Knowledge Management course development for business schools

Boston KM Forum Monthly Thursday Afternoon Meeting, Jun 18, 2009

(lynda) The Boston KM Forum is opening the June 18th Thursday meeting to the audience for a Sharing/Roundtable/Q &A session. This is a moderated “open mic” discussion of knowledge management topics….

Session details

  • Time: June 18, 2009, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: Microsoft, 201 Jones Rd., Sixth Floor, Waltham, MA 02451

Topics on the Agenda

  • KM course development for undergraduate or graduate business schools: What should be included?
    Wei Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, at the University of Massachusets Boston, presented his experiences offering and teaching both undergraduate and graduate business students a course on knowledge management. There had been low interest from undergraduates in the course but the graduate course is very popular and oversubscribed. Much of the discussion centered around whether he needs to include technology implementation lessons (e.g. SharePoint) in the course because many of the students are not IT oriented. Attendees encouraged the use of case studies to illustrate how technology can be used to leverage knowledge sharing, the application of standards (ITIL) for selecting and applying technologies, understanding which and what technologies are appropropriate and analytical methods for recognizing and leveraging knowledge assets in the context of the organization. He was encouraged to consider referring his students to take a systems analysis course or low level computer science course to pick up the technical language and basic understanding of technologies. Courses in specific technologies are widely available from vendor partners for those who need to learn a specific tool.

SURVEY LINK: David Griffiths, a PhD student and Associate Lecturer at Edinburgh University doing research to determine KM curricula The survey is a fine overview of the various topics that fall under the domain of knowledge management. We encourage our members to take it.

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