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The Intervista Institute has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Executive Education

  • Organizational Storytelling: Storytelling at Work – Leadership strategies for achieving change**
      The Change Imperative: Storytelling and Strategy
      The Life of the Community: Storytelling within Organizations
      A Good Theory is a Good Story: Storytelling and Knowledge Management
      The World is a Stage: Storytelling and Strategic Communication
      The Medium and the Message: Storytelling and Digital Media
      Heroes in our Midst: Storytelling and Performance Management
      The Chief and the Shaman: Storytelling and Leadership
      Beyond Facts or Fairy Tales: Storytelling and the Future
  • Future of Work: Enabling next generation collaboration, enterprise 2.0 and innovation**
      Work is Changing. And Fast.
      Think Social Business. Towards a social architecture for the enterprise.
      Is the new workspace a place? The collision of offline and online.
      Who are you? The rise of personal brands.
      Enabling the digital workplace: Pulling it together.
      Social business intelligence. Accelerating knowledge and flow.
      Real world Digital Workplaces. The future, now.
      Leading the future of work. Social business maturity.
  • Knowledge Retention: Human Capital Strategies for Knowledge Transfer in the Enterprise**
      The Need: Capturing Knowledge Before it Walks Out the Door
      The Knowledge: All That Glitters is Not Gold.
      The Tools: Stemming the Tide of Knowledge Loss.
      The Results: Evaluating the Impact of Knowledge Retention
      Case Studies in Knowledge Retention
      Crafting a Practical Initiative in Knowledge Retention.

Educational Sessions

  • The Semantic Enterprise: Enabling information architectures (3 days)**
      Day 1: Understanding Semantic Enterprise
      The semantic imperative. Creating strategic advantage.
      Creating clarity. Achieving a shared understanding.
      Semantic architecture. A map for enterprise knowledge.
      Getting Real. Building a semantic domain model.

      Days 2 & 3 — Implementing the Semantic Enterprise
      A virtual tour. Semantic interoperability in action.
      The meaning behind the models. Architecture frameworks, information and business process reference models.
      Life cycle management. Organically growing your semantic architecture.
      Return on meaning. Making the business case.
      Metadata and information values. Context and quality of information.
      We speak your language. Representation standards.
      Tools to make it easier. Enabling semantic technologies.
      The next big thing. Semantic web for the enterprise.

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