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Information Today (ITI), formerly Learned Information, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Information Today

  • Knowledge Management & Enterprise Solutions Conference (KMWorld)* 1)
    • Co-located events: Pre-conference workshops, Enterprise Search & Discovery 2), Taxonomy Boot Camp, Text Analytics Forum, Complexity in Human Systems Symposium**3), Office 365 Symposium**, SharePoint Symposium**, Intranets Conference**, Content Management track**, BPM Boot Camp 2008
  • Enterprise Search & Discovery 2)
  • Global Conference and Exhibition on Electronic Information & Knowledge Management (InfoToday)** 4)
  • Knowledge Management Industry Leadership Summit (KM Summit)** 1)
    The KM Industry Leadership Summit (KM Summit) is a gathering of thought-leading executives who are KM practitioners, analysts and developers to set the agenda for the industry.
    • 4th KM Industry Leadership Summit, June 21-23, 2000, Camden, Maine, USA
    • 3rd KM Industry Leadership Summit, June 16-18, 1999, Camden, Maine, USA
    • 2nd KM Industry Leadership Summit, July 16 -17, 1998, Camden, Maine, USA
    • 1st KM Industry Leadership Summit, October 3-4, 1997, Camden, Maine, USA

Information Today (Europe)/ILI365

  • Taxonomy Boot Camp London*
  • KM World Europe


KMWorld Web Events

  • Nov 2023: Unleashing the Power of Organizational Knowledge to Drive Innovation
  • Oct 2023: TechTalk: Top Trends to Catch at KMWorld 2023
  • Sep 2023: Delivering Better Digital Experiences with Semantic AI; Applying Generative Language Models to Enterprise Knowledge Management
  • Aug 2023: Game-Changing Technologies in Machine Learning and AI; Unleashing the Power of Organizational Knowledge to Drive Innovation
  • May 2023: AI’s Role in Unlocking Enterprise Knowledge
  • Apr 2023: Upgrading Your Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy for the Digital Transformation Era (roundtable)
  • Mar 2023: Knowledge Management Techniques to Deliver Service Anywhere (was: Top Knowledge Management (KM) Practices for Improving CX)
  • Feb 2023: The Top Trends in KM for 2023 (roundtable); Shadow Intranets: Managing the “Whack-a-Mole” Problem for Knowledge Management (KM)
  • Jan 2023: Knowledge Management Migration Trends
  • Dec 2022: How Can AI Transform Enterprise Content into Knowledge for Your Customers and Employees?
  • Nov 2022: How Knowledge Sharing Accelerates R&D Cycles; The Looming Contact Center Agent Experience Crisis: Understand, Avoid, Ascend (was: The Looming Knowledge Crisis in the Contact Center:…)
  • Oct 2022: Hitachi Democratizes Knowledge To Build a Life-Long Learning Culture
  • Sep 2022: Empower R&D, Sales, and Help Desk Teams With Modern Knowledge Management; How Gainwell Modernized Their Knowledge Management to Increase Productivity (title was: Enabling Employee Productivity with Knowledge Management); The Failure and Cost of Poor Knowledge Management in Large Enterprises – Research Report Key findings
  • Aug 2022: Expand the Business Value of SharePoint with a Knowledge Hub (title was: The Looming Knowledge Crisis in the Contact Center: Understand, Avoid, and Ascend)
  • Jul 2022: Informing Innovation – Connect Every Employee to the Organization’s Collective Knowledge
  • Jun 2022: Ensure Customer Satisfaction With Modern Knowledge Management
  • May 2022: The ROI Problem of Traditional Knowledge Management
  • Apr 2022: Creating a Coordinated Knowledge Management Ecosphere for Customers and Support Agents; Knowledge Management Strategies for the Digital Transformation Era
  • Mar 2022: Modernizing Your Knowledge Strategy to Drive Revenue, Retention, and Innovation; The Modern Workplace Demands Leaders to Reconstruct Their Knowledge Management Strategy; Transforming Customer Experience with Knowledge Management (Knowledge Hubs: The Missing Ingredient in Digital CX Transformation)
  • Feb 2022: 3 Ways to Optimize Your Knowledge Base for Better Customer Experience (roundtable); Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration in the New Hybrid Environment; The Top Trends in Knowledge Management for 2022 (roundtable)
  • Jan 2022: Accelerating Analytics and AI with Knowledge Graphs
  • Nov 2021: Increasing Employee Productivity with Knowledge Management
  • Oct 2021: Game-Changing Breakthroughs in Knowledge Management
  • Jul 2021: Overcoming Knowledge Silos and Accelerating Insights
  • May 2021: Transforming Customer Experience With Knowledge Management
  • Apr 2021: Modernizing Your Knowledge Management Strategy for Digital Transformation
  • Jan 2021: The Top Trends in Knowledge Management for 2021
  • Nov 2020: From Virtual Idiots To Virtual Wizards: Transforming Chatbots With Next-Gen Knowledge
  • Oct 2020: Game-Changing Breakthroughs in Knowledge Management
  • Aug 2020: Knowledge Engagement in the Era of Flex Work
  • Jul 2020: Leveraging Knowledge Graphs for Better Knowledge Management
  • May 2020: Transforming Customer Experience with Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligenc (AI); Knowledge and Project Cortex – the Microsoft 365 Vision
  • Apr 2020: Revitalizing Your Knowledge Management Strategy for Digital Transformation
  • Feb 2020: The Top Trends in Knowledge Management for 2020
  • Jan 2020: Apply Knowledge Graphs and Search for Real-World Decision Intelligence
  • Oct 2019: Game-Changing Breakthroughs in Knowledge Management
  • Jan 2019: The Top Trends in Knowledge Management for 2019
  • Nov 2018: Deriving Knowledge Insights with Cognitive Computing
  • Oct 2018: How Knowledge Management Can Improve Customer Experience
  • Sep 2018: Game Changing Breakthroughs in Knowledge Management
  • Jun 2018: Cognitive Computing, AI, and Next Gen Knowledge Management
  • May 2018: How to Succeed with Information and Knowledge Management in the Cloud
  • Jan 2018:Top Trends In Knowledge Management for 2018
  • Dec 2017: Fostering Sustainable Communities with Office 365
  • Nov 2017: Deriving Knowledge Insights with Cognitive Computing
  • Sep 2017: Game Changing Breakthroughs in Knowledge Management
  • Jun 2017: How to Succeed with Cloud-Based Knowledge Management
  • Mar 2016: Businesses Don’t Know…What they Don’t Know
  • Feb 2016: Knowledge is Power: How to Use Knowledge Management to Drive Experience; Technical Knowledge Discovery: How Smart Engineering Organizations Leverage Their Expertise
  • Nov 2015: The Future Of Knowledge Management (KM)
  • Sep 2015: Cognitive technologies: A complete game-changer for knowledge solutions
  • Aug 2015: Game-Changing Breakthroughs in Knowledge Management with Unstructured Content
  • Apr 2015: See what you’ve been missing: Use knowledge graphs to turbocharge knowledge management in the enterprise
  • Feb 2015: Knowledge solutions for mobile devices – making smart phones even smarter
  • Aug 2014: Why a centralized knowledge solution is the power behind a solid customer engagement strategy
  • May 2014: Bring Your Knowledge in Focus
  • Aug 2013: Increase Customer Support Performance with Knowledge
  • Jan 2013: Knowledge-powered Customer Service
  • Jun 2012: Knowledge Management Unplugged: Classifying the Five Types of Knowledge Management Software for Service and Support
  • May 2012: Unleash Transformative Customer Experiences with Knowledge-Powered CRM
  • Jan 2012: The New Knowledge Management: The Heart of a Multi-Channel Customer Experience
  • Mar 2011: Return On Instinct
  • Nov 2010: Unleash Business Value and Differentiation with Knowledge-Infused CRM; Five Ways Enterprise 2.0 Can Transform Your Business
  • Mar 2010: Developing a Knowledge Sharing Culture in the 21st Century
  • Feb 2010: Success in 2010: Realizing the Benefits of Enterprise 2.0
  • Jun 2009: 31 Flavors of Knowledge Management: Which Flavor is Right for Your Customer Service and Support?
  • May 2009: 5 Steps to Socializing Your Knowledge Repository
  • Nov 2008: Knowledge Management 2.0 – A Must in 2009
  • Oct 2008: New Generation Knowledge Management: Social Knowledge Networks
  • Mar 2008: Multidimensional Knowledge Management: The Rule-Changing Approach to Improving Customer Experience and Contact Center Performance; 5 Steps to Supercharge Customer Service with Dynamic Knowledge Management
  • Feb 2008: Leveraging the Power of Unified Information Access for Effective Knowledge Management; Using Knowledge Management in the Real World
  • Aug 2007: Knowledge Management for Financial Institutions – Investment Research; Harvesting Enterprise Wisdom through Social Search
  • Apr 2007: Knowledge Management 2.0 Potential, Pitfalls and…Payoff; Trends and Rule-Changing Innovations in Knowledge Management for Customer Interactions: What They Are and How to Leverage Them; Relational Navigation: Delivering on the Promise of a Semantic Web
  • Feb 2007: Lessons from Knowledge Management disasters and successes
  • Nov 2006: Use enterprise search to see the “big picture” of institutional knowledge management
  • Sep 2006: The use of blogs and wikis will continue to grow… do you have a plan?
  • Aug 2006: Haynes and Boone’s Superior Services Rely on Knowledge Management; What’s Next for Knowledge Management – Driving Real Business Results
  • Jul 2006: Enterprise 2.0: Reach Beyond Email. Organize Beyond Intranets
  • Aug 2005: The Long Tail of Enterprise Search: Five Case Studies in Knowledge Management
  • Nov 2004: Securing Regulatory Compliance Through Affordable Knowledge Management Solutions
  • Sep 2003: Knowledge Automation: Harnessing the Power of Knowledge for Service and Support

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