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The Help Desk Institute (HDI), from 1999-2007 also known as ThinkService, part of the Tech Division of Informa,1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Certification Courses

Knowledge Centered Service Certification2)

  • Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) Foundation
    (1 3 day; public/onsite, f2f/virtual; was: Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Fundamentals)
  • Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) Principles
    (3 days; public/onsite, f2f/virtual; was: Knowledge Management Foundations: Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) Principles)
  • Coaching Skills for Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)**
    (2 days, public/onsite; 2013-2016)

STI Knowledge Certification3)

  • STI Certified Knowledge Management™ (CKM)**
  • STI Certified Knowledge Manager™**


Knowledge Centered Support Courses2)

  • Knowledge Management Foundations Workshop: The Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) Principles**
    (3 days; public/onsite; 2004-2007)
  • Knowledge-Centered Support Fundamentals**
    (1 day; online/f2f; 2009-2013)


  • SupportWorld Live*
    (was: Help Desk Institute Conference and Exposition (HDI Conference & Expo))
    – Pre Conference Certification Training: Knowledge Centered Service (KCS)2) Principles


ThinkService, Inc. Community (now: HDI Gold Partners) 1)

  • Help Desk Association Australia (HDAA)
  • HDI Europe* 4)
  • HDI Japan (ThinkService.KK)
  • HDI Brasil
  • HDI Poland
  • Support Services Institute (Sweden)
  • Past Gold Partners:
    – HDI Nordic Oy* (Finland)
    – HDI – Central Europe* (German Speaking Countries)
    – HDI Benelux*
    – …

Local Chapters

  • USA: Atlanta, Brew City (Milwaukee), Capital Area (Washington DC), Charlotte, Chicagoland, Dallas Fort Worth, Minnesota, Motown (Detroit), Nebraska, New Jersey, North Coast, Northern New England, Pacific Northwest (Seattle), Philly (Philadelphia) Rhode Island, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area, Susquehanna Valley, Triangle North Carolina, West Texas, …
  • Canada: Ottawa,…


  • Aug 2017: Knowledge Management Webinar (HDI Rhode Island Chapter)


HDI Connect

  • May 2019: Knowledge is Key to Implementing a Successful BOT Strategy (HDI Northern New England Chapter)
  • Oct 2018: Knowledge Management – ROI of Self-Service (HDI Philly Chapter)
  • Sep 2018: Knowledge Center Workshop (HDI Motown Chapter)
  • May 2018: The Future of Knowledge Management is Here! (HDI Motown Chapter)
  • April 2018: Achieving True Situational Awareness with the Service Knowledge Management System (HDI Capital Area Chapter)
  • Feb 2018: Knowledge Centered Service Management (KCSM): Beyond the integration of ITIL and KCS (HDI Philly Chapter)
  • Dec 2017: Knowledge Centered Service Management (KCSM): Beyond the integration of ITIL and KCS (HDI Atlanta Chapter)
  • Sep 2017: Knowledge Centered Service Management (KCSM): Beyond the integration of ITIL and KCS (HDI North Coast Chapter)
  • Jan 2016: Knowledge Centered Service Management (KCSM): Beyond the integration of ITIL and KCS (HDI Brew City Chapter)
  • Sep 2015: “Knowledge Management Best Practices within Service Management” and “Utilizing Knowledge Management Practices to Continuously Improve Performance” (HDI Chicagoland Chapter)
  • May 2015: Augmenting Knowledge Centered Support with Proactive Problem Management (HDI Motown Chapter)
  • Mar 2015: Knowledge Management: Using it to Empower your Teams to Succeed! (HDI Pacific Northwest Chapter)
  • Dec 2014: Combining Science and KCS to Change Behavior (HDI Triangle North Carolina Chapter; AoY celebbration)
  • Sep 2014: Knowledge Management Forum (HDI Susquehanna Valley Chapter)
  • Mar 2014: Knowledge Management Best Practices within Service Management: A KCS Overview (HDI Charlotte Chapter)
  • Nov 2013: Knowledge Management (HDI Rhode Island Chapter)
  • Aug 2013: Knowledge Management Best Practices within Service Management (HDI Motown Chapter)
  • May 2013 Round table discussions about Knowledge Management (HDI Dallas Fort Worth Chapter)
  • Oct 2012: Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) Fundamentals (HDI West Texas Chapter)
  • May 2010: Knowledge Management/Knowledge-Centered Support (HDI Motown Chapter)
  • Jan 2010: Knowledge-Centered Support (HDI Dallas Fort Worth Chapter)
  • Oct 2007: Knowledge Management Panel Discussion (HDI Dallas Fort Worth Chapter)
  • Jul 2006: Knowledge Engineering at the PepsiCo Support Center (HDI Dallas Fort Worth Chapter)

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