Knowledge Architecture Connect Conference (KA Connect)*

Knowledge Architecture Connect Conference (KA Connect)*

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At the Knowledge Architecture Connect Conference (KA Connect), the annual Knowledge Management conference for the AEC Industry, senior and emerging leaders from top Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms will gather to learn strategies and tactics for building successful knowledge management programs. Attendees will have ample time to network and collaborate with their peers in breakout groups.

If you are passionate about helping your AEC firm create, share, and manage knowledge more effectively, this is the conference for you.

Conference History:

12th KA Connect 2024, August 13-16, 2024, Sundance, UT, USA

Sub-title: A Knowledge Management Conference for the AEC Industry
Conference theme: TBD

    Note: KA Connect will be “half conference, half [bar]camp,”.

    Conference Program TBD

    General Session Presentations:
    The Revolution of Knowledge Management at Turner Fleischer
    Behind the Scenes of ELEVATE: KTGY’s Professional Development Program
    Designing a Successful Hybrid Practice
    Knowledge Management: The Secret to Unlocking Sustainable Design
    Lessons in Growth: Maintaining Authenticity in Design & Culture at Olson Kundig
    The Impact of Knowledge Management on a Growing and Evolving Page

    Knowledge Management
    Organizational Development
    Learning + Development
    Internal Communications

    Intranet Tours
    Unconference Hangouts
    Nature Activities

11th KA Connect Virtual Deep Dives 2020/21, May 5, 2020 – May 20, 2021, San Francisco, CA, USA Virtual location

Sub-title: A Knowledge Management conference for the AEC industry
Conference theme: The Art of Change

    Note: Instead of the conference originally scheduled for April 28-29, 2020, there will be a series of virtual deep dives into “Change Leadership and Knowledge Management” starting in May 2020

    “Change Leadership and Knowledge Management” virtual deep dives:
    Experiments in Virtual Knowledge Sharing at Shepley Bulfinch / May 20, 2021
    Book Club: Think Again / Apr 29, 2021
    Culture Change / Mar 18, 2021
    The Power of Embedded Change Agents / Feb 18, 2021
    Employee Resource Groups @ FXCollaborative / Jan 21, 2021
    Strategies for Managing Project Metrics at LS3P / Dec 17, 2020
    Experiments in Virtual Knowledge Sharing at Shepley Bulfinch / Nov 12, 2020 (CANCELLED; was planned for Sep 24, 2020)
    Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Perkins and Will / Oct 15, 2020
    Building Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Organizations / Aug 20, 2020
    Learning as a Strategy for Organizational Change / Jul 9, 2020
    Leading Change / Jun 11, 2020
    Designing GMB for Continuous Change and Growth / May 21, 2020
    What Now, KM? Knowledge Management in a Time of Rapid Change and Uncertainty / May 14, 2020
    Leading Change / May 5, 2020

10th KA Connect 2019, April 30 – May 1, 2019, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sub-title: A Knowledge Management Conference for the AEC Industry
Conference theme: Elevating the Employee Experience

    How to Design an Exceptional Employee Experience
    Design Better Intranets through User-Centered Design

    Continuously Improving the Employee Experience
    Organizational Listening at HGA
    The Networked President: Using Social Media to Improve Recruiting and Retention
    Delivering on the “One Firm” Promise
    Building a Best-In-Class AEC HR Function
    The Hidden Benefits of Developing a Teaching Organization
    Engaging Engineers with Company Wide Collaboration at AEI
    Orchestrating Cultural Transformation through Communications and Collaboration
    A Sustainable Approach to Technical Content Maintenance
    From “What is Knowledge Management?” to Trusted Advisor in Four Years
    Ask the Room – Collaborative Discussion

9th KA Connect 2018, May 1-2, 2018, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sub-title: A Knowledge Management Conference for the AEC Industry
Conference theme: Building a Learning Organization

    Lessons Learned from Lessons Learned
    Collaborative Communications: The Key to Business and Culture Change

    Interactive Activity + Discussion: Lessons Learned

    How a Single Event Influenced the Culture of Sharing Lessons Learned at MKA
    Knowledge Reviews in the Flow at Arup: Lessons on the Journey So Far
    Operationalizing Lessons Learned at Boulder Associates
    Improving Knowledge Flow: The AEC Lessons Learned Pipeline
    Onboarding Knowledge and Talent within DLR Group
    A Framework for Collaboration and Quality: SMMA’s ISO 9001 Journey
    Learning as a Strategic Priority at Turner Fleischer Architects
    Integrating Offline and Online Learning at Civiltech Engineering
    Learning at RATIO: Building Culture Through Networked Learning
    Immersive Virtual Reality as a Knowledge Transfer Tool
    Fail It Forward
    Crowdsourcing Technical Knowledge at Bergmeyer

8th KA Connect 2017, May 2-3, 2017, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sub-title: A Knowledge Management Conference for the AEC Industry

    Keynotes, Critical Knowledge Transfer Case Studies, Case Studies, Interactive Exercise

    How to Make Knowledge Management Succeed
    Deep Smarts and Core Capabilities
    Connecting Knowledge Strategy to Business Strategy
    Secrets of T-Shaped Problem Solvers

    Principles of Design Behavior: A 360° View of Knowledge
    Seeking Our Higher Gear: Elevating Performance Through Ethnography
    Panning for Gold: Finding Critical Knowledge Mid-Stream at Dewberry
    Experiments in Critical Knowledge Transfer at Shepley Bulfinch
    Key Takeaways: Critical Knowledge Transfer Research Project
    An Interactive Dashboard to Transfer Critical Knowledge
    Knowledge Management in Action: Berry Island Workshop
    Teach Them How to Fish: Enhancing Technical Learning with Knowledge Management Strategies

7th KA Connect 2016, May 10-11, 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sub-title: A Knowledge Management Conference for the AEC Industry

    Keynotes, Investing in Knowledge Infrastructure, Tales of Transformation, The State of Knowledge Management in AEC, Deep Dive: Working Out Loud, Smarter by Design, Knowledge Management Leader Spotlight, The Evolving Nature of Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Tactics Showcase

    Launching NASA’s Knowledge Management Program
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Knowledge Management Organizations
    Architecting a Collaborative Culture Using TheCR’s Working Out Loud Framework

    From Peer Groups to Communities of Practice: A 20-Year Journey
    Behind the Scenes of Shive-Hattery’s Leadership Development Program
    Connecting Client Feedback to Organizational Improvement at Haley & Aldrich
    Data Visualization and Space Analytics at Ayers Saint Gross
    Smarter by Design: A Knowledge Management Manifesto for the AEC Industry
    #AskFinch: How Shepley Bulfinch Improved Knowledge Sharing through Measurement
    The Evolution of Knowledge Management at AEI
    7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Knowledge Manager
    The AEC Librarian of the Future
    Behind the Scenes: Crowdsourcing Internal Marketing Videos
    5 Ways to Amplify Your Communities of Practice
    Building Knowledge Strategies with Search Data
    Push vs. Pull: A Simple Approach to Improve Knowledge Sharing

6th KA Connect 2015, May 5-6, 2015, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sub-title: The Connected Practice Conference

    Knowledge is the Business, Research in Practice, Tales of Transformation, The State of Web Communications, A Deep Dive into Social Learning, Smarter by Design, AEC Knowledge Management Survey

    Fireside Chats:
    Where is Knowledge Management Headed?
    The Data on Data-Centric Practices

    Panel Discussions:
    Connecting with Clients via the Web
    AEC Knowledge Management Survey (incl. Key Findings + Insights Presentation)

    Case Studies:
    Social Learning at LMN Architects
    Small Group Reflection: Social Learning Case Study
    Introduction to Social Learning Framework
    Applying Social Learning Framework to LMN Architects Case Study
    Q+A with Social Learning Case Study Team

    The Evolution of Arup University
    Design Diffusion at KieranTimberlake
    Lessons Learned from Array Architects’ Continuous Improvement Journey
    Activating Knowledge Sharing at DLR Group
    How Do You Model Tacit Knowledge?
    Research First: Growing and Developing Intellectual Content at EYP

5th KA Connect 2014, June 3-4, 2014, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sub-title: The Connected Practice Conference

    Lessons from 50 Years of Thought Leadership Blockbusters and Bombs in Management Consulting
    Designing for Longevity
    The Current and Future State of Wearable Technology

    18-Minute Talks:
    Lessons from 50 Years of Thought Leadership Blockbusters and Bombs in Management Consulting
    Successful Knowledge Transfer During Leadership Transition
    Scenario Planning: A Creative Tool for Future Strategies
    Short Passes: 5 Ways to Beat Content Anxiety
    Designing for Longevity
    The 4X4 Model for Winning Knowledge Content
    What Transportation Can Be: Technology for the Next Generation
    Integrated Knowledge Flow: Enhancing Culture and Practice
    Connecting People with Data
    The Evolution of Communities of Practice at Parsons Brinckerhoff
    Secrets of Great Communities & Community Managers
    Change is the New Black: Building a Sharing Culture at Mead & Hunt
    No One Knows As Much As Everyone
    Buildings: The Ultimate Smartphone Accessory
    The Current and Future State of Wearable Technology
    The Construction Worker of the Future
    Mobile Marketing: What You Need to Know
    The A/E Firm Website of 2015
    AEC-APPS: Community as a Competitive Advantage

4th KA Connect 2013, May 7-8, 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sub-title: A Conference about Connected Practices
Conference theme: Pushing the Edge of Practice

    Sessions & Joint Q+A:
    Differentiating on Data, Research: In Practice
    The Future of Knowledge Workplaces
    Creating a Knowledge Brand
    Systematizing Innovation
    Designing a Learning Organization

    Founder’s Talk:
    What Web 2.0 Wants: Secrets of Highly Connected Practices

    18-Minute Talks:
    The Social Building; Making Big Data Meaningful at Fehr & Peers
    Crowdsourced Urbanism: Engaging Communities and Building Better Cities
    Research in Transition: Adapting OLIN’s Research Culture to Change
    Can an App Save Your Life, and Your City Too?
    R&D at Weidlinger: Past, Present, and Future
    Communications and Knowledge Management: Evolution to Revolution
    Trust: The Key to a Smarter Workplace
    Leading Change: Research as Real Estate, Real Estate as Research
    Building a Knowledge-Based Practice in the Digital Age
    MKThink: Strategy, Architecture, and Innovation
    The Landscape of Thought Leadership in the Built Environment Professions
    Collaborative Research: Breaking Boundaries by Connecting Practices
    From Idea to Inferno: Lighting the Innovation Fire at Kaiser Permanente
    Innovation at Perkins+Will
    Tales from the Field: Confessions of a Knowledge Manager
    DLRUniversity: Design Culture – Culture Connections
    EYP’s AE16 Platform: Connecting Generations, Disciplines, & Knowledge

3rd KA Connect 2012, April 11-12, 2012, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sub-title: A knowledge and information management conference for the AEC industry
Conference Theme: Research, Marketing, and Technology in the AEC Industry

    Sessions & Joint Q+A:
    Building a Research Function
    Converting Knowledge into Products
    The Technology Studio
    Thought Leadership 2.0
    Service Innovation
    Social Media
    Culture and Research-Based Practice

    Founder’s Talk:
    The Connected Practice

    18-Minute Talks:
    R&D; at TEECOM: Past, Present, and Future
    Innovation at SOM
    Give it Away: The Marketing Impact of Research
    Construction Innovation: Not for the Faint of Heart
    Modular Futures: Moving from Service to Product Theory
    From Prototype to Product: A Collaborative Journey; From Prototype to Product: A Collaborative Journey; R&D: Reinvention and Design; Engineering Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities
    Bricolage and Bootstrapping: Iterative Innovation at Turner
    The Third Teacher: Analog, Digital, Practice
    The Social Nature of Engineers
    Engineering Content: The Story of Arup Thoughts
    Correlating Design and the Bottom Line
    Design Refined: Operational Modeling and Simulation at RTKL
    Competing On More Than Design
    Research-Based From the Start: Creating a New Healthcare Studio
    Launching into Research: HKS and CADRE
    Marrying Research and Intuition

    Lightning Talks:
    How to Scale a Skunkworks Project
    Mobilizing EYP
    Still Coding After All These Years
    The Story of Project Orange
    Giving an Old Technology a New Lease on Life
    Using Social Media to Connect to Partners and Clients
    The Story of Landscape Urbanism
    Brand Strategy in the Social Sphere

2nd KA Connect 2011, April 27-28, 2011, San Francisco, CA, USA

Sub-title: A knowledge and information management conference for the AEC industry
Conference Theme: Teaching, Methodology, and Tools in the AEC Industry
(Part of the Knowledge Week San Francisco)

    Sessions w. Panels & Breakouts:
    Teaching, Methodology, Tools, Culture

    Blue Sky Talks:
    A16: A Revolutionary Program for Up/Down Mentoring
    Knowledge-Driven Strategy
    Organizing Around Intellect
    Custom Tools for Wicked Problems
    Cultural DNA: The Key to Competitive Advantage
    Two Degrees of Separation
    Fabricating the Future
    Learning to be Lean
    You’ve Got a Secret…And You Shouldn’t
    Occupant Satisfaction and Sustainable Design
    Harvesting Knowledge and Evidence in the Wild
    Design Research and the 21st Century Hospital
    Data Mining for Design
    Social Media @HOK
    A New Collaboration Framework For Design and Manufacturing
    The Power of the Knowledge Broker
    Knowledge Generation for the Small Firm
    Tools and Resources that Support EBD in Healthcare

    Pecha Kucha Talks:
    Great Organizations Give Up Control
    Working the Biggest Room Possible
    The Path to Enterprise Collaboration
    Moving from Building Design to Product Design
    Engineering is Poetry
    Get Uncomfortable…That’s When It Gets Good!
    Creating Organizational Learning Agility
    Capturing Distilled Knowledge on Video
    Activating Knowledge: Data-Driven Design
    IT as an Enemy of Innovation
    How to Speak BIM
    Why the Future Looks IPD-ish
    What the AEC Industry Can Learn from Farmville
    What About Me? Retention in the Recovery
    Video: Consumer Toy or Power Tool?
    The Unstructured Landscape of the Knowledge Worker
    Sales: The Fountain of Sustainability
    What’s AEC for Entrepreneur?
    Leveraging Internal Experts to Build a Learning Program
    Flying Together
    Digital Fabrication: 7 Steps to a New Workflow
    Data Mining and BIM
    Curating Digital Design Data
    Collecting Evidence is a Team Sport
    BIM’s ‘First Mile’ Problem
    Benchmarking Isn’t Just Benchmarking
    Make Project Management Cool
    Teaching 2.0
    What You Really Want to Know About Clients
    One Project at a Time is Not Fast Enough

    Co-located Events:
    Understanding Evidence-Based Design, Apr 26 (Orga.: American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter)
    KA Client Roundtable, Apr 29

1st KA Connect 2010, April 9-8, 2010, Chicago, IL, USA

Conference theme: How We Build, Practice and Collaborate in the AEC Industry
Sub-title: A knowledge management conference for the AEC industry

    Sessions w. Panels & Breakouts:
    How We Build, How We Practice, How We Collaborate, How We Learn

    Blue Sky Talks:
    Parametric Design Knowledge
    Design-Build-Bid: A New Delivery Process
    Award-Winning BIMs; Unpacking the Mental Blender
    Collaborative Knowledge – Synaptic Connections
    There are four P’s in Practice
    Managing Aspiration and Complexity
    If Not Now When? IPD Collaboration
    On Collaboration
    5 Ways to Supercharge Your Staff Development Efforts
    A 12-Step Program for a Learning Organization
    Good Looking Dinosaurs: Leverage your Human Capital to Avoid Extinction

    Pecha Kucha Talks:
    Game Development: An Unlikely Muse
    Collaboration, Technology, and Sustainability
    Architects Don’t Think: The Role of Thinking in Architectural Process
    Building Element Models and Cataloging Tools: Current and Future Trends
    CAD Metaphors
    Engaging the Tools
    Crafting The Digital Project Story
    Where’s the Intelligence in BI?
    Operational Frameworks
    Knowledge, Knowledge Everywhere …
    Communicating Value to Your Clients and Prospects
    Embracing the Unusual: Confessions of a Five-Minute Manager
    Stretch: A Parametric Model for Communication
    How to Leverage Corporate Social Media Tools
    A Wiki for Your Thoughts
    Leveraging Images for Knowledge Management
    The Reemerging Midcareer Professional’s Companion
    A Change Will Do You Good!
    The Power of Giving it all Away
    Social Media Strategy for the A/E/C Industry
    Storytelling: The Key to Marketing Knowledge
    Training Reconsidered: Delivering Understanding
    People You Meet in a Knowledge-Driven Firm

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