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IHS Support Solutions has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses/Programs

Help Desk Institute (HDI) Certification

  • Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)
  • Knowledge Management Foundations: KCS Principles


  • Knowledge Management Adoption Course
      How to develop strategic objectives for the knowledge initiative and align them with corporate objectives
      How to conduct a self-assessment of the team’s readiness for Knowledge Management
      Highlights of best practice frameworks such as Knowledge-Centered Support
      How to define business-level requirements for the Knowledge Management process and tools
      How to develop high-value knowledge content
      Design considerations for an effective Knowledge Management process
      How to anticipate and minimize the impact of Knowledge Management adoption on the service desk team
      Key selection considerations for knowledge management tools, and how to differentiate between competing tools and vendors
      How Knowledge Management tool procurement works in organizations
      The life cycle of the Knowledge Management project
      How to market the end product to insure maximum buy-in and maximum return on investment in Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management for Practitioners
      How knowledge management affects the people and processes within the support center.
      How the organization benefits from implementing knowledge management.
      How customers benefit from having access to the knowledge base.
      How to calculate an ROI for knowledge management.
      When to leverage Proactive and Reactive knowledge management.
      How to create quality knowledge.
      How to manage knowledge.
      How to implement a knowledge management initiative.
      More about technology so that you can properly evaluate vendors’ solutions

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