Knowledge management techniques

Abstract: This paper describes knowledge management teaching and dissemination concepts to support the training of professionals in an organization to manage their knowledge assets. They are based on AIAI’s experience of working with large organizations to establish a technical knowledge management framework and to support their personnel in implementing the framework.

The concepts support organizations who embark on a knowledge management programme. They promote the importance of knowledge management and the awareness of how knowledge management can be accomplished within, and across, operational divisions: create an awareness of a framework to achieve knowledge management; and establish a group of personnel who have skills in knowledge management techniques to enable them to facilitate the development, maintenance, use and sharing of the organization’s knowledge assets.

The main objective is to ensure that knowledge management techniques are rolled out across the organization. Importantly, these concepts provide the organization with the necessary training in the use of techniques to identify, analyse and manage knowledge assets.

ANN MACINTOSH, IAN FILBY and JOHN KINGSTON: Knowledge management techniques: teaching and dissemination concepts. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Volume 51, Issue 3, September 1999 (Special issue: Organizational memory and knowledge management), Pages 549-566

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