Innovations in Knowledge Organisation Conference (IKO Conference)*

Innovations in Knowledge Organisation Conference (IKO Conference)*

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The annual Innovations in Knowledge Organisation Conference (IKO Conference), organized by the International Society for Knowledge Organization: Singapore Chapter (ISKO SG), formerly by executives from Synaptica, Straits Knowledge, and PebbleRoad,1) seeks a convergence between the application of (1) Open Standards, (2) Maturing Technologies, (3) Innovative System Architectures, and (4) Professional Services Methodologies in the field of knowledge organization through case studies, tutorials, panel discussions, and hands-on learning, to bring the latest in knowledge organisation innovations to Asia.

Conference topics cover: Taxonomies and information architecture; Taxonomy-enhanced search; The role of taxonomy standards in innovative taxonomy solutions; Open source search innovations; Taskonomies and information organisation to support work; Enterprise content management; Autoclassification and text analytics; Linked data and semantic web; Innovative use of ontologies and structured knowledgebases; Knowledge graphs, graph search and graph databases; Data wrangling, big data and data analytics; Search based applications; Internet of Things

Conference History:

IKO Conference 2023, 11-15 September, 2023, Devan Nair Institute of Employment and Employability, Singapore / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Navigating Transformation with Knowledge Management and Knowledge Organization
(Co-organizer: ISKO Singapore)

    Note: Sep 11-13 (Virtual; free), Sep 14-15 (Face to Face; paid)

    How to Survive in Knowledge Management (virtual; keynote panel)
    Navigating Transformation
    What Organisations Should be Doing Now to Prepare for the Future

    “Case Study Cafe” Sessions: (virtual)

    Session 1: KM Governance
    Implementing Knowledge Management Governance at the Securities Commission Malaysia
    Automating Information Governance at Auckland Transport

    Session 2: Knowledge Audits:
    Preparing for an ISO 30401 audit at the Asian Development Bank
    Two knowledge audits with professional bodies in the UK to support Knowledge Management strategy

    Session 3: New Technologies in KM/KO
    Implementing Intelligent Search with Safe and Secure ChatGPT
    Building an AI-powered Process Assistant with Andy Farnsworth, Morning Strategy

    Session 4: Developing Knowledge Organisation Systems for Multi-Agency Use
    Developing a Lexicon to bring consistency to stakeholder practices in Disaster Resilient Infrastructure
    Developing an ontology to serve automated analysis of cross disciplinary literature for the Human Behaviour Change Project

    “Ask Me Anything Knowledge Cafe” Topics:
    Implementing a Knowledge Management Governance framework
    Supporting a change programme through a network of Knowledge Management champions
    Improving Findability of Content on a SharePoint platform
    Digital transformation and enhancing employee productivity
    Knowledge audits and Knowledge Management assessments
    Ways of enhancing search with AI/ML tools
    Survival strategies for complex change
    Building knowledge networks for rapid learning and agility

    Panel Discussion: (w. Knowledge Café)
    The coming ChatGPT revolution and its impact on knowledge management: challenges, fears and opportunities

    Post-conference Masterclasses: (Sep 15)
    Preparing for the Future of Findability in Microsoft 365

IKO Conference 2019, 24 September 2019, Devan Nair Institute of Employment and Employability, Singapore

Conference Theme: Digital Transformation and Digital Workplace: Knowledge Organisation as a Core Capability
(Co-organizer: Search Explained)

    Tutorials (Pecha Kucha format):
    Why should Records Management be part of your KM Strategy?
    Why is Blockchain Important? (CANCELLED)
    How should you Prepare for Digital Transformation?
    What is Information Governance?
    What are the Differences Between Taxonomy, Ontology, and Knowledge Graphs?
    What Makes a Good Chatbot? (CANCELLED)
    Preparing for Robotic Process Automation (CANCELLED)
    How Taxonomy Improves Search?
    Why are Linked Data and Standards Important for Knowledge Discovery?
    What is an Enterprise Knowledge Graph and How Can it Make an Enterprise Smarter?

    Case Study Café: Knowledge Organisation and Digital Transformation (a) Case Pitches, (b) Case study table discussions

    Lessons Learned in Implementing Knowledge Governance at Singtel
    Organising an Intranet to Enable Tacit and Explicit Knowledge Flows at UNICEF PFP
    Danish National Police: Improving Search and Findability Through Information Architecture, Governance and Taxonomy
    Overcoming the Taxonomy Limitations of SharePoint Managed Metadata Term Store – lessons learned in integrating a taxonomy management system with SharePoint Search, for a European government agency
    Using a Graph Database to Structure Data for a “Management Cockpit” at an Indonesian Conglomerate
    Building a Semantic Data Lake and Analytics Engine for the Recruitment Sector
    Why Standards are Important in Modelling Bibliographic and Authority Data – lessons from the National Library Board Experience​
    ​A Citizen-led Approach to Accelerate the Availability of Public Data in Machine Readable Format in Hong Kong
    Building an Aviation Thesaurus and Ontology to Support Search and Discovery for Knowledge Management at Moscow Airport (CANCELLED)

    Panel Discussions:
    Insights from IKO 2019 – Building Capabilities for Digital Transformation (Stand Up Panel)

    Digital Transformation and Innovation at Amazon: Methodology and Culture (w. Table Discussions)
    What does a Digital Workplace Look Like? Themes from the Day and Examples from the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards

    Associated Events:
    IKO 2019 Case Study Café London, 15 July 2019, City University of London, London, United Kingdom
    (in conjunction with the Conference of the British Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO UK Conference), Jul 15-16; co-organized by ISKO Singapore and ISKO UK; Host :City University of London, Department of Library & Information Science)

    Using Knowledge Graphs to Model Standards and Business Processes in the Testing, Inspection and Certification Industry
    How Not to Implement Taxonomy and Search in O365: an Almost Disaster Story
    Danish National Police: Improving Search and Findability through Information Architecture, Governance and TaxonomyUsing Distributed Ledgers (AKA Blockchain) to Enable Trusted Exchange of Commercially Valuable Information across a Defence Consortium
    Cochrane: Use of Linked Data Descriptors of Primary Clinical Evidence to Support Meta- analysis and Facilitate Evidence Based Decisions on Healthcare Interventions
    John Wiley: Developing a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Taxonomy as a Non-SME
    Beyond Posting Counts: Giving Taxonomists a 360 Degree View of How Concepts are Being Applied to Content
    Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International: How a Single Knowledge Organisation Framework can Integrate Different Platforms and Activities

IKO Conference 2017, 23 October 2017, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

Conference Theme: Advances in Knowledge Organisation
(Co-organizer: International Society for Knowledge Organization Singapore Chapter and India Chapter; Pre-conference seminar/practitioners day in conjunction with the International Conference on Knowledge Organisation, Library & Information Management (ICKOIM), 23-25 Oct)

    Case Study Café: (a) Case Pitches, (b) Case study table discussions

    Making Search Conversational: From Queries and Results Pages to Dynamic Conversations
    Developing Faceted Taxonomies from Knowledge Maps: A Case Study
    Proof of Concept Testing for Autoclassification: the Critical Step to Success
    Using Hybrid Machine+SME Methods to Develop a Faceted Taxonomy to Improve Search Effectiveness on a Large Corpus
    OASIS: Constructing knowledge bases around high resolution images using ontologies and Linked Data

    Panel Discussions:
    Table discussion followed by panel discussion

    Developing a Knowledge Organisation Community Response to the Post-Truth Information Age

IKO Conference 2016, 20-22 July 2016, Devan Nair Institute of Employment and Employability, Singapore

Conference Theme: Building Capabilities and Overcoming Challenges
(Supporter: International Society for Knowledge Organization: Singapore Chapter, Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South-East Asia, Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society, Australian Capital Territory Knowledge Management Forum, Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

    Pre-Conference Workshops: (Jul 20)
    Getting Started in Search
    Getting Started in Text Analytics

    Case Study Café: (a) Case Pitches, (b) Case study table discussions

    The Irish Defence Forces’ Multi Award Winning Information and Knowledge Online (IKON) Programme
    Implementing a Knowledge Management Portal at Singapore Power
    Knowledge drives co-innovation: the role of management support in a successful KM portal implementation at Yokogawa Electric
    Getting to an Enterprise Search Pilot in Three Weeks
    Implementing Open Source Search Technology at the Ministry of Manpower
    Scoping an Enterprise Search Implementation for a Global Pharmaceutical Company
    Establishing Governance for Taxonomy and Metadata: Trade-Offs and Decisions
    Using a Taxonomy Management System to Achieve Distributed Governance for Taxonomy and Metadata in a Global Enterprise
    Organizing Single-Source Content for a User-Configurable ‘Transdisciplinary’ Textbook
    Modelling Oceanographic Data for the Malaysian National Oceanographic Directorate, to Support an Integrated Data Collection Strategy
    Innovative Intranets with Taxonomies: What We’ve Learned from Ten Years of the Intranet Innovation Awards About Taxonomies in Intranets
    Developing Faceted Taxonomies from Knowledge Maps: A Case Study
    Using a Knowledge Audit to Develop a Shared Knowledge Base
    Building taskonomies and delivering information in context with Panviva SupportPoint
    Using Content Analytics on Telco Customer Call Queries to Extract Meaning and Insight
    Applying Multi-Document Summarization Tools in the Singapore Memory Portal
    Knowledge Modelling and Data Mining to Develop High Risk Passenger Profiles for Border Control

    Expert Roundtables/Panel (Fishbowl):
    The Role of the User in Knowledge Organisation: Involvement, Methods and Metrics
    Governance for Knowledge Organisation: Challenges and Opportunities
    Developing a Business Case for KM/KO Projects: Experience from the Field

    Challenge Session:
    Why are we here? What issues and challenges in knowledge organization are we facing?

    The Discipline of Organizing: A Framework for Achieving {Organisational Benefits, Benefits of Organising (w. Table reflections and Q&A)
    Deep Text: Using New Approaches in Text Analytics and Knowledge Organization to Make both Humans and Computers Smarter (w. Table reflections and Q&A)
    How to Build Organizational Capabilities in Knowledge Organization (plenary talk)

IKO Conference 2015, 8-9 June 2015, Devan Nair Institute of Employment and Employability, Singapore

Conference Theme: Showcasing Innovations in Knowledge Organization
(Supporter: International Society for Knowledge Organization: Singapore Chapter, Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South-East Asia, Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society, Australian Capital Territory Knowledge Management Forum, Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

    Tutorials (Pecha Kucha format):
    Taxonomies, Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs
    Autoclassfication and Text Analytics
    Linked Data; Standard for Taxonomies and Linked Data
    No SQL and Graph Databases
    Open Source Search
    Search Based Applications
    Internet of Things

    Case Study Café: (a) Case Pitches, (b) Case study table discussions, (c) Debrief

    Next generation SharePoint: Office Graph, the technologies it powers, and the opportunities and challenges that follow
    Using text mining and analytics to improve the search experience and enterprise taxonomy for an oil and gas products and services company
    Implementing Open Source Search for a major specialist recruitment firm
    OASIS: constructing knowledge bases around high resolution images using ontologies and Linked Data
    Leveraging Linked Data to connect content and products across the BBC
    Design Methodology for a context aware mobile search based application, using diverse data sources
    Using Linked Data and taxonomies to create a quick-start ‘smart’ thesaurus
    Padipedia: building a knowledgebase on padi production using semantic web technology for MARDI (Malaysia Ministry of Agriculture)
    Lessons learnt from deploying a hybrid folksonomy-taxonomy approach to enhance navigation on a tourism information site in Hong Kong
    Building knowledgebases using named entity recognition, query expansion and Linked Data, to support enhanced discovery
    Enhancing search and discovery across libraries, archives and museums using text, data and audio analytics, using a single OneSearch service
    Deploying a Semantic Operating System in a Small Financial Services Company using Linked Data and semantic search to build a one stop knowledgebase on Science and Technology R&D in Malaysia
    Providing access to knowledge to accelerate innovation in an R&D function for a food and beverage manufacturer
    Using a graph database to build a highly scalable and flexible knowledge mapping tool with taxonomy management system connectivity

    Knowledge Café: How could I apply what we have covered, back in my organisation?
    Knowledge Organisation Clinic: (a) Framing the issues and opportunities, (b) Working with the experts on how to apply Knowledge Organisation methods in your organisation

    Panel Discussions:
    Exploring the topics raised in the Knowledge Organisation Tutorials
    The Future of Knowledge Organisation

    The New Frontier in Knowledge Organisation: integrating technologies, standards and methods to deliver extraordinary results
    The Future of Search: fishing the streams of Big Data
    Competencies for knowledge organisation: what does the future hold for information professionals in the knowledge organisation space? (plenary talk)

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