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The Hanken School of Economics (Hanken; Swedish: Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan), formerly known as Haken, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Department of Management and Organization

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • PhD Programme in Management and Organisation (Research programm: Knowledge in globalising organisations)


Research seminars

    Oct 2017: Innovation – Learning from its ‘Dark Sides’. A narrative based on a review of empirical research
    Sep 2015: Talk, Talk, Talk: How Tie Strength Shapes People’s Investment in Knowledge Sharing
    Apr 2015: Massively multiplayer online games as information systems: Implications for organizational learning
    Jan 2012: Narrative Agency and Strategic Change
    Jun 2011: From Common to Uncommon Knowledge: Foundations of Firm-Specific Use of Knowledge as a Resource
    Oct 2010: Weak signals in organizational futures learning
    Sep 2009: Paradigmatic disputes in management studies: conceptual tools and frameworks for making sence of knowledge disputes

PhD courses/seminars of the European Doctoral School on Knowledge and Management (EUDOKMA)

  • Nov 2006: Theories on Management – A Knowledge Perspective (5 days)
      Introduction: The Knowledge Perspective
      Agency Theory
      Transaction Cost Theory
      Organisational Culture
      Power and Politcs in Organisations
      International Business
      Final discussion
  • Apr 2003: Knowledge and Performance in the New Economy
    (5 days; co-organized with Stockholm School of Economics, Center for Economic Phychology; was: Construction of Knowledge in the New Economy, organized by Hanken only)

      Morning/Afternoon Themes:
      Knowledge in a new economy
      What is performance?
      Dramaturgical aspects of performance and its correspondence in business life

      Work in groups on the consequences of the morning/afternoon themes
      What did we learn during the course?

  • Sep 2001: Construction of Knowledge in the New Economy (5 days)
      Fundamentals of the New Economy
      Conditions for work
      Virtual organizing and organizations
      Aesthetics and knowledge

Department of Management and Organisation > IC Group for Intellectual Capital/Knowledge Management research


  • International Intellectual Capital Congress, 2-3 September 2004, Hanken Business School, Helsinki, Finland
    (Organised in co-operation with IC Partners)
    Conference Theme: I & C about IC – Interpretation and Communication of Intellectual Capital

      Day 1:
      Setting the scene
      Policy issues
      Reporting and measurement challenges
      Disclosure issues
      Communication practices
      Intepretation and valuation issues

      Day 2:
      4 Tracks & Poster Session


    #58 Jun 2006: Special annual IC-theme seminar
    #57 May 2006: 2 paper presentations
    #56 Apr 2006: 2 paper presentations
    #55 Mar 2006: 2 paper presentations
    #54 Feb 2006: ICT Certification and its Effects on the Intellectual Capital of an Organization”.
    #53 Jan 2006: Balancing the flows: Protective strategies for managing the intellectual capital flows interorganizational projects

    #52 Dec 2005: Balancing the flows: Protective strategies for managing the intellectual capital flows interorganizational projects & ICT Certification and its Effects on the Intellectual Capital of an Organization (CANCELLED)
    #51 Nov 2005: IC Toolbox & Business-oriented maintence of work ability
    #50 Oct 2005: Essays on managing knowledge and work related wellbeing (PhD defense)
    #49 Sep 2005: Defining the term: Discussions around the term social capital
    #48 Jun 2005: Towards a Conceptualization of Ecologies-of-Knowledge – Integrating the Habitat and Firm in Space and Place”
    #47 May 2005: Increasing Knowledge Focus – A Means of Entrepreneurs to Remain on a Growth Path. Essays on the Role and Nature of Knowledge Management in Finnish SMEs (PhD defense)
    #46 May 2005: Expressing Tacit Knowledge – development of a method for studying tacit knowing (Hur höra tyst kunskap? – Utveckling av en metod för studier av tyst kunnande; PhD defense)
    #45 May 2005: Corporate Fitness Policy and IC
    #44 Apr 2005: Analysis of the intagible assets of Veljekset Keskinen (Special weekend seminar)
    #43 Mar 2005: Stakeholder Dependence and Corporate Performance & planning for the special weekend seminar
    #42 Feb 2005: Presentation by Verna Allee and all the IC-group members
    #41 Jan 2005: Triple bottom line – a paradigm for measuring responsibility & Individual and Collective Knowledge Creation

    #40 Dec 2004: Knowledge Management in Finnish SMEs & A Study of Managerial Learning Perspective in Finnish ICT SMEs Absorptive Capacity and Growth of the Firm
    #39 Nov 2004: Storytelling & Protection of Knowledge in Interorganizational Relationships
    #38 Oct 2004: IT skills and IC & Epitomes of Tacit Knowledge
    #37 Jun 2004: Stakeholder Dependence & The Consequences if a Dramatic Increase of Worksite Health Promotion in a Municipality
    #36 May 2004: Corporate Fitness Policy and IC & Promotion of Work Ability and IC

    #35 Dec 2003: Corporate Fitness POlicy and IC & “theme to be confirmed”
    #34 Nov 2003: Epitomes of Knowledge Management & Protection of Knowledge in Interorganizational Relationships
    #33 Oct 2003: Absorptive Capacity & IT Certification and IC
    #32 Sep 2003: Storytellin & IC and the Work Ability Promotion
    #31 Aug 2003: (CANCELLED)
    #30 Jun 2003: Positioning Research
    #29 May 2003: Measuring National IC Indices & On Contract Economics
    #28 Apr 2003: Collaborative Climate and Effectiveness of Knowledge Work & Discussion with IC Partners about the forthcoming IC seminar in Helsinki in 2004.
    #27 Mar 2003: 2 paper presentations
    #26 Feb 2003: 2 paper presentations
    #25 Jan 2003: 2 paper presentations

    #24 Nov 2002: IBM Knowledge management tools presentation & Paper presentation
    #23 Sep 2002: 2 paper presentations
    #22 May 2002: 2 paper presentations
    #21 May 2002: Knowledge Summit, 6-7 May 2002, Tampere
    #20 Apr 2002: 2 paper presentations
    #19 Mar 2002: PhD defence
    #18 Mar 2002: PhD defence

    #17 Dec 2001: PhD defence
    #16 Nov 2001: Semninar with Prof. K-E. Sveiby
    #15 Jul 2001: PhD defence
    #14 Jun 2001: PhD defence
    #13 Mar 2001: paper presentation
    #12 Mar 2001: paper presentation
    #11 Jan 2001: paper presentation

    #10 Dec 2000: 2 paper presentations
    #09 Oct 2000: 2 paper presentations
    #08 Sep 2000: 2 paper presentations
    #07 Oct 2000: 2 paper presentations
    #06 Aug 2000: 2 paper presentations
    #05 Jun 2000: 2 paper presentations
    #04 Apr 2000: 2 paper presentations
    #03 Mar 2000: 2 paper presentations
    #02 Feb 2000: 2 paper presentations
    #01 Jan 2000: ?

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