Knowledge Building Symposium (KB Symposium)*

Knowledge Building Symposium (KB Symposium)*

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The Knowledge Building Symposium (KB Symposium), organized by the Knowledge Building Community (Singapore), aims to show how to improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills through Knowledge Building in Singapore’s education landscape. It is enforcing the idea that knowledge building is indeed a process of creating new knowledge of 21st century teaching and learning by everyone in the community— from students to teachers to middle managers to researchers to school leaders.

Conference History:

3rd Knowledge Building Symposium 2018, 22 November 2018, Singapore

Conference Theme: Analyze and Reflect with Technology
(Host: Chua Chu Kang Primary School; Supporter: NIE/NTU Office of Education Research; NIE/NTU Learning Sciences Lab)

    Talks: (1)

    Session: Transformative Stories that Inspire Innovation from Leaders at all Levels of Education

    Purposes, Practices, Possibilities, Teck Whye Secondary School
    The Chua Chu Kang Primary Knowledge Building Story

    Teachers’ Sharing Sessions:

    Knowledge-Building through ICT in the Upper Secondary Literature Classroom (Unity Secondary School)
    Taking the Lead: Student Empowerment through KB (Riverside Secondary School)
    Technology Supported Collaborative Argumentation in Science Classroom (Nanyang Girls High School)

    Integrating Knowledge Building Pedagogies with SLS Platform in Science Education (Ping Yi Secondary School)
    Using Knowledge Building in English Language Classroom to Improve Students’ Expository Writing
    The Role of Metalanguage in Science Teaching

    Knowledge Building in a Primary Science Classroom – A 4 year Journey (Haig Girls Primary School)
    Collaborative Reflection of KB in Primary Science (Endeavour Primary School)

    Collaborative Reflection of KB in English
    The Changing Educational Landscapes: A Collective Reflection of Knowledge Building in Class, Department, and School (St. Hilda’s Primary School)

    CCK Primary Science A-R-T Session
    Interpreting Pedagogical Actions in an Image-to-writing Activity: Teacher’s Reflection vs Researcher’s Analysis

    Special Sessions:

    Connecting with the International Knowledge Building Classrooms
    Knowledge Building in Math: Engaging Students in Real Ideas, Authentic Problem-Solving

2nd Knowledge Building Symposium 2017, 20 November 2017, Singapore

(Host: Haig Girls’ School; Supporter: NIE/NTU Office of Education Research)

    Talks: (2)

    Student-activity session: Green Buildings and Green Living
    School leaders’ session
    Poster Sessions

1st Knowledge Building Symposium 2016, 21 November 2016, Singapore

Conference Theme: Ideas First, A Reason to Teach
(Host: NIE/NTU – National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University)

    The Knowledge Building Journey in Singapore since 2009
    Knowleddge Building in Canadian Schools
    Knowleddge Building in Hong Kong Schools

    Students’ presentations

    Round-table discussions:
    Local KB teachers share their experiences and practices

    Knowledge Forum 6
    Knowledge Building in Action

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