Innovations in Knowledge Organisation Conference (IKO)*

Innovations in Knowledge Organisation Conference (IKO)*

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The annual Innovations in Knowledge Organisation Conference (IKO) is organized by three thought leaders in the field of knowledge organisation: Dave Clarke (Synaptica), Patrick Lambe (Straits Knowledge) and Maish Nichani (PebbleRoad). It seeks a convergence between the application of (1) Open Standards, (2) Maturing Technologies, (3) Innovative System Architectures, and (4) Professional Services Methodologies in the field of knowledge organization. Expect case studies, tutorials, panel discussions, and hands-on learning, to bring the latest in knowledge organisation innovations to Asia.

Conference topics will cover: Taxonomies and information architecture; Taxonomy-enhanced search; The role of taxonomy standards in innovative taxonomy solutions; Open source search innovations; Taskonomies and information organisation to support work; Enterprise content management; Autoclassification and text analytics; Linked data and semantic web; Innovative use of ontologies and structured knowledgebases; Knowledge graphs, graph search and graph databases; Data wrangling, big data and data analytics; Search based applications; Internet of Things

Conference History:

IKO 2019 Singapore, 24 September 2019, Singapore
Conference Theme: Digital Transformation and Digital Workplace: Knowledge Organisation as a Core Capability
Special Events: Case Study Café

IKO 2019 Case Study Café London, 15 July 2019, City University of London (Department of Library & Information Science), London, United Kingdom
(in conjunction with the Conference of the British Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO UK Conference), Jul 15-16; co-organized by ISKO Singapore and ISKO UK)

IKO 2017, 23 October 2017, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai
(Pre-conference seminar/practitioners day in conjunction with the International Conference on Knowledge Organisation, Library & Information Management (ICKOIM), 23-25 Oct 2017; co-organized by ISKO Singapore and ISKO India)
Conference Theme: Advances in Knowledge Organisation
Special Events: Case Study Café

IKO 2016, 20-22 July 2016, e2i Campus, Singapore
Conference Theme: Building Capabilities and Overcoming Challenges
Workshops: Getting Started in Search; Getting Started in Text Analytics
Special Events: Fishbowl (Expert Panel); Case Study Café

IKO 2015, 8-9 June 2015, e2i Campus, Singapore
Conference Theme: Showcasing Innovations in Knowledge Organization
Tutorials (Pecha Kucha format): Taxonomies, Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs; Autoclassfication and Text Analytics; Linked Data; Standard for Taxonomies and Linked Data; No SQL and Graph Databases ; Open Source Search; Search Based Applications; Internet of Things
Special Events: Case Study Café, Knowledge Café, Knowledge Organisation Clinic

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