Fest
      The Guru Knowledge Fest is exploring knowledge management strategies for the new world of work. Whether you’re in operations, communications, sales, or support, Knowledge Fest will leave you with a fresh perspective on how to collaborate, communicate, and create engaging employee experiences in the hybrid world.


Guru Deep Dives

    Feb 2022: Scaling Knowledge with Light Users
    Oct 2021: Creating a Knowledge Council
    Sep 2021: Making the Case for a Full-Time Knowledge Manager
    Jul 2021: Centralizing Knowledge
    Sep 2020: Knowledge Governance Groups
    Jul 2020: Tagging
    Jun 2020: Knowledge Alerts, Slack Activity Feeds, Commenting
    May 2020: Knowledge Triggers with Afterpay

Guru the Gathering:

    Oct 2020: Operationalizing Knowledge in Times of Uncertainty

Other Webinars

    Apr 2020: Empowering Your Distributed CX Team With AI and Knowledge
    Nov 2019: What Do You Know? The Value of a Knowledge Audit
    Oct 2019: The CX Benefits of Integrated Knowledge
    Jan 2019: How to Create a Culture Where Knowledge Matters

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