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The KMC Knowledge Management Community of Practice – Vancouver KM, also known as Vancouver Knowledge Management Community of Practice (Vancouver KM)1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Communities of Interest (COI)

  • KM2 (Knowledge Management Modelling) COI
  • Portal Development COI
  • Book Club COI
  • Toolkit COI


  • Nov 2004 Learn how to apply the KM2 model


KMC Salons

    Jun 2007: Achieving Business Objectives (knowledge is not power, power is power)

    May 2006: Knowledge Management in the City
    Mar 2006: …
    Jan 2006: Dave Snowden

    Nov 2005: Communities of Interest (with COI Toolkit)
    Oct 2005: Cancelled
    Sep 2005: Social Network Analysis
    Jun 2005: Communities of Practice
    Apr 2005: …
    Mar 2005: A discussion on taxonomy (article “How to Create Effective Taxonomy”)

    Nov 2004: Lost the skill to collaborate
    Oct 2004: Is regulatory compliance a business driver for managing knowledge?
    Sep 2004: Discuss the pros and cons of digital asset management
    Aug 2004: Organizational Change
    Jun 2004: Knowledge Management and Communities of Practice
    May 2004: Lessons learned from the CGA-Canada Members’ Challenge
    Apr 2004: KMC’s Knowledge Management Model (KM2) Project
    Mar 2004: Knowledge Management Strategy
    Feb 2004: Communities of Practice

    Dec 2003: Cancelled
    Nov 2003: Wikis
    Oct 2003: Blogs
    Sep 2003: Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
    Aug 2003: Mining Our Mistakes
    Jun 2003: THINQ
    May 2003: Knowledge Preservation
    Apr 2003: Storytelling

    Mar 2001: 1st KMC Meeting

Speaker Series

  • Jan 2008: Experience of KM World
  • Sep 2004: Knowledge continuity challenge in organizations


  • KMC Board Meetings (monthly)

KMC Social

    Apr 2006: Spring Social @ Dockside Restuarant
    Sep 2005: KMC Social @ Dockside Restaurant
    Jan 2005: KMC Social @ Bridges Restaurant (3rd year)
    Jan 2004: KMC Social @ Bridges Restaurant

Toolkit COI Meetings

    Nov 2005: Communities of Interest (with COI Toolkit)
    Jun 2005: Toolkit Community Event
    May 2005: Toolkit Community Event
    Apr 2005: Toolkit COI Kickoff Event

KMC Annual General Meeting and Speaker Series

  • Oct 2007: KMC AGM, KMC Award of Excellence & Guest Speaker (Balancing the development of relationships and resources,) at SFU Graduate School of Business
  • Sep 2006: KMC AGM and Keynote (Investigating how knowledge management theories and practices might impact IT project performance)
  • Jun 2005: 2nd AGM and Guest Speaker (Braintrust 2005 Knowledge Management Conference)
  • May 2004: KMC AGM

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