Knowledge Management Certification Training

On the KnowledgeBoard discussion list Lawrence D. asks:

I would like to persue certification training in KM. Anybody with some related info? rgds Dinga

Lawrence D.: KM Certification Training. KnowledgeBoard discussion list, 02-Jan-04.

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Suggestions are:

  • the courses and certifications from Knowledge Associates, offered in London & Cambridge (UK), Singapore, San Francisco & Boston (USA),
  • a 20 academic credit points validated e-learning Masterclass on Knowledge management offered by CIBIT (NL),
  • the online MSc in Knowledge Management from Robert Gordon University (UK),
  • the MSc in Information and Knowledge Management at London Metropolitan (UK), and
  • the Knowledge Management programs at the diploma and master’s levels from Royal Roads University (Canada)

Further, it is pointed to the terminological difference between certificate and certification by making a connection to the own Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) and Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS™) programs of the US-based Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro).

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