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Infonex has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Jan 2010: Managing Information and Knowledge in the Public Sector: Fostering Knowledge Sharing, Using Corporate Knowledge, and Avoiding Information Loss in Your Department (2 days


  • Knowledge Management for the Public Sector, May 27-28, 2003, Ottawa, Canada
    Conference Theme: Putting Knowledge Management into Action

      Conference Presentations:

      Pre-/Post-conference Workshops: (May 26/29)

  • Knowledge Management Canada**
    • 3rd Annual Knowledge Management Canada, October 22-24, 2001, Toronto, Ontario
      Conference Theme: Creating Value through People-Centric Processes

        Conference Presentations:

        Post-Conference Workshops: (Oct 24)

    • 2nd Annual Knowledge Management Canada, February 12-14, 2001, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      Conference Theme: Creating Value from Knowledge: Discover the Power of Knowing

        Conference Presentations:
        A Practical How-To for Implementing a Knowledge Management Strategy
        Exploring the Trust and Knowledge Connection at the Bank of Montreal
        Fostering a Knowledge-Empowered Culture
        Ten Steps to Assess and Improve your Return on Investment (ROI) on Knowledge
        Technologies Update: Picking the Right Mix of Tools to Support Knowledge Management
        Implementing Intellectual Capital Measurement Strategies: All Aboard! Take a Knowledge Journey
        Competitive Intelligence + Business Intelligence + Knowledge Management: A Formidable Combination
        Debunking Some Knowledge Management Myths: Practical Thoughts on Avoiding the Pitfalls
        Ensuring the Future of Your Organization’s Intellectual Assets through Knowledge Transfer
        Capitalizing on Your Organization’s Customer Knowledge

        Post-Conference Workshops: (Feb 14)
        Gaining Competitive Advantage: Building a Knowledge Management Strategy on a Competitive Intelligence Platform; Intellectual Capital Management: Tracking and Profiting from Value Creation

    • 1st Annual Knowledge Management Canada 2000

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